Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Blog Friends Are The BEST!!!!

Even though I have never met a lot of you in person I always feel the connection we have. You may not comment, and that's OK or you may always leave a comment when you visit. Either way you have been with me through thick and thin. Whenever I'm out thrifting I think of certain people who I've met through blogging. I think to myself well so and so would LOVE this, or so and so made something like this over. Well, after I broke my foot one of my very special friends Tamera @ The Stone Fence Cottage did just that while on one of her excursions. This lady always has the best stuff and is always making over something not to mention makes me laugh whenever I read her blog. LOL. She has sent me email links for quilting patterns when I've asked and has been such a blessing to me. She told me that she had a little surprise for me on her blog and to hop on over a week or so ago. So I did and lo and behold she had a picture with all these great quilting books and magazines she found at GW that she said she wanted to send to me. I am so excited to read the books and find new patterns!!!!

OK OK but that wasn't all. Oh No!!!! She said she had some other goodies to send me. So she asked for my address. Alright she doesn't seem like a serial killer or stalker so sure I'll give it to her. LOL. While at work yesterday I get a phone call from my son advising me I had a box waiting for me that came in the mail. Woohoo!!!!! BUT that would have to wait until today when I got home. Next thing I know Steve is texting me telling me I have a "BIG" box waiting for me when I get home. Alright people stop doing this to me. I am stuck at work until today. LOL. So when I get home I see this...

I tear into this baby and am amazed at how generous she is. Quilting templates... too expensive for me to buy for myself...

Alright girl I swear you must be looking over my shoulder because I just got a new quilting magazine that had a star quilt in it I wanted to try and it said to use a star ruler... but I got lucky and you sent a few more to go with it. Once again too expensive to buy...lol

Of course after reading her blog I found out I won her Giveaway. This is the first thing I find is this beautiful bird needlework doily. This will be going in my bedroom when I get to work on it. Steve says I need to finish it and that it's been painted for almost 6 months now. He even pulled out my Country Samplers and started looking through to find ideas for me. LOL.

Then this awesomely prim bunny for Easter!!! I do not own any bunnies believe it or not. So I promptly added him to my Spring time display. He makes me smile whenever I look at him with his button eyes. LOL. I have LOVED button eyes on stuffed animals ever since I was little.

Then to my utter amazement a beautiful hooked Rabbit wallhanging!!!! I can NOT put into words how much I LOVE it. As soon as I get a hook it will go next to my sewing machine in my dining room. This is the room I most love and spend a lot of time in. Tamera if you have a tutorial on this you must send me the link. I want to learn how to do this!!!! If you don't you better do one!!!! LOL It is absolutely perfect!!!! Thank you so much.

I am so humbled how generous bloggers and blog followers are. Thank you from the bottom of my heart each and everyone of you for being apart of my life. I know all my blog posts aren't always that entertaining, but thanks for coming back and putting up with me. (sigh) Now how am I suppose to top this post tomorrow???? Well, lets see I went antique hunting in my Mom's garage... OK my sister did because I couldn't step over stuff cuz of my bionic foot. LOL. I also got some thrift store goodies and Steve has been busy making signs. But I will leave you for now as I am tired and have a meeting at the school for my son because he will be going on an Outdoor Education trip next month. My kids are just growing up way too fast.
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basketsbyrose said...

Blog friends are the best in the world. I have come to meet so many people with the same interest. The love of family, friends and God! I love the blog world!

Sheila said...

Mary I love your post today! How awesome of Tamera to be so generous. I agree blogging friends have become such an important part of my life too! I remember not long ago, I found the blog world. Just starting out and not knowing how to begin. I'd been reading several blogs for a few months before I ever jumped into creating my own. I had contacted one person who shall remain nameless; let's just say I wasn't warmly accepted. I almost gave up, but there you were! Your blog caught my eye and peaked my interest. You had organized a swap and I wanted to join. Not knowing me you welcomed me with open arms and paired me with Julie from Country Girl at Heart and to this day I can't thank you enough. I have met so many wonderfully talented people and made such dear friends and never have met one of them in person! I've learned, shared, prayed and laughed with so many, each holding a special place in my heart. Being nice does matter!
Can't wait to see what you will create next.
Hugz to ya~

Jo-Anne said...

Oh you lucky lucky girl! That is sure some fun stuff! :)
I hope your foot is on the mend.

A Primitive Homestead said...

I share your excitment. I am happy for you & jumping for joy. I remember being contacted by a fellow blogger just out of a simple kind response to her blog post asking me for my address to send me a sweet thank you gift. I expected nothing back. Her gift arrived & touched my heart just seeing it & knowing that someone I never met in person could be that kind to me. In this day most people you know are not kind at all. Prayers lifted for your foot. Blessings!

nancy huggins said...

You are right..Blog friends are the best and I think our community of bloggers are the best. I love your rabbit most and think I could use a new bunny...maybe some day (sigh)
I am still making quilts and finished the 13th one today...all are raggy quilts except one.
Now my best friend came to visit and has me hooked on printing (painting) my own fabric.
I just posted some in my blog so hop on over when you have a few minutes and check them out and let me know what you think :)

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

I think blogging buddies are the best - and like yo said...they don't need to post a comment...you just know they are there.
What a special friend Tamera is and so generous in her gifts to you and they certainly were from her heart and she knew just what you would love and appreciate.

*Kountry*Porch*Primitives* said...

Wow, how wonderful & generous of her!! I agree that meeting people on here will be so much fun as my blog grows. We are kind of a pack us prim lovers! I hope to make many bonds with prim lovers as I have no one else around here that is into it...you TRY to convert people but no luck LOL!! Bet the gift made your day! ~Kriss~

Carmen at Primcats said...

Wow! What a sweet thing for her to do for you! I ♥ blogging friends! They are the best!

Carmen and the Primcats