Monday, April 25, 2011

New Projects

I'll bet you thought your fearless leader from this blog has been on vacation or something. LOL. Actually just the opposite has been true this past week. I have not updated you as of late about the bionic foot. I went to the orthopedic and the boot and I have bonded long enough. He took x rays and said as long as I didn't have a lot of pain I could go back to my regular fashionable foot wear. I know what you are thinking and NO. I wear work boots and tennis shoes. LOL. He did say I had to get an insole to wear to absorb some of the shock. He also told me not to jump off anything... OK really... he left that wide open so I took advantage. I asked do you mean like bridges??? LOL... he said no like out of the ambulance. I was beginning to think he was playing psychologist. LOL. I still have to go back in 4 weeks because the x ray still showed a pretty big gap between the bones. So I have been enjoying my new found freedom of footwear.

Then Thursday I went back to my second job because I was released to work there again. Not a good idea to run 911 calls in an open toe boot. Huh who'd a thunk??? LOL. But I also had another appointment with my urologist and yet more good news I think. The blood in my urine is completely gone and all lab tests were good. He chalked it up to my anti inflammatory for my fibromyalgia. Bad news can't take them anymore. So now we must find something else to use to control the pain. But hey at least now I can get a new life insurance policy. Maybe that means I need weekly massages instead of bi weekly. WOOHOO!!!!

So in between working, doctor's appointments, and the Easter holiday I managed to start and finish some projects. First, and foremost I rearranged my dining room once again. I know I know... I just couldn't leave well enough alone. LOL. Don't worry my fabric is still in there. I will get pics later this week and post them. It is much simpler and plain.

Second, I finished some new pillows for the booth... all stuffed with sawdust. I have a lot more Americana ideas I'm going to make. But not a bad start.

Of course since my other quilt project is complete I just HAD to start another one. LOL. I bought the toile looking fabric at the Goodwill a few weeks back and just had to use it some how. So I decided I wanted a fussy cut quilt. So these are the colors I'm going to use. I need to add some blue to it some way or another (get this I don't have the right blue in my stash lol) AND I want to put some sort of black frame around the toile pieces to make them stand out. Also another piece of fabric I don't have the right one for. I had to show you my directions too complete with other ideas I thought about. LOL. Also my stupid phone that has decided to break and keep shutting itself off. Then when I push delete it keeps typing Swswswswsws nice huh? Stupid technology!!!! I swear to you it is not operator error. LOL. So flea market booth girls I am out of reach until Tuesday. That's the soonest Verizon will be hearing from me. LOL.

That is my home project. I have also started a new sampler to do at work. I got everything from the C back towards the left side done at work Saturday. This one is gonna take awhile. But I am in no hurry so when it's done it's done. LOL. This will all be the same color. Might even look good all red too.

Now you all know me and know in my free time I LOVE to Goodwill, thrift shop, and flea market shop. And this week was no exception. Steve and I went to the Restore for more wood, but while I was there I found another awesome find. BUT I'm not gonna show you that today. Let's just say I will "bowl" you over with all of my other finds too. LOL. Did you note the subtle hint. And my doctor didn't have an APOTHECARY on Tuesday or Thursday but it was OK with me. ;) LOLOLOLOL so I guess you'll have to come back to see what good deals I found.

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*Kountry*Porch*Primitives* said...

You are so funny in your posts! Glad you're truly on the you found a bowl?? I also found an UGLY one that's all covered with paint that I'll be re-doing, trash to treasure whoo hoo!!! Keep on plugging away, love to know I'm not the only spastic one on this earth LOL!! ~Kriss~

Green Creek Primitives said...

Hi Mary, love the pillows you made for your booth. Glad you are doing better. Hey you not the only one who can't leave a room alone, been rearrange my sewing room, dining and living room again and fixin to start on my grandson's room. As my son told me once, mom you would move the entire house if you could, yep I would, shiift it a different angle. Got to love it though, always trying to improve, hum... that might look better over there. Take care, Vicky