Friday, April 1, 2011

What the Gimp Has Been Up To

Good Friday evening! I hope your week was a good one. Despite the little predicament I am in, mine has been very nice. Once I got my walkin boot look out that baby ain't slowin me down. LOL. Though I pay for it in the evening when my foot swells up. This new bionic foot/leg boot does have it's advantages. My right side is about 1 in taller than my left. It keeps the swelling down during the day so that I can go junkin. And last but not least I don't have to tie my shoe on my right foot. I've become quite lazy using this heavy duty Velcro. LOL.

Alright since I haven't shown you Goodwill/thrift goodies in awhile I will share my newest and favorites. Then I'll catch you up on my painting. And maybe let you in on the my newest booth purchase.

My most recent finds...

I can't pass up gameboards... this was a little pricey at $12.99 but I LOVED the look of it.

Did you think I'd pass these over? Really?? LOL. I really like the toile looking one. Not sure what I'm going to use it for yet.

Lookie lookie!!! Not liking the frame but a little black paint does the trick. Plus I got the black picture stand too.

I know Wal-mart had this fabric YEARS ago. BUT this is my newest bag to take my stitching stuff to work in. It has a ton of compartments in it. I think I may have to borrow the dimensions and make some to sell in the booth. hmmmmm...

I am NOT a purse person. I will only buy a purse when mine absolutely falls apart. The other day even my daughter said I needed a new one. So I found this tiny thing at the thrift store. Looks brand new. It's almost not big enough for all my crap oh um IMPORTANT stuff. LOL

Awhile back I found this cutey little bag to. I was using for my crafts, but it wasn't quite big enough. It's more of a backpack style.

I just LOVE this little punched star light. I think I'm gonna rust it up a little. It looks like galvanized metal. This is sitting on the death steps in the

Then I went to the prim/country shop in town and found this pewter lookin base. Looks like at one point it was electrified. Soooooo... guess what Steve is gonna do? LOL. then I can buy a hurricane glass chimney for it. I think it'll look good in my bedroom.

So now I'll show you what I'm working on to pay for the pretties I buy. LOL It is pretty cold outside so I've been painting in the basement.


After... still not done. I need to sand and stain. Oh and this is the one Steve built for me.


To this fantabulous spoon rack... still drying couldn't show you the spoon holes. LOL. I wanted to keep this one, but Steve says I have no room for it. So up for sale it goes.

Sorry no before on this one. It was unpainted pine... This is really mustard over black... not bright like it looks.

Then Steve was working on my new wall/display board. We found this at the Habitat for Humanity Restore. We saw it before I knew about my booth expanding. We went back to get it and it was still there. It's basically a bulletin board, but we are going to use it to display our signs, bowl racks, and shelves. It's friggin HUGE!!! LOL.

I'm still working on my quilt. I have most of it quilted except for the borders. Still working on that. I get to go to work tomorrow so no crafting tomorrow, but Steve and I are off Sunday and we plan on painting and crafting. I added more goodies to my booth this week for those of you who have been to visit and if you haven't make sure you do. I just can't wait to expand and add more!!!!
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lilraggedyangie said...

Wow you go girl! You got some pretty good treasures! I have a cpl spare hurricanes that would fit that base great , I wish ya lived closer, course I could mail em to ya , they are tall thin ones! Love all the new creations! Glad habitat had what you wanted still! Try not to over do it and let that leg heal a bit , super woman! Have a great evening! hugs
lil raggedy angie

nancy huggins said...

Wow..That is some really cool stuff..I found a little thrift store that I have been walking almost right past it for the last 4 months..I got a lot of really neat things to use in my gatherings that I want to start putting together.
I will be going back to that shop often now that I know they are there :) Thrift stores are my favorite place to shop

Green Creek Primitives said...

Hi Mary, So glad you are up moving around, I see its not keeping you from the important stuff, like junkin. I love all your finds, and the your painting projects are coming along nicely. A few of those I need to do. Have a great weekend. Vicky

Jo-Anne said...

I wish our GW was as good as yours! haha! I am the same way with purses.I hate trying to find another one when the old ones wear out. I like them bigger-ish with a long strap so I can put them over my head and shoulder so I can be hands free! :)
I sure love seeing all your treasures...I'm glad you're able to get around, but take care of yourself so you can heal fast and completely. :):):)

Becki said...

Hi Mary - You truly find some cool things! And your booth is really taking off too! I will post picks soon about my booth. I have just finished setting up, and already have had a sale!

Remember to rest and recuperate!