Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What's New?

I really really wanted to post on Monday, but because it rained ALL day I couldn't take pictures outside of what we have been working on in the workshop. I'm SOOOOOOO excited about some of new items Steve has come up with. These items will only be available on my selling blog for one week only. After that they will be taken off and put in my selling booth. So if you like them don't hesitate. I will try to get the descriptions and prices up tomorrow (Thursday) evening. But if you see something you like email me before then and we'll work something out.

These are freshly painted by me with our special painting technique. These look like they have been around for ages. I wish I had room for them, but for now I will sell them to you.

My favorite... a corner spoon rack. Still working on the spoons. If you want to purchase this and have spoon color ideas let me know and I will paint them how you want them.

A different type of spoon rack with a pocket on the bottom. Again want specific color wood spoons? Let me know and I'll paint to order.

Corner shelf... so cute for your smalls...

A gorgeous wall pocket. I just had a friend email me a picture of her antique one after I showed her this one and though the paint is different the style is the same.

Another favorite is a corner candle shelf. LOVE...

How about this Blessings sign? Black, barn red, and mustard all swirled together.

OK I bet you can't tell how much I LOVE these new items. LOL.

Onto other things I've been doing in my spare time. For the first time ever I tried making some pantry cakes. They smell awesomely cinnamony... is that a word??? lol Not too bad for my first try. These I need to finish with some grungy cheesecloth and they will be available in my booth (unless one of you snags them up first.) I think I need to make some more for me. lol

And for you quilt alongers I am down to quilting my border. I have laid it aside for a few days trying to finish up all the other stuff.

I am not the only one who has been busy, however. Steve has been busy too. We just received a special order for a peg shelf and quilt rack so he has to finish these up first and get started on those. He has all different types of boxes and crock shelves ready for sanding and priming.

Today I hope to get some more pantry cakes done. I wanted to redip some candles, but I think I'm going to wait til the weekend. Oh yeah I also started a new stitchery at work. This one will take me awhile, but it is oh so prim and old looking. Well, friends have a blessed day and thanks for checking in.
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Brenda said...

You two are way too busy! I'm tired now, I think I will go back to bed!! lol! Everything is awesome!!


Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Really like the paint on your items~ very pretty!! Great job!!
The quilt is just looking beautiful~
so many good items!
enjoy the day

lilraggedyangie said...

for goodness sake woman , too many pretties all on one page ! you two have been super busy , but lovin everything you have! Hope you are resting that leg a bit too! Enjoy the day
lil raggedy angie

Hillcresthome Prims said...

I LOVE everything I see!You and Hubbymake a great team. I also LOVE that quilt, I collect quilts and I use them as well. The one you posted is beautiful!

Prim and Spring Blessings,

pokeberry primitives said...

Hi there...I have followed your blog for almost a year now...really like the paint job on your shelfs.....I am interested in the corner spoon rack...I will email you<3

purensimple-Theresa said...

Slow down you two. Don't you two ever sleep? I love your new goodes and they will fly outta there fast. I would have to have one of each for myself to Mary. Maybe you can sneak one by Steve. Hope you are resting that leg too. Have a wonderful week.
Hugs Theresa

Justina said...

Hey Girl! I always read your posts but never get the time to say HI. I always think of you and your past life changes. I remember the day your world crashed on you and I sent you that book. I am so glad to see things changed for the better and you and Steve are "hitting" it off so well :0) He seems to be a "great" guy and better yet, loves what you do and gets involved. Tale care~ hope the kiddos are doing well. ~ Justina

Becki said...

Hi Mary - Things sound great, and look great too! I made some pantry cakes out of plaster of paris and painted and spiced them up. I really need to try the salt dough recipe. Is that the one you used?

You should have no trouble selling anything. Remember to take it easy with the foot LOL!

A Primitive Homestead said...

Really like the new paint. They should all sell fast. Your quilt is beautiful. Blessings!

renee said...

It all looks great Mary! Remember to rest some too! I want to try those pantry cakes, I have a few molds that I need to locate. I just can't recall where I have put them! Hope to find them.
Your quilt looks great!
Have a good day.