Monday, May 2, 2011

Steve's Been Busy

Steve is the only one who has been busy this week it seems. I have started my new 12 hour shifts at work and have already decided I hate it. I don't like working Friday, Saturday, and Sunday every other weekend. Granted I work 7a to 7p, but it seems as though we never get off on time. Then by the time I get home it's time to get ready for bed. Basically, it means Steve and I will not have any alone time. The weekends I work the kids are at their Dad's. So the weekends I am off the kids are home. I guess it's a small sacrifice for now. OK that's all out of my system now. No more shop talk :) LOL.

Oh wait the phone saga is fixed.... for now. Let's just say Verizon is not at the top of my list. I was to get my new phone last Wednesday. Well, today is Monday and it was shipped yesterday. WHAT? SERIOUSLY?!?! So on or about Wednesday I decided to literally beat my phone and push on the keys really hard. What did I have to lose right? Needless to say whatever I did fixed it. It is working perfectly. I called them yesterday and told them they could keep their phone. I was not paying for it nor would I be paying my early upgrade fee. I was then told to refuse the delivery of the phone and would not be charged. Yeah we'll see about that. Get this... while my phone was broke they were trying to call me and send text messages... HELLO... what part of my phone is broke I can't get or place calls or retrieve texts or emails!!!! SHEESH!!!!!

Alright like I said Steve has been busy with new signs and a couple other projects. These will all be for sale...

How about this one with the recent turn of events? (which by the way I am still very skeptical about.) We made a few signs similar last year that sold very well. The other America signs he made we only have one left.

LOVE this stencil... Steve did a great job on this one. Next one he makes is for me and it will have pegs at the bottom so I can hang some quilts from them.

I think Steve ate the rest of the

Doesn't Steve make a great Vanna??? LOL

Along with the signs he painted up this barn red and black birdhouse...

Candle stick holders that I am in the middle of making candles for.

We also did a little more thrift shopping in some new stores. I found some great pieces that I'm going to use in the booth for display items. And of course a few more things to redo to sell too! I will try hard to get pictures and post them yet this week. We will be working on the booth tomorrow and then I work another day then off for 4.

Oh and just so you don't think I've been sitting around eating Bon Bons I have been working on my quilt top. LOL I know it's hard to see. I am still deciding on a border and binding. I had to get this far to get the quilt off the table so Steve could paint and I could try to create some more Americana goodies. So for now she will wait to be finished.

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Anonymous said...

Your are a busy gal! I love everything, but especially the quilt sign. Do you take orders?!? : )

janie said...

Are you selling the bird houses on your blog? If so how much and shipping to 01834?

Love all the nee projects etc. Enjoy, Janie

nancy huggins said...

Wow..I wish Billy would try and create anything..even if it turned out bad..Steve is a keeper for sure..Love the quilt sign,,Let us know if you list some for sale.
I know sucks but so does retirement..never any extra fun money :)

*Kountry*Porch*Primitives* said...

Hi Mary!! LOVE the Give Us This Day sign!! Do you like samplers? Can't remember if you cross stitch too?? I've been thinking about trying a swap for us crafters who make different things but wish we could make it all! If you'd be interested you can leave me a message on my blog, I STILL don't have my new email set up yet but you can reach me there. Keep your chin up with the work hours, hopefully your business will take off so much that you will be able to do it full time soon!! ~Kriss~

pokeberry primitives said...

We LOVE when Steve has been busy lol <3 I <3 the America sign....looks fantastic!!!!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Love that America sign....Oh that Steve of yours is a cutie!! I LOVE how he models the signs.....Good luck with the phone thing. I'm currently in a nightmare with internet service (HughesNet) and I fear I may never wake up. I could write a novel and still not quite be able to explain "how wrong is this...." Take Care Mary - Sounds like you're way, way, too busy!! Robin