Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I am so excited with the newest display in the booth. Steve made it from two old huge doors and weathered lumber we found at The Habitat for Humanity Restore. We figure the doors are somewhere near 8 feet tall. The bench he made was after he saw one almost just like it for sale at the fabulous garage sale we went to a few weeks back.

Bet you thought I had a shopper... No that's me!!! LOL. I got my moon tan going on and everything. :)

Now looking around we moved some things and redecorated.

I may steal that blue spoon rack with the shelf in the middle of the picture eventually. It has a small flag on it's shelf. Unless one of you buys it before then. LOL.

One of Steve's gorgeous stove cover boards.

Steve and my son spent the morning at my parents yesterday mowing, trimming, and stuff. Then in the afternoon they went to one of Steve's rentals that the separator of the patio had blown down. I spotted these weathered wood goodies when we first met. They are probably 6 feet tall and splintered, weathered, old beauties. I told him if he ever decided to tear them down I wanted the wood. So, he and my son tore all of them down and the first installment of wonderful delivered to me. Steve says he will either make me a new pie safe or start my buttr'y with this wood. I will have a pie safe for sale if I get that. Anyway, this wood is so old and crusty looking I LOVE it. Oh and if I have to claim bankruptcy and they ask me if I have furniture I can sell to give them the money, I'll say not really who would want to buy this old thing it's so old and crusty. ;) shhhhhh no one say a word that you would. LOL

Well, my friends I need to get busy and make this day productive. My nephew is here for the day and waiting impatiently for my son to come home from spending the night at his friends. I tell you that even though they aren't blood related my nephew acts just like my son did when he was 5. LOL. I will have an update of any progress Thursday hopefully. I work another 24 hour shift Wednesday then off Thurs-Sun. A mini vacation of sorts. LOL.

Question: If any of you who read my blog own a quilt shop please let me know. I have bought several CHEAP quilt patterns that use Thangles. I would rather purchase it from you my friends than to go to another shop. Please email me so I can tell you what sizes I need.

Have a wonderful day!!!
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Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Your shop area is always so inviting and the things you have for sale are beautiful. I wish I could be there.
Old doors have such a story don't they...just imagine what went on 'behind' them. Oh the stories.


TheCrankyCrow said...

Your booth looks wonderful Mary!! Love how you redid it. Truly - I think I want one of everything you have in there!! Probably a very good thing I live miles and miles away! Take good care! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Star Mills Candles said...

Your booth looks wonderful!! I need to get my butt down there and do some shopping!!! :-)

jennifer768 said...

Mary your booth looks amazing !You all are a wonderfully talented couple ! Hugs,Jen

A Primitive Homestead said...

You have a wonderful booth. Many nice things. Those boards will make a beautiful pie safe & buttery. I pray God will make a way out for you in the house matter. I know from visiting your blog you have worked so hard to put your life back together & provide a beautiful home for your children. I love what you did with your chairs in your last post. Oh & that prim perfect tater bin. You know how I have admired it. I would love to make mine over like yours. Blessings!


*Kountry*Porch*Primitives* said...

Looks great! You really have your booth styled well. Email me at k p primitives @ hotmail .com (of course no spaces in between)and I'll get you the info on the cross stitch charting program. Not sure why my email thing is making you shut down. I had a bad virus and maybe that's why? I'll check my emails on & off and look for ya! ~Kriss~

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

the booth looks wonderful~~~ Great job!! Got the pillow~ love it~ come over & see where it ended up~