Monday, June 27, 2011

Where Did I Put My New Chairs?

Long time no talk everyone. I have been working my last really long weekend. Let me tell you I am beat. I just finished up my 24 hour shift this morning and I haven't taken a nap yet. Oh no I have lots to do! We had our meeting with the board of DD this morning, which basically is coming down to budget cuts. My daughter is too high functioning for any assistance basically. We don't know for sure for 2-4 weeks, but it sounds as if she will fall through the cracks. But right now I am too uptight to go into depth about it. Many of you know how it feels to be helpless when it comes to someone you love. That is where I am right now. One glimmer of hope is my daughter said she'd like to volunteer at a nursing home. We happen to have one a few blocks away. We decided that we will go either Thursday or Friday to see if this is possible. It is a start right?

(sigh) alright... so I have decided where I want to put my chairs until I can put them into use with a table years down the line. Two chairs don't fit under my kitchen table side by side without hanging out in the walkway. I was hoping it would work but.... as we say in EMS adapt and overcome. I found different homes for all 4.

First, hanging two from my dining room peg rack. Someone also thought I should hang them upside down... I'm not so sure about that I kinda like to have the seat to decorate. For those who don't know years ago they would hang chairs from peg racks to get them up off the floor to avoid a cluttered look on the floor and for ease of cleaning when they were not in use.

Did you notice I used my baskets I just redid? I know it's too early for corn BUT I like them :)

Moving on I put one in my living room...

Lastly, this one isn't as exciting. My kitchen for now. As it stands we can only seat three people at my kitchen table because I have a bench on one side and a chair on the other. So, this one can get pulled up when necessary.

So now I just need to make some cushions for them. I'm thinking coffee stained osnaburg fabric... with some calico patches sewn on here and there.

I also wanted to show you I got one of the quilts finished. I am almost done with the other, but it'll take a few more days. Hind sight I should've used invisible thread to quilt it BUT dummy me had some and had never used it so I threw it away. See this is why it's good to be a hoarder!!! LOL. So I guess I will need to get more for future projects.

I also stained yet another basket I found at the Goodwill last week. I'm not sure I like it quite yet. I think it might need another coat of stain, but again $.79 can't beat that.

I have a few other things I want to get started on today or tomorrow. I'd really like to get my cheese boxes sanded and painted. But I also got some great new quilting patterns I want to get started on. Hmmmmm wonder which one will win out. lol

I'll be back tomorrow with pictures of the booth from when we redid it. I have a few more things I'd like to take out tomorrow if I have time. But first and foremost I have a much needed massage appointment. I am having a sudden increase in stress again that I'm not sure how I'm going to handle yet. The bank is coming after me for the difference in amount our foreclosed home sold for compared to what my ex owed. I got a phone call on Saturday for me to call the bank. I really don't want to declare bankruptcy. As I am slowly climbing out of debt and trying to repair my bad credit from my ex. But I sure can't afford that kind of money either. Besides I didn't live in the home he did when it went into foreclosure. We all know that if our name is on it we owe it. Grrrrrr...

Anyway, I will see you tomorrow as you all are my sanity.
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TheCrankyCrow said...

Love the chairs!! They look awesome on that peg rack! And your living room display is very cool also! Sorry to hear of the additional stressors in your life - I think it's great, though, if your daughter wants to volunteer at a nursing home - that might just be the first step in a rewarding journey for her. As for the bank issue - just remember you most likely will be able to negotiate something much less with them - if you can prove to them you don't have the funds they're talking about, and it may push you into bankruptcy and they could end up getting even less, they will probably become much more reasonable....Don't know the amounts you're dealing with - and perhaps even a settlement isn't in your doing, but thought I'd mention it....(I represented many a bank in my day....) Hope you find some resolution...Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Anonymous said...

I love the look of the chairs on the peg rack..Sad to hear about your daughter..I am sure they would love to have her volunteer at the nursing home..Get some rest and have a great week..

lilraggedyangie said...

O Mary, breathe ! So sorry for all the stress and being super tired doesn't help at all , I know , I hope your daughter can volunteer! Im loving the new chairs hung up , beautiful ! Get you some rest and remember : if he leads us to it , he will lead us through it! hugs and prayers my friend ! sweet dreams , lil raggedy angie

annie said...

Love the chairs, and the baskets. Sorry things are difficult right now, you've come such a long way. Hang in there, keep going you can handle what you have to. You are a great MOM & will help your daughter find the "fit" that is just right for her.

earlene said...

Everything looks very very nice! That little basket is sweet and your quilt is perfect ahd has great colors. I love quilts with square patterns.
Rest up!

jennifer768 said...

Loving where you put your new chairs ! The ones on the peg rack look awesome.Hope things work out for your daughter.Hugs,Jen

renee said...

Mary, I feel for you, really I do! Hang on there friend! I love the chairs there, Hmm~ wonder who thought of that idea? LOL! I hope that the issue with the house can get resolved, this whole mortgage crisis~well~ let's not even get started there! These big bankers, well, they are just all shoddy, don't know how they can sleep at night! Thinking of you, don't let this weigh on you~ give it to the Lord and TRUST him.
Can you feel the big hugs I am sending your way?
Blessings to you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary,

I love what you did with the chairs...especially those hanging ones. I like decorating the seats too!

You must have an incredible amount of make me tired! :)

Joy and I volunteer at a Nursing Home for a few hours one day a week and it's very rewarding! I bet they'll be glad to have her! We help with the activities, so if that's what she wants to do, contact the Activities Coordinator! They always need help!

Tammy (Country Girl at Home) - Uggh! Still having problems. I figured out if you can move your comments to where it brings up a new page, it will usually let me leave one through google. Not sure why that is, but it works!

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Your chairs look wonderful~ love them on the pegs~