Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What I'm Working On

Even though I've been working a lot I have managed to get some things done. You all know I've been stitching, but I've also done some sewing. I am hoping to do some more sewing here within the next few weeks as I start to make some fall items. I know I'm behind a season because that should have already been out. But that's the beauty of my own booth. Lol. I can be lazy and make things at my pace. I have a vacation coming up so I'd like to get a lot done even though we are going to make a few day trips here and there. We will see how that plays out. LOL.

Anyway, I have now completed another stitchery that I hope to chart this week like I said. This one is very near and dear to me. This one was done with my Grandmother in mind. I remember this lady always having some kind of sewing project going on. She was my Barbie's personal clothing maker. She would make all kinds of silky blue gowns, shirts, pants, you name it she made it. She also made me two tie quilts. I don't believe I've ever posted them so I will do that here in a few days. Anyway, both of them are Dresden plate with hand stitched pieces then appliqued to the background. Her pattern for the pieces was made from a piece of newspaper. My Mom still has the patterns. I also have a few braided rugs made by her. She would have this huge cardboard barrel sitting next to her chair with fabric scraps in it ready to be added to the already long braided piece. She even let me try my hand at it, but I think she probably took out the braided part I did. LOL. She also had the metal things that actually folded the fabric into thirds for her as she went. I haven't been able to find these little things anywhere. She also would babysit my sister and me every now and again. She would take us to the parking lot behind her house to pick "Queen's Anne's lace" flowers. We would then bring them inside and use food coloring in the water and like magic the flowers would change colors. I LOVED when we used blue. We would also witness my Grandmother using her spray bottle of water out the door when animals would come to the back door and she would yell "git." LOL. I also remember her favorite bird to be the cardinal. My Mom also likes the cardinal too so whenever I see something with the cardinal on it I buy it. This part has nothing to do with my stitchery, but I remember going to church with my Grandmother and her having "Chicklet" gum in her purse. And looking through her Bible that had a few pages that had some kind of coating on them that would stick and make a sound when you pulled them apart. So when I got bored I would go through and unstick the pages during church. LOL. Sadly, my Grandmother got brain cancer and passed away almost 16 years ago. She got to see my daughter and hold her after she was born and then passed away a few months later. Looking back I wished I would have realized how much I LOVED to work with my hands and have her teach me the things she knew. But I always wonder if my ability to craft came from her.

So here it is my Letha's Sampler. My Grandmother was actually born in 1911. Had she been born a hundred years earlier she would have been 11 in 1822. Obviously this pattern could be altered with another name instead of hers. The frame is at the glass shop getting glass as we speak. I will be charting maybe tomorrow or over the weekend.

Next, I bought some duck type cloth at the thrift store recently. Normally, I just bring the fabric home and add it to my already huge overflowing piles. Instead I actually used it. I coffee stained it and cut out some pillows. I then used paint to make the designs. These are for sale at $12 a piece plus shipping. The star one is sawdust filled and the other two are poly filled. I think they turned out great. The star and Primitive Keepings one are SOLD, but I am willing to take orders on them. Just email me which ones you would like and if you'd like sawdust or poly fil stuffing.

I also bought these cutter quilt pieces at the antique store awhile back. Well, they have been sitting around so I figured it was time to do something with them. I thought about framing them, but figured pillows would be better. So I used some of my vintage fabric fat quarters and backed them and stuffed them all. They will be so cute in a basket. I have a feeling these will be up for sale soon. I just don't have enough room for everything. I know this picture stinks but I took it at 5am this morning before I came to work.

So now I have nothing to work on. Ughhh... I know I need to finish up my wool hooked rug. The directions said something about zig zagging around the outside to keep the wool from coming out then folding and stitching again... blah blah blah... I just need to sit down and reread it and digest it. I'd like to get this finished up this week. I need to do something that will keep my hands busy. Otherwise, I pick and bite at my nails and cuticles when I sit down. Nervous Nilly I suppose. I am off tomorrow so I need to write down my list of things to accomplish and go from there. We'll just see what I get done. LOL.
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Ann said...

I think the metal fabric folders you are talking about are available at Joann's. I've seen them in mine. My Grandmother had the same metal thingies and they are in my sewing basket now, but I've never used them.
You've been busy between stitching and pillow making. Since you have nothing to work on, I'll send you a box of my 1/2 finished projects! LOL. ~Ann

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

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Angela said...

Such sweet memories of your grandmother, so sweet, thanks for sharing.Love the sampler. And the pillows, woozers, they turned out great. You are so talented and stay so busy. Thanks for sharing the photos.
Thru Nanas Window

renee said...

Mary, I think it's precious that you have honored her memory with this sampler!You were blessed with some of her talents!
We are totally two peas in a pod, except I think I have worse ADHD than you do! LOL! I am trying to complete some swap items, so I shouldn't be on here! LOL!
Have a good night, I love your creations!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Wonderful tribute to your grandmother, Mary - and I love the sampler. My great grandmother was very similar - except her talent was for incredible stitchery, quilts, and crochet. I wish I could have known her better and been a bit older to learn her gifts. Love your sweet pillows....no dah they're sold already!!! Stay busy (and, hey - I love finishing hooked rugs...my favorite part!) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

*Kountry*Porch*Primitives* said...

Hey hon!! What a beautiful story about your grandma...your words brought her to life for me! LOVE that sampler. I am actually between other projects working on a sampler with my husbands grandmas name, we are much alike in thought design!! You can get those metal rug braiding things on ebay. I got some but they are still unused...go figure :o) Anxious to see your rug! I did one little one by a kit I got on ebay and want to do more. I'll be in touch!! ~Kriss!