Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of School

It is finally here!!! The best day after Christmas... of course. As you see in my title it's the first day back to school. Woot Woot!!!! No more "Mom I'm bored" or "there's nothing to do." Finally, the day has come where I wave to my kids as I see them ride the bus off into the distance and disappear for almost eight hours of the day. My alone time is now back and I can get things done and work on crafts all I want without feeling guilty. YYIIIPPPEEEE!!!!!

Our day went pretty well. We had a hiccup with the school transportation for my daughter and will figure out tomorrow how it will work. I got a phone call yesterday from the advisor asking if we had heard from the school system about the transportation. Well, by the time I got home from work and grocery shopping it was too late to call her back. I NEVER received a call and decided I would take my daughter to the high school to catch the shuttle to the career center. Well, I came home sat down with my hot steamy cup of coffee and sure enough a bus stops out in front of my house. I walk to the door unsure whether to open it up or not because I have my pajamas on. So, instead of hiding out in my ripped up 10 year old pajamas I grab my pink fluffy robe and go sprinting across the front yard where the bus driver stopped the bus. Long story short he was waiting on my daughter. By the time the bus pulled away all of my neighbors who were going to work got to see me in my pajamas. PRICELESS!!!! She will be picked up in front of my house and dropped off at the end of the day. One answer to prayer and a burden lifted from me. However, she rode the regular shuttle she had time to meet a boy........ REALLY?!?!?!? He too has Asperger's and she says they have a lot in common and he goes to church and is a senior in criminal justice. She said he opened the doors for her sat with her on the bus and asked if they could "hang out" this weekend. UGGGHHHH... He is also suppose to call her tonight sometime.... I am really not ready for this. Other than that my daughter had a smile from ear to ear when I picked her up after school. So far she REALLY likes it. :sigh: Another burden lifted.... she talked non stop all the way to the dentist which is 20 minutes away.... thank you to everyone who said a little prayer for her. I think I made a good decision going this route in school.

My son, well, he says he thinks he'll like is Math teacher, he's not in any classes with the girls he likes, or his best friend. That's it. He doesn't act excited at all. Maybe it's a boy thing. He was more excited to go to his hunter safety course tonight. He just texted me to be there by 9 to pick him up. He even changed clothes to go to this class. Two more nights after tonight and he can get his hunting license this year. Can't you tell I'm just thrilled... :/ NOT!!!!

Alright, so what did I do today on my first day to myself... well, I treated myself to a haircut and color first. On my way home I thought I'd check in at the Goodwill because I could. LOL. I found this great fabric... I know what you're thinking these are really ugly but I think I can blend them in some quilts.

I then came home and got busy... I scrubbed the bathroom top to bottom, vacuumed the upstairs with the exception of my kids rooms because well, I can't get in them right now. Then I came downstairs cleaned up the kitchen and vacuumed down here. It's amazing what I can get done without my kids being here. LOL.

Tomorrow I will be crafting since I got so much cleaning done today.
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annie said...

Smiling at you, sounded like a perfectly normal day! Hope all goes well for both of them and you this year.

lilraggedyangie said...

O Mary, Great news , so glad for all of you , cant wait to see what you do with the fabric! Whatever Im sure it will be fabulous! When you run out of cleaning you can come catch mine up ! :o lol Enjoy your new found YOU time! Have a great week! hugs lil raggedy angie

Robyn~Primlish said...

I too love back to school! Back to routine and me time! I wish I did as much as you though, I just love having the TV to myself! ;)
So happy for your daughter, but I understand the new boy issues..and sons, a whole different story!
Have a great week!

earlene said...

Wow that brings back memories for me. You were very productive today from the sounds of it. I like your fabrics.

Sheree said...

Mary you sound like me i was ready to but i think my kids were ready to. My youngest son goes to college this year and my eight year old grandson goes to third grade.And yes seems like i can get alot done without the kids saying whats for lunch lol...smiles

TheCrankyCrow said...

You're an absolute hoot, dear Mary....made me laugh inside out!! ENJOY!!! (And don't worry 'bout the daughter/boy thing - it'll probably be over by next week!) ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

frontporchprims said...

I just stumbled upon your blog this morning. I too am looking forward to school starting. I can't wait to go to good will alone:) Your fabric will look pretty all blended in. And I hope you have fun crafting today.

Becki said...

Busy gal! It's always good to have a "me" day, even if it means the kids are back to school.

Have a great week!