Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday Already???

I simply can't believe it is Wednesday already. The good thing is I woke up this morning thinking I should've been at work today. Then I thought maybe they forgot to take me off the schedule... then I looked at my phone and I had a text message from work. UH oh.... But it was a page out for someone to cover my shift. SHEW!!! It wasn't a dream I'm actually on vacation. LOL

Speaking of my job...even though most times I complain about it it does have it's good parts. Yesterday, my kids and I went to the Great Lakes Science Center. I drove up to Cleveland myself and got us there. However, I missed the parking garage entrance and had to circle back around. LOL. Had it not been for my job I would have never had the confidence to do that before. We make frequent visits to the Cleveland Clinic, so I'm somewhat familiar with the major streets. My kids have decided they would never like to live in a large city. Both of their anxiety levels were through the roof. Once we got on the road for home they both relaxed and we enjoyed the rest of the day. Steve couldn't come because his Mom had surgery yesterday and he went to the hospital to be with her and his Dad.

OK let's see what I can cross of my list so far this 3rd day of vacation.

Remember these baby gates?

This is my newest trash to treasure... use them as drying racks to cover my window in the kitchen. I'm still not done decorating them yet, or for that matter, the whole buttery... LOL

I also went to the Goodwill on Monday. I had other errands so I though since I was out I'd just stop by and look. OK I had a mission to find a frame for my stitchery. Steve was suppose to make one, but he's been busy and I am very impatient... I know me impatient??? NO say it isn't so...LOL. So I took the stitchery with me to check. Luck was on my side... I found this on the Last Chance table. Everything is $.50. Thank you Home Interiors for this really ugly picture cuz the frame is big enough for me to use elsewhere... lol.

Framed... I may have to put no glare glass in this one at a later date.

Where it went... I've been waiting to put it here for months... It finished that space.

I finished up these runner/decorative cupboard door hangers, whatever else you could use them for last night. LOL. They are backed with a plain green fabric so you don't see the seam or raw edges. They will be for sale if anyone is interested $12 includes shipping. Let me also clarify the black stockings in my last post too... they do include shipping in the price in the U.S. I had to get shipping on a pair for someone that lives over seas because it was way more expensive to ship. :)

Yes, I have done a few other things, but I can't show you yet. LOL. I found some cream colored tab top curtains at Goodwill a few weeks back. Well, I finally got around to washing them and I hung them on the top corners of my canopy bed in my room. My bedroom is a mess so I'm not showing you that yet. I am hoping that by the end of the week it will be cleaned and I will show you some updates. :D I've done laundry tried to clean off my dining table, but I just pulled stuff right back out to craft with. LOL.

Today, I need to gather up some fall items I'm going to have for sale. I will give you all a heads up when I post pictures on here of the items. I also have another project to do first though. It just won't get out of my head until I make it. LOL. I need to get going read some blogs while I finish my second cup of coffee to get my day started right. Talk to you soon!

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Deppen homestead 1862 said...

hi, Mary
You are getting so much done on your vacation & some famiy funtimes along with it~Love your trash to treasure baby gates!!!
enjoy your day

Angela said...

Glad to hear you are enjoying your vacation. Isn't it fun to wake up, think you have to go to work, and then realize you are off? I love doing that on Saturdays when Mr,P. is off work. I wake thinking I have let him sleep late and then realize he is off. Great feeling. Glad you had a day away yesterday, and I love the baby gate where you have used it. The buttery is looking great. Enjoy the rest of your vacation.

Anonymous said...

I love your stitchery......that's one thing I can't do yet. I bet it took some time to finish such a nice large piece. Checked out your picture trail your plaid couch! Prim Blessings, Cathy

Sheila said...

Once again Mary, I'm enjoying seeing your finished projects. Love the new framed piece too.
Hope you get to enjoy the rest of your vacation doing what you want to!

TheCrankyCrow said... I can finally get some sleep...Ever since you showed us those baby gates, I've been wondering what you were going to do with them! Mystery solved - and delightfully so! Love the drying rack idea!! You're so clever!! Stitchery looks great (ya had me a little scared when I saw the Home Interiors picture....) ;o) Enjoy the rest of your vacation!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

annie said...

I love the stitchery too! Really like the baby gates up there. Hope you have a great vacation! You deserve it!

*Kountry*Porch*Primitives* said...

Hey my friend!! First of all THANK YOU for the kind words....Josh also has Aspergers. I will send you an email with my phone # and I have my cell up and running again too. Love all the things you've done. I think I'm going to head to a cheap junk store that's close by and the Goodwill myself today and escape for a bit, wanna come?? :o) Talk to you soon! ~Kriss~

janie said...

Wow, sounds like you are getting alot done.

Have fun!! Love all the decorating!!!