Monday, October 3, 2011

UPDATE Playing With Wax

First, I apologize to some of you that I told I would be doing an update on my wax on Friday. Friday was not a good day for me. I was suppose to work, but for the first time ever I called off. I could not stand or walk at all. My sciatica kicked into high gear. It has never been as bad as that day that I was dry heaving from the pain. Then on top of that I had my other lovely side effect from my Z Pak still hanging on. So, today I head back to the doctor to get that little thing taken care off. I think having diarrhea (this is why you visit me because I always give too much info..lololol) for over a week straight is a little too long. I did manage to drag myself to work Saturday and Sunday.

So here I am today with my little update... I didn't like the corn so I threw them back into crock pot and started again.

First, this is what my wax looked like all melted down. There have been several questions as to whether or not you could make tarts this way... I can't answer that because I haven't tried it. OHHHHH I did try to add a little candle fragrance to it and got a better scent this time.

This time I didn't oil the mold but did dust it with cinnamon.

The results were good and bad. The good part is the corn still came out of the mold just fine after I put it in the freezer. The bad part is the cinnamon was absorbed into the wax. So the cinnamon doesn't make a difference.

Next step I sprinkled on the cinnamon and rub it in. These worked so much better without oil.

Now, I was also asked about what to do with the wax that is left over in the crock pot. If you are making items unscented you could just leave the wax in it and let it harden back up and just add more wax next time if you need it. Since I used a scent in mine I will probably throw the insert in the freezer for a bit and just pop it out and throw away what's left so I can use a different scent next time. I didn't have much left when I was done though. I use the freezer method on all my candles when I get to the bottom if I want to reuse the glass container they came in.

NOW... How the heck to put a hanger in them??? Well, I turned to you my Facebook friends for help. I got tons of responses and I settled on one...

So, have a seat and light a candle and let's get started... obviously you will need some kind of candle. This one was close to me so I lit it. lol

Next, grab some wire. I happened to have rusty wire on hand. Snip off enough wire to make a decent sized hanger. I decided to try it on my pumpkin guys...

Remember when you were told not to play with fire? Well, you will be breaking that rule today. Take one tip of your wire and place it in flame for just a few seconds. The heat didn't travel that far up to burn my fingers. It doesn't have to be really cherry red hot.

Now take the end that is hot and push it through the wax where you want your hole. It'll melt like butter... once it's through I just put a little twist in the wire to keep it from coming back through. I made two holes in mine so I just repeated the step.

AND the eagle...

I bought another cute jack o lantern mold last Thursday at Family dollar to make little bowl fillers. I'm just having too much fun with this now. :)

I moving very slowly today so I'm not sure exactly what I'll get accomplished, but guess what???? I made a haul on fabric again at the Goodwill. I know I need more of that like I need another hole in my head. LOL. I hope to feel up to a least taking pics of it to show you. Have a great day everyone!!!
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Rachel said...

I think your wax creations are so cute! I love the corn especially. Glad it worked better for you this time. I'm sure next will be even better! Hope you feel better soon.

lilraggedyangie said...

Mary , I hope you feel better soon praying for ya ! I love that you are playing with wax I would keep the leftover pop it out and put it in shoebox totes or baggies label the scent just in case you wanna make more some day , but that my two cents worth what do i know bout wax anyhow im just a lil raggedy ! Have a great week cant wait to see what you conjure up next ! hugs lilraggedyangie

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Hello Mary-
I hope your feeling better soon!
I Love your wax creations. Thanks for the tips and your tutorial.
I can see how this is addicting. I think I might give this a try. It looks like fun.
I hope your week gets better.

Cat Haven Crafts said...

Thanks for the wax tutorial! I love the part about puting hangers on them. Hope you are feeling better soon, too.

Penny said...

Sorry to hear you were down and out with your sciatica -- and that other darn problem!! I have had some pain from sciatica, but nothing like you are experiencing.... Feel better soon!

Oh, those wax ornies are great!!! I really want to give it a try. Your's are wonderful!

Carmen at Primcats said...

OH No Mary! So Sorry about you back. :(

Please get well soon!

Love your wax turorials. Great job! Angie and I are gonna put this on out crafty friday list for sure!

Carmena dn teh Primcats

jennifer768 said...

Mary so sorry that your back is giving you problems.Hope that you are feeling much better.Love the way your corn turned out!Hugs,Jen

TheCrankyCrow said...

You're right up there with the wax queens Mary....Love your corn! Thanks for sharing the tips on the hangers...if I ever bite the bullet and go waxing.... ;o) Sorry you're not feeling good - I've had my sciatica bouts and know your pain....Take care and get better! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Pamela@ Our Pioneer Homestead said...

I understand, I was on 3 courses of antibiotics last winter, and it is very important to take yogurt pills to restore the good bacteria in the body. Lovely displays~

annie said...

Mary, hope you feel better soon! I really like the wax creations!

frontporchprims said...

Good job with your wax creations. Looks like you've got it just right now. They look so neat. Thanks for the instructions. Hope you are felling better soon. -Steph-