Thursday, October 27, 2011

Where have I Been????

Good Morning friends!!! I have been busy crafting and finally furniture rearranging. I have a lot to share today.

Sheesh where should I start ?!?

Steve and I added another member to the family. NO not that a kind. ;) lol. We have another cabinet. Somehow I think cabinets are like rabbits because they just keep multiplying. Anyway, since we had a really successful weekend at the booth we treated ourselves.

Before... Obviously I'm not fond of white...

After a base coat of black Steve dry brushed red on. I told him I wanted to own a red cabinet and this would be perfect. He sanded some of the white chipped paint off first so it has a wonderful texture to it that you can't see in this picture.

I had to wait a few days for the paint to cure before decorating. But just as I could stand it anymore... I started in...

That being said I have moved some of my other furniture for the new pie safe and now for the corner cabinet. I know I told you I was going to put my fabric in the pie safe well, uhhh, I decided that it needed to be in my kitchen. Yep, I took the buttery down and moved it to my dining room.

The pie safe... now...

I've started on the buttery, but I'm still fiddling around with that. The fabric is on the lower shelves. What I want to do is make a curtain to cover the shelves that have my fabric on them. I will be decorating the top two shelves and covering the rest.

I'm still working on the dining room. As it stands I have a cupboard completely empty and don't know what I want to put in it. Crazy I know. I'm thinking quilts will go in it, but I'm not sure yet.

All the rearranging has been going on in between crafting. Since Saturday was so beautiful and sunny I got to work on things that needed to be stained. I normally use coffee, but I tried out using walnut hulls. It worked pretty well and the items stayed soft after staining them.

I already had to make a few more pairs of the red stockings as my Facebook friends cleaned me out. lol.

LOVE how these turned out. Only one pair of these left. Haven't had time to make anymore of these yet.

I also had time to get a special order apron and bonnet set order done. I have about 2-3 more special orders for these (not this color) to get done.

Then my BFF Rose's scarecrow she wanted is almost done...He still needs his hat and stuffing around his neck put on. I will finish him up today.

Other than that I'm trying to work on Christmas stuff as well as some more special orders.

OHHHHHH forgot to show you the special order chimney cupboards Steve built for a booth customer. We took them to her yesterday and she showed us her primlicious home. She had a beautiful home and she had to point out everything she has bought from us. LOL. She says she's our best customer. From the looks I believe it. She put one on each side of her fireplace. Now she wants Steve to build a linen closet for her bathroom. We may also have a special order fireplace board to do also. We are waiting on a definite answer.

I'm sorry, but I need to run. I have some crafting to do and a trip to the post office in order again. I went yesterday, but had more sales and need to go again today. I'm am LOVING it!!!! Thanks to everyone who has placed an order!!! I work the weekend, but I will need to get some things done to a point that I can finish them at work. My cross stitch will go on the back burner for now. Oh well, it can wait. Have a great day everyone!!!
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Carmen and the Primcats said...

Your new cabinet is great! And looks amazing! The buttry is nice too!

Carmen and the Primcats

Penny said...

Wow! You and Steve have been very busy!! Love your corner cabinet -- you did a great job painting it and it looks wonderful with the pewter pieces in it.... The buttry must be a fun piece to decorate... love that, too!
Steve is very talented -- the chimney cupboards look wonderful... I'm sure the customer loves them.
Have a happy day!

annie said...

I love the corner cupboard, the color is great. Also your pie safe and buttery, an empty one? Knowing you, it won't take long to get it together. I'm happy you guys are still selling, hope you make a million and have a great week too!

Angela said...

Love your red cupboard. And the display and the contents inside look just prim perfect. It's so much fun AND work to rearrange. I so love to play in my house. Still love that buttery. Love the cabinets Steve did for a customer. Sounds like business is booming for you and for that I am tickled. Have a great day

Rachel said...

Your new cabinet is AWESOME! It looks great with all your stuff displayed in it. Have fun finishing rearranging!

Pam at Antique or Not said...

My goodness, you two have bee busy. Love the new red cabinet, and what you've done rearranging everything else. Looks fantastic!

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...


Could you hear me squealing from here? My how I love your pie safe and everything in it! Love it! You are a busy woman. Glad to hear your booth is successful and that you were able to reward yourself too!

Have a great evening my friend!


TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh - I'm all kinds of LOVING that red cabinet...and you have it decked out perfectly! Love the dry sink too!!! And - oh - your stockings....! How cute are they?!! No wonder you're selling stuff faster than you can make it....But - an empty cupboard??? Really???? Never heard of such a thing! ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

renee said...

That red is gorgeous! You GO Mary and Steve! LOL! I am happy as a clam for you! That buttry and pie safe are looking very good!
Have a great night!

A Primitive Homestead said...

Love the red corner cupboard. Gives me some ideas to consider on my cabinet redo. Pie safe is wonderful in your kitchen. Nicely filled to the prim perfection. Yes I want to see what your doing with the buttery. Hurry. Blessings!

nancy huggins said...

How did you use the black walnuts to dye the stockings..I have black walnuts and would like to try different ways to use it and then maybe hang it out on clothes line. I hope it will dry O K when 50 degrees outside. I love your cabinets and they make me wish I had room for a few more. Love the job on the red one...good job :)

Olde Spoon River Homestead said...

Love your new work!!!! You and Steve are so creative!!!! I know the feeling on having slim to no time to do anything but work or craft and or blogging gets pushed to the side!!!! But we all understand what its like!!!! Big prim Hugs Casey

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Beautiful re-do on the corner cupboard~ you displayed it very prim colonial~ love it!!

Mary said...

Wow! I wouldn't have seen any hope for that corner hutch before. Was still on the fence about those glass doors even after the refinish. But seeing it full of goodies and the linens slung over the doors - Oh my!!! I loves it a bunch!!!!

frontporchprims said...

Sheeeesh you have been busy. I love the remake on your cabinet. Your stockings are neat. What do you do with them. I wonder what your neighbors think with all this stuff on your line:) -Steph-