Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Early Christmas

I LOVE getting packages in the mail, especially when I know I didn't order anything. The other day my son actually went to the mailbox and got the mail. This is a very rare occurrence even if his bus stops right in front of it. Anyway, I think he gets more excited than I do when a package arrives. If I'm at work he calls to tell me then asks if he can open it. Or if I'm here wants to open it. My last surprise package was from Little Raggedy Angie. She is always sending people goodies just because. She is the sweetest thing. I would have taken a picture of the package, BUT my son opened too quick.

This is what was in my package.

These wonderful smelling wax ornies...

The red and white candles...

The most adorable gingerbread people... If you look close at the picture you can see me in the glass bulb to the left. LOL

Candy cane ornament...

And a wonderful Christmas card...

Truth be told I can't remember if she sent anything else. As soon as I unwrapped everything I put them in their new places and forgot to take pictures until 2 days later. Now I can't remember what else she sent me. I apologize Angie for my forgetfulness. Obviously what she sent me was so awesome I couldn't remember what was new because it all blended so well with the rest of my things :)

Some other early Christmas gifts was landlord called me the other day ask if I wanted a different refrigerator and stove for my house/duplex. He said that he and his wife got new appliances and that these were perfectly good she just wanted new. He wanted me to come look at them and to bring Steve to help move them. Anyway, long story short I now have newer used appliances. They work great and look great. I now have a window in my stove door AND a timer on it. My old one didn't and you don't realize how much you use them when you don't have either. The refrigerator is bigger and much nicer. I can barely hear it running. My old one would thump really loud when it was done running a cycle. Then he asked me how I liked the carpet in my kitchen. I told him I hated it and that I'd rather have tile, linoleum, or something like it so that I could clean up spills easier. So, he said he would replace my kitchen floors this summer or spring. Steve told him if he bought it that he would install it. I'm very excited! Steve tried to talk him into faux wood floors. After today I can't wait. LOL... I was making puppy chow candy this morning put the cereal in a Ziploc (Walmart brand) bag with powdered sugar in it. I went to turn the bag upside down to shake it and the zipper part popped open as I was shaking it and some of the chocolate/peanut butter cereal spilled all over the carpet. I was so mad!!!! I hate wasting perfectly good food :) especially chocolate.

I baked all day yesterday and have just a bit more to do today then that's it. I made no bake cookies, molasses cookies (my favorite), candied nuts, and crescent pecan pie bars. Today is puppy chow and sugar cookies. I haven't made this much for a very long time. It feels good!!!

I hope to work on my daughters quilt today. I thought I had made yet another big mistake on the backing, but no I was just having a brain fart. Grrrr... I just need to find a large place in my house to lay out the backing so I can measure it and put my borders on. Then I need to decide whether I want to tie it or machine quilt it.

You should all be proud of me. I have only been to the thrift store once this week. It was right across the street from my doctor's appt yesterday. So, of course I had to go. I found this amazing throw. It looks like a real coverlet but it's a blanket. Remember I like to decorate on the cheap with repro's if I have to. I got this baby for $2.99. It had some ugly fringe around the edges that I ripped off yesterday and a few pulled threads. It is a gorgeous red. This picture makes it look bright, but in real life it's not. The bad thing is I almost put this back on the rack before I left, but a little voice said buy it. It is so awesome!

Well, I have a plans for today and better get busy. Have I ever said how much I LOVE being home and not working?!? Well, I do. LOL.
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Carmen and the Primcats said...

Wonderful new treasures from Angie. Don't those ornies smell awesome!

Love that coverlet!!! WOW! DEAL! Glad you didn't put it back!

Carmen and the Primcats

lilraggedyangie said...

Dont stress the contents as I am so scatter brained I dont remember what I put in the package lol I know that feels special lol When I pack up goodie packages I try to carefully choose for each person but im lucky if after I seal it if I ever remember what I send lol Princess is excited to see her gingers on your tree ! Awesome news on the appliances , I am LMBO about the fridge thump , as my used fridge sounds like it has a chicken nesting in the freezer when its running and then a thump ! Im so glad you didnt put that blanket back but if you still arent sure you want it have my address ! lol Have a great day baking ..and try not to abuse any more chocolate ! hugs lilraggedyangie

TheCrankyCrow said...

What a sweet package from a sweet raggedy pal....Love the beeswax! Ahhh...and Princess Kaylee's signature gingers look wonderful adorning your tree! And Yea! on the "new" appliances! Funny how little things like timers, thumping, etc. can make such a big difference. Gorgeous blanket find!!! Lucky you! Have fun baking - hope we don't have to call out the chocolate police on you! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Love your goodies from Angie. The blanket is a true bargain and I
love red. Doesn't everyone?

frontporchprims said...

What lovely things from Angie. How fun to have new appliances. I am happy for you. -Steph-

Tammy ~ A Primitive Place said...

Awesome treasures from Angie!
I agree, love that coverlet.
Hugs and Merry Christmas,

jennifer768 said...

Love your goodies from Angie!She is a sweetheart. Love ,love that blanket!Hugs,Jen