Sunday, December 4, 2011

Primitive Apron & Bonnet Pattern

I have finally made my apron and bonnet patterns into printable patterns for all of you. You will need basic sewing knowledge to complete them. I am sometimes horrible at explaining things so if you purchase this pattern and get stuck you can always email me to get help. :)

Soooo.... here it is... please email me to purchase. A printable PDF format is $8.00 while a printed pattern is $10.00 includes shipping. I prefer payment by Paypal. :)

In between making this pattern I have finally been able to decorate for Christmas. I will be trying to take pictures over the next week and get them posted. :) I apologize for not being around, but you know how crazy it can get around the holidays.

The best news is I will be paying off my 2nd to last bill heading towards being debt free. The money I am using has been from online sales. So thank you all who have made purchases from me. You are helping me along to be debt free!!! I have one more bill and no more debt!!!! :) Dave Ramsey's steps have helped me so much. They even taught some of his course in my son's Personal Finance class. So if you want to know more I have a link on the right side of my blog to his website. :)
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TheCrankyCrow said...

Yea for you!! Must feel so liberating.... Can't wait to see your holiday decor - ours is going to be minimal this year - whatever I can grab as I bring laundry up.... Makes me a wee bit sad, but guess that's life. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

nancy huggins said...

I love Prim patterns and will love to buy a pattern to make this as soon as I sell a few things..I just listed 8 items on ebay and will be listing more all week as I can and keeping fingers crossed :)

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Way to go paying the bills off~ Congrats to you!!!!
Prim pretty bonnet & apron wonderful work~

jennifer768 said...

Congrats to you on getting your bills paid off!Love the bonnet and apron pattern.Hugs,Jen