Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Happy New Year!!! Ok Ok I'm late.  Better late than never right?  I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful holiday.  This is the joke between Steve and I.  Supposedly the world is going to end this December and I told him that I would marry him on the day that the world ends. :-)  lol So, I had to post this.  Alright I just noticed that beginning is spelled wrong!!!!!!! LOLOLOLOL Sheesh!!!
Anyway, I want to thank you for all the kind words, encouragement, and friendships in 2011 that I have received.  You all are truly a blessing for me.  Steve is awesome and all, but sometimes he just doesn't "get it."  So, I come to you to vent, share, and look for advice.  And boy oh boy you all never disappoint me. :-) So thank you new and old friends. I hope that reading my blog gives you great ideas, a can do attitude (especially when I tell you what not to do in my tutorials lol), and most of all a place to come relax and be yourself and not feel like an outsider.

For 2012, most people make resolutions that, well, just don't happen.  I am one of that crowd! Every year I say I'm going to do this or that or be someone I'm not.  This year I really have been thinking a lot about obtainable resolutions.  Maybe if I can accomplish one I will get the motivation to do more.  First, and foremost, I have got to stop biting and picking at my nails and cuticles.  I have done this since I was a kid and have tried a lot of things to quit.  Obviously none of them have helped. lol.  What's different now? Well, I was watching the OWN network (Oprah Winfrey Network) yesterday at work and they were talking about weight loss.  I know what does this have to do with nails... hold on getting to that. lol.  Anyway, she has a trainer by the name of Bob Greene who was on her shows yesterday.  He was telling people that in order to lose weight you have to figure out what the reason is that you eat.  The same applies to me.  Why and when do I pick? So, over the last few days I realized that I pick when 1.) I'm just watching TV 2.) stressed (at work) 3.) bored.  Yesterday I made a conscious effort to catch myself and stop. Most times I don't realize I'm doing it.  When I caught myself I put hand lotion on or picked up my cross stitch and started stitching. At this rate I should finish a lot of new patterns. lol. I'm hoping I can retrain myself into finding something else to do (not eat lol) to make myself stop.  My massage therapist recommended I put gloves on so when I saw the gloves it would tell me to stop.  I know not a huge resolution, but obtainable.  If I conquer this I will set another resolution, but not until then.  I can only work on one thing at a time.

I've taken the Christmas tree down and am looking at my bare house and have started making new plans to move furniture.  I foresee a huge flip flop of furniture pieces.  We have sold our TV cabinet in the living room.

This one...

We will be doing something different.  Steve has an idea and I LOVE it too.  It won't be ready for awhile so we will make do with other furniture until then.  I think I might be seeing a faux fireplace in the future ;-)  I have some other pieces I want to take out and move around.  Actually I'm kind of excited because I will be making a true make do chair. I have a ladder back chair hanging out in my garage begging for a face lift.  I got the most adorable upholstery fabric awhile back.  I'd like to do a tutorial for it, but it may take some time.  I'm trying to make it a no sew tutorial for those of you who don't sew obviously.  I've had several requests to do one.  I will say you will need to cut wood and be able to use a hammer and nails and of course scissors (Remember no running with scissors I wouldn't want you to poke your eye out because it's all fun and games til someone gets their eye poked out. lol) I have the plan of attack in my head, now it just comes down to time. 

I'm glad many of you enjoyed my last tutorial.  I have had a ton of hits on my blog!!!! So thank you very much.  PLEASE send me pics or post them if you made some faux redware.  I'd LOVE to see them and with your permission post them so everyone can see :).  Maybe we can come up with a few more tutorials this year.  I think I may step back and do a tutorial on distressing furniture or such for those who may be new to the prim side.  I have a friend on Facebook who would LOVE to learn how. 

I have some planning and painting to do so I will see you soon.
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Angie Berry said...

So you're gonna have a wedding to plan this year? Lol!

I'm not a resolution maker either because I already know I won't be able to keep them. I like this idea that you have. If we make a conscience effort and pay attention to what we are doing, we should be able to change any bad habits. The hard part is remembering to pay attention... I seem to "do" most times then "think about it" later. I wish you well with it, I hope you can break your habit!

Looking forward to what you two will be coming up with! Now I need to go put up my Christmas finally... Rich likes me to leave it out past New Years, which is okay because I love how it lights up the whole house. I'm really gonna miss all that warm glow when I put them away. =[

Have a delightful day, my friend~

A Primitive Homestead said...

Sounds like you have much fun in store for us to share. If you find the answer to nail biting picking I got to know. My nails are so ugly. I try & try to stop but then something happens. Once apon a time they were really pretty. Wishing you & yours a Happy 2012. Blessings!

annie said...

Go for it! You can do it (I'm doing the cheer leader cheer for you!) You can, You can! I love seeing your ideas, yes do some more tutorials!

earlene said...

A faux fireplace would look cozy!
Where did you put your TV?
I hope you have a great year!

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Are we invited to the wedding??(heehee) I was teased by my family
about the world ending in December
also. Well, I didn't know, what do
they want from me, perfection?
Oh I loved your t.v. cabinet, I
wouldn't have sold it. I agree with the fireplace suggestion. Hubby couldmake a nice colonial prim mantle with little cupboard doors instead of a firebox. I saw that in a book that had pictures
of primitive homes.

frontporchprims said...

If you can stop with the nail thing then I will. I have been biting my nails since I was tiny. I do it when I watch t.v., drive, read, sit in church, etc. The only time I don't is when I am on the computer:) Ha ha. I don't know why. Good luck with your goals. Can't wait for your next tut. -Steph-

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Well darn, I just posted a comment and whe I clicked publish it went to a log in and wanted my mobile phone number...WHAT!!!!
Anyway...if you get two comments from me then get rid of this one...lol
Loved your post!

jennifer768 said...

Can't wait to see what you have planned.Enjoyed your post.Hugs,Jen

Carmen and the Primcats said...

Oh man... I can't believe you sold your awesome tv cabinet! Can't wait to see what you and Steve come up with!

Carmen and the Primcats