Friday, January 27, 2012

Finally, Some New Creations

I have finally been able to take my new craft room for a test drive since I'm able to see much better.  Still not 100% because I'm still having issues threading my sewing machine.  I didn't care how long it took to thread it I was going to craft!   Remember the pictures I posted how neat and clean my room was? yep that's all over. I have stuff everywhere.  I have a bunch of new things to finally share with you though.  I know I promised painting techniques, but I just had to do some sewing.  I already told Steve that some of you are waiting on a painting tutorial, so we will need to get it done for you :-)  Anyway, speaking of Steve he was offered a full time job with a home builder a few days ago.  He will be working full time come Monday.  So, I'm sure this is going to put a cramp on my projects I have him doing.  Guess I'll just have to learn to use the power tools. LOL.  Knowing him he'll load them all up in his truck so I can't use them unsupervised. LOL.  My kid's did fantastic on their second grading period grades.  My daughter got a 4.0 and my son a 3.65!!! I'm so proud of both of them.  Last but not least, as hard as I've worked to pay off my bills I now have to go into bankruptcy. :-(  Since my ex let the house go into foreclosure the bank is now coming after us for the deficiency balance and I don't have an extra $35,000 lying around to pay them.  Please still believe me when I say Dave Ramsey's program is still an excellent program to get out of debt!!!  So enough of that let's get some show and tell going on.

For those who liked my make do chair, I made a few little pillows out of the left over fabric.  These will be for sale I just haven't decided on a price.  If you are interested email me and we'll work it out.   small pillow $5.00 elongated with birds $8.00 Large $10.00 all prices include shipping!!!!

I also made this really awesome settler's pillow made from linen like material that is batting and rag stuffed... again for sale no price yet... lol  Settler's pillow $12 includes shipping

Well, then I looked in my to do pile and found the base already prim'd up to make this cute pinkeep.

Then I saw all of these wonderful egg shaped styrofoam balls to do something with. Soooooo... of course I got the wax and coffee grounds out.  These were fabric wrapped first.  Basically I was experimenting with these.

Then I grunged up some fabric and started wrapping... and no I'm not leaving them on this plate. ;-)  I just carried them up from my craft room upstairs on the plate.

While we are on the subject of styrofoam... I absolutely HATE the smooth styrofoam egg shapes.  I couldn't wrap fabric on them or wax them for anything!!!!  I have a little something else I might try with them later.

We still aren't done!!!!

I finally finished my sampler from Joni Crenshaw Words of Praise Teresa's Sampler this morning when I got home from work.  I've had this thing in the works for months now.  I had two rows left to stitch and I decided I wanted to show you today so I finished it up.  I decided I don't like stitching the same color like the grass.  That got boring. LOL

AND..... I'm working on another secret project... I'm not done yet so I'll wait to show you everything.  I know you can tell what it is... but you don't know what it will be when I'm done :-)  Just know this... even with my eye I hand stitched these seed beads on.

I'm so happy to have my mojo back!!!! I LOVE my craft room!!!  I turn the heater on, some relaxation music, shut the door and get in the zone.  Today I need to price some items to get out to my booth.  It's time to get some new stuff out there.  Enjoy your day and weekend :-)

P.S. I am running a special on my salt dough redware ornies!!!!  Jump on over to my selling blog to check it out!!!!  Act now as I also have them for sale on Facebook too.  First come first serve!!!!!
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frontporchprims said...

WoW!!! You have been playing catch up:) No wonder the craft room insn't clean anymore. I love sampler. It is so beautiful. Glad that Mr. Wonderful got a full time job and happy your children are so smart. Who doesn't have 35 just sitting around? Sorry about the bad news. Take care and have a good weekend. -Steph-

annie said...

Bad news and good all the way around for you. Sorry you've had such problems over the house issue. I agree with you, go Dave R!

I'm thrilled your kids did so well with the grades! Woo Hoo! So glad your eye is doing better. So glad you get to use your room, and hurray Steve and the job!

Love your projects, Strawberries? UMMM, maybe! Have a great weekend Mary, God Bless!

earlene said...

Those all turned out great! Love the settlers pillow!

Sheila said...

Very impressive news about the kiddos grades-that's awesome! You should be proud AND whoot-whoot for Steve getting on full time! I know first hand with my hubs work how tough construction life can be. He's just now getting a bit of steadier work since October!!!!
Love all your projects-especially the new sampler.
To bad about the bankruptcy but you know you aren't in the boat alone~this to shall pass.
Take care~

A Primitive Homestead said...

Love the sampler. So sorry about the bankruptcy. Since following your blog I have seen how hard you have worked to dig out & worked so many long hours while reclaiming your life. I have seen how you have pulled together & made a wonderful home for you & your children. You have inspired me. Prayer lifted God will provide & make a way for you. So glad your eye is healing & your going strong at your crafting. You have passion & talent. Congrats to the kids. Blessings!

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Good Morning Mary ~
How proud you must be of the kids!
I'm glad you're back in your craft room creating. Good news about hubba's job, I know how tough it is
to find work right now in building and finish carpentry work. Mr. Glen Oaks is going through that, too.
I'm so sorry about the house. My ex did that too. Why is it that they're
all the same doo-doo heads? I refinanced and got a terrible loan and things were never better after that. I sold the house and we started over with another house, and now we've downsized cuz it's just the two of us. I couldn't be happier. This little house is ours and it's not too big for me to take care of or to run expense wise. You'll find a solution that's right for you. I had to do the Chapter 11 once because the ex filed Chap 13 (that made the house go into foreclosure). I paid everyone back and went on.
It's really tough to be going through, I know. I'm here if you want to talk.

Angie Berry said...

Yay for Steve's new full time job and for the kids grades, that's fantastic! Boo for the bankruptcy. Sorry to hear that Mary. Ex's just suck. Stick with Dave Ramsey and the bankruptcy won't be near as bad as if you've never been through the program. You've been doing it awhile to know what works and what needs to be done so that's a big plus.

I have trouble threading my machine even with decent eyes! You've been a busy, busy girl with all your creations! I can't wait to get my area organized so I can accomplish something. It's such a mess that I can hardly walk in there. And yes, I don't like that smooth styrofoam either. It's harder to work with. I'm sure it's easier to paint though but I've not tried it.

I really love everything you have made lately, wonderful Mary!