Tuesday, January 17, 2012

One Good Eye

Good morning!  Just a little update on my eye.  The redness is going away, the pain is pretty well gone, but I still have blurriness due to the eye drops.  So, what does this mean for you, well, it means I have not been able to craft.  I can't see close up.  No new projects, yet.  However, that doesn't mean we weren't busy.  Just because I couldn't see to craft didn't mean I was going to sit around all day and eat bon bons.  As you all will remember I am a hoarder of fabric mostly.  You know those impulse purchases from the thrift store in hopes of redoing to resell.  I had bags of stuff just sitting in my basement.  Now, I have come to realize I am a hoarder of a lot more than just fabric.  My basement is the catch all.  Since moving in I haven't really gone through and reorganized.  I always got an overwhelming feeling just thinking about it cleaning it.  So, this past weekend I could see well enough to start reorganizing.  Let me tell you it was a two day affair.  Steve told me that he would build me a craft table if I could clear out enough stuff.  At first it was difficult to let go of things, decor that I don't use but spent a lot of money on, crafting supplies, and junk.  I soon got the hang of things and just went donate and throw away happy.  I am so surprised that I could do it.  Anyway, long story short I got my crafting table and more....

Sorry, no before pictures... I'm crazy but not that crazy to show you lol.


Steve made this shoe rack out of our old wood.  I'm guessing it's not going to stay in the basement long. LOL.  It is soooo awesome!!!!  My desk where I will keep all my business stuff, bills, and shipping stuff.

My new shelving.  We still have yet to put another shelf and some cubbies.  This is going to house my fabric.  Yes, you heard me right I am moving my fabric once again.  I am reclaiming my dining room as a dining room. 

OK, we still aren't done... My HUGE new rolling craft table.  I can move it out so I can get around it.  More storage underneath.  Oh yeah the stuff you see on top in the clothes basket and tub will be for sale soon.

Then above my table I had Steve put another shelf.  I want to add a clothes line under it to hold odds and ends of quilt tops, coffee stained things that are drying and whatever else. Plus he put up a new bigger light so I could see.

Before I knew he was going to build my shelf I thought I would reorganize my crafting stuff on something I already had.  The hutch was a thrift store find.  We will be redoing it and selling it soon.  After all the sorting and getting rid of stuff those tubs in the corner (fabric) and the stuff on the hutch is all I have left.  Go Me!!!!!

Today Steve will be painting the table and shelving unit.  Believe it or not I am having him paint it a white.  I figure since it's the basement I want it to be light since it's kinda dark down there with only 2 tiny windows.  I am super excited to be able to start organizing and crafting once again.  I can leave things out and not think I have to clean up every night so we can have dinner at the table.  Well, I better get off of here and go keep him company.  I just got off of my 24 hour shift and 'm a bit tired and have now developed a cold.  I think it's from being around all the dust while I was cleaning.  Hope you are having a good week so far.  I apologize for not commenting on all of your blogs I follow, but I still can't read very well and my eye gets tired very quickly.  I go to the eye doctor again Thursday and I hope he tells me no more dilating drops.  I'd like to be able to catch up on my blog reading.
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annie said...

Hope you continue to heal. Rest is Not a four letter bad word. Get some! I love that you're getting such a great workplace. Steve is sure good with wood! Take care & have a great week!

Sheila said...

Hi Mary,
You will enjoy having a separate space for crafting, even if it is in the basement! Steve is doing an awesome job to create that space for you too. As much as I need to have the daytime light, I do like my "dungeon" craft room(s) as I can walk away from something if I need to get dinner or whatever and not have to put it all away. We have the special lights down there but it still isn't the same as real sunshine but I make do!
Good to hear your eye is doing better and I hope it continues to heal and not be anything more.
Take care and stay warm.
Bless you,

Angela said...

Mary you are going to have such a neat work space. Sure wish I had a basement for crafting. Can't wait to see it all finished. Glad to hear your eye is healing. Take care of it. Enjoy spending time with Steve. Pamper him, he is a treasure with wood. Have a great day.

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

you are so lucky to have your own handyman/carpenter! Mine is willing to try but not very patient. He's better at putting things together, like shelving units. lol
I wish I had a room/space dedicated to my crafting. You are so blessed!
Prayers for your eye.....

Angie Berry said...

Well at least you have one good eye that doesn't hurt, that's great to hear!

Girl, once you get your craft room situated you will be creating and crafting like crazy! That's awesome that Steve knows what you need and able to build whatever it is. I know you will love your new shelving unit for fabric. It really looks good so far and I can see where all the changes you are making will make you very productive. Have fun with it!

Jennifer Helms said...

Your room is coming along. Good for you. Now get lots of rest and feel better. Your personal handyman probably needs a little break too!!

frontporchprims said...

I don't like cleaning but organizing I can handle. It looks great. What a great feeling to have it all cleared out and put in it's place. Good job. -Steph-

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Hi, Mary - sorry you still have the problem with your eye. It sounds painful and frustrating. You guys did a fantastic job of organizing and building craft room furniture.
Hope you get better very soon.

A Primitive Homestead said...

You are going to have a wonderful work room for your creating. I am gradually getting one. Will be so much nicer to not worry about putting things away. I just know it will be great with all your touches. Lifting you in prayer. Blessings!