Friday, January 13, 2012

RAK and an Update

First I would like to start by saying Thank You to Linda Parker of Parker Paradise for sending me these absolutely cute prim pillows.  I received them a few days ago, but with everything going on I didn't get to post them.  Linda is so generous.  She sends out gifts to people randomly and I was a recipient this time.  Are they just too cute ?  I LOVE them.

and the backs of them... The smaller one found a home on my bowl rack and the larger one on a chair.  I'll take pics soon.

Thank you all for the get well wishes.  I will try to email each and everyone of you back to thank you for your concern, but it may take a few days as I can only stand the computer screen for short periods of time and with the eye medication my vision is blurry in that eye.  The final verdict is in... I have what's called uveitis and iritis.  Basically, it's inflammation of the iris of my eye and also within the inside of my eye.  It is not a transmittable thing and you don't "catch" it.  It just happens.  He kind of compared it to arthritis of the eye. The reason it is so sensitive is right now my pupil is "stuck". It can't regulate to changes in light because of the inflammation.  Since this is the first time I've gotten it he said we will treat it drops, but if I get it again I will have genetic markers done to figure out why.  Most times people who get this have some sort of autoimmune disease going on.  One of my drops is 6 times a day and the other is 3 times one is a steroid and the other helps to dilate and rest my eye.  $80 later I now can start them today because they didn't have one of the scripts and had to overnight it last night.  I have another appt next week to be sure it is healing.  I think I will be on drops for 6-8 weeks.  Once done I have to get an eye exam.  I always put myself and my needs last and haven't gotten an eye exam in 8 years.  I am suppose to wear glasses, but haven't worn them in years.  So needless to say I got a lecture because we have eye problems that run in the family. lol.  So basically,this is where I'm at.  So much for the healthy New Year... lol  I told myself I was not going to go to the doctor or have any testing done this year.  Yep, 2 weeks into January and that went out the window. lol.

I will be working on the tutorial for the make do chair little by little and will have it posted this weekend.  I promise. :-)  Thanks for checking in on me I appreciate it.  Please excuse misspellings and missed words. lol
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annie said...

No hurry about the tutorial. We are all glad to wait when you have time to share and show us things. Right now you need time to heal and take care of yourself. You and yours are in my prayer book, I write the names down so "I" don't wander in to the land of forgetful ole' ladies. Take care, Mary. You are a very special person!

Angela said...

Mary, So glad to hear it is treatable with eye drops. Hoping you will see a big improvement soon. I know it has got to be uncomfortable and especially since it alters you eye sight. Linda is such a sweetheart. She spoils all of us in blogland. Great pillows. Take care, stay warm and have a great weekend.

Sheila said...

I'm glad the doctor was able to give you meds to start on and hopefully will take care of the problem and lead to further complications like you mentioned. You need to take care of you more often! I got a lecture about that too. I always put everyone else's needs before my own. My doctor said if I don't take care of me I won't be around to take care of others! So we need to heed their words.
Darling little pillows Linda sent you.
Bless you girl and take care!

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Glad you like the offering.
Good to hear that drops will bring relief.
Adding my prayers for recovery.
It's cold and windy and there's about 4" of snow on the ground and swirling around. Hope you don't have to go out.....

frontporchprims said...

Modern medicine is amazing:) I am so glad you have a diagnosis and some meds. Let's hope it clears up well and doesn't return. Wow. I love the pillows that Linda sent you. Looks like they came at just the right time. She is such a wonderful person. -Steph-

janie said...

Hope your eye feels better and heals quickly.

Take care, janie

Penny said...

Happy to hear that the doctors know what the problem is and that they can treat it -- hope it starts feeling better right away!!

How nice of Linda to send you those cute pillows! I've read the blogs of several people who have been on the receiving end of her RAK's. What a lovely gesture!

Pam at Antique or Not said...

So glad that you were able to get drop to help with your eye; that looked so painful!

Isn't Linda the sweetest? She surprised me too a few days ago; I need to post a pic of my pillow.


Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Gotta Love Linda! She suprised me a few days ago with a pillow also.

Sorry to hear about your eye. I hope it feels better soon.

lilraggedyangie said...

Mary , great goodies from sweet Linda ! Hope that eye gets feeling better real soon ! i too put myself off to take care of everyone else but sometimes you just have to make the exception ,I m hoping this is the only testing you have the rest of the year :0) Have a great weekend !hugs lilraggedyangie

Angie Berry said...

Ouch!! I have sensitive eyes so as I was reading this, my eyes were watering. That sounds so painful! We don't realize how much we take something for granted until it is taken away. I can't imagine not having full eyesight. Girl, so sorry you are going through this! Praying for you and for a quick recovery! And yes, you deserved that lecture, lol! At least they know what it is and can treat it so that's a good thing. Take it easy though and be sure to let your eyes rest.

Sweet pillows from sweet Linda!