Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Newest Project

So what did I do during my time off?  Almost finished up my newest project.  I need to finish sewing the binding on, but this is what I've been working on.  Nothing like almost getting it done at 8pm Sunday night.  I'll take it with me to work this week in hopes of finishing it. 

Don't look too closely because I have batting fuzz everywhere on the blue. lol 

I think I'm going to tea stain MAYBE coffee stain for the full effect on this quilt.

Other than that I went and got some material for one of the bonnet and apron sets I will be making for a customer.  I know I'm a pretty boring gal. lol.  I'm content to sit in my house and craft when the weather is cold and snowy.  It keeps me out of trouble of going to the thrift stores and now the flea market.  There is now another prim booth in the flea market with us.  I bought some goodies from her because they were awesome prices.  Now I better get busy and create some things to sell to finance what I bought. lol.

I better get moving and finish up some laundry since I go back to work tomorrow.  I really need to win the lottery.  This work thing is really cutting into my crafting time. lol
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Friday, February 24, 2012

PictureTrail Update, Great Deals, and A Project

I apologize for not posting yesterday like I promised.  My lack of sleep from work and a trip to the attorney's office made for a horrible headache, nausea, and chills.  All I did was come home and sit on the couch.  No headache so far today so I will hopefully get things done.

First, I just wanted to let you know I did manage to get some new pictures up on my PictureTrail.  You can either click HERE or go to my right side bar and click the picture at the top.  Enjoy!!!!

OK, in my last post I said I thought about going to one of my favorite shops because they were having a sale. Sooooo.... because of these.... (my son's shoes lol)  I can't stand things between my toes so I don't own real flip flops.  Do you like my fashion statement socks? lol  There is no way I'm going without socks yet. lol

I got 40% off of these :-)

LOVE this... and if you look close at my PictureTrail update you'll see that it already has a home.


It will stand on it's end and I'll use it that way.  I need to paint or get different dividers.  They look like a fiberglass component and I'm not too keen on green either.  I believe this is going to be used in my bedroom.  For now it's still in the basement though.

You all know I'm addicted to Pinterest.  I have found some of the best ideas on there believe it or not.  If you are a follower you know I have a board totally for Great Ideas and another one for Craft Ideas.  The project I started on last week I am doing from an idea I got from one of those boards.  I'm kind of in a Americana mode lately so I decided I wanted to make a mini quilt using red, white, and blue.  I also LOVE penny rugs and wanted to incorporate them.  HOWEVER, wool fabric I don't have, so I'm going to try using regular fabric.  These pennies will need to appliqued to the quilt.  Well, due to my inexperience in quilting I've been looking  around for articles on how to do it.  I came across a great idea...

Here is what the penny will look like...

Well fabric alone is very flimsy obviously and I am not going to fold under all those edges and press them so you can't see them.  I am using my used dry sheets.  Yes you heard me... my old dryer sheets that just sit in the trash.  It stiffens them a bit and when sewn on the fabric you are able to turn them right side out and the edges are already turned under :-)  So I am recycling and reusing.

I know it's hard to tell in the picture... but see the edges? 

I'm still working on the design layout of the quilt.  I have an idea, but I know me I'll change my mind a thousand times before it's done. lol.

I realized that after I posted the other day I left a few things out that I got at the thrift store.  So I thought I'd share again before I forget again. lol

I'm always afraid to try new candles since I never know how they will smell when burned.  Of course I don't want to waste my money to find out either.  So I found this Paula Deen candle at the thrift store and thought I'd give it a try.  It is Creme Brulee and this is as long as someone else burnt it for.  I haven't lit it yet, but I think I will today.

I also found this beautiful blackwork stitchery... Can you imagine the time that went into this??? I just can't believe someone didn't want it. :-/

As I said I had to go to the attorney's office yesterday.  I had to turn in all my bankruptcy stuff and will be signing the papers next Wednesday.  I will NEVER do this again!!!! ugggghhh.  Anyway, I had to go to his office in Mansfield OH which is about an hour away from my home.  I decided since I was down there I'd visit a few prim shops.  I went to The Added Touch and Jilly Junction.  Let me tell you I was in heaven at  The Added Touch!!!!  I bought a few things at 75% off.  The brown and blue fabric is a remnant and I haven't opened it yet, but I got it for $4.00!!!! The other red is upholstery fabric I got for $5.00.   I now know if I make more make do chairs I can get upholstery fabric from them in any style I choose.

Then I happened to see a store called Amish Crafts and Antiques.  I had a little time so I went in and found these lovlies...  I know I paid way too much for the mold, BUT I love it!!!  I can't wait to pour some wax in it.  I've also been looking for a folk art eagle to make into a quilt pattern.  I think this will be my inspiration.

I am going to try to work on my quilt this weekend, but I received an order for 2 sets of my apron and bonnets and will do those as well.  Thank you for visiting and I will see you soon my friends.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Year Round Tree and Recent Finds

Things didn't go as planned so I didn't make it to Columbus this weekend to visit some awesome blogger friends.  I was a little disappointed, but since Steve started this new job he has been working 6 days a week.  He forgot he told me he'd take me and when his boss asked if he could work he said yes.  grrrr....  I am planning on going to these awesome prim shops though sometime soon.  All I can say is I saved some money and got to start a new project. :-)  I'm not going to show you yet until I get a little further on it.  However, I'm becoming a tight wad with my money for this project.  Let's just say I'm recycling and reusing :-) I know you're scratching your head right now trying to think of what it could be. lol

First, I thought I'd show you my progress on my year round tree.  I know how to make silicone lights, but I just didn't have time so I bought some from one of my good friends Patti.  She is the owner of Brickhouse Craft Shop in Pa.  I wanted just a glow from my lights so I ordered Antique gold.  Patti mixes in spices and even scents the lights too.  She makes all colors of lights.  She even had some really cute Easter colors.  Anyway, then I added some of my faux redware and yellowware ornies, wood bead garland, pewter ornies, some candles and this is what it looks like so far.  Yes, I know the tree is leaning a little in the picture. lol.  Your eyes aren't going bad. lol.  I have a few more things I want to make for it.

The small redware ornie and star is a reproduction not made by me.

I worked just Friday and Sunday and well you know what I did Saturday, so I didn't get much around the house done.  I'm going to try and finish decorating today and get some more Spring pictures for you to see :-) I realized though that I haven't showed you some goodies I got recently at the flea market and thrift store.

My most recent finds...

The grey box with drawers I found last week at the flea market.  I haven't had a chance to go through it, but it is full of sewing goods and for some weird reason a container of reptile food. lol  It looks so worn and I actually like the glass knobs.

I got these the same day at the flea market.  I already have a huge wood spoon collection, but what is a few more. lol  I think the thing that has a $2.00 sticker on it is a masher and I have a few of them too. :-)  I think the last pottery thing is some kind of wine carafe because on the other side is an old label that leads me to believe it.

Anyway, it blends nicely with my yellowware.

I also went to the Goodwill and found quite a few things.  I found this sign and have already prim'd it up a little.  This is the before shot lol.  I will be selling this.

Don't you just LOVE the cantaloupe painting.  I think it'll match well with my kitchen decor. LOLOLOL NOT!!!!  Don't worry I'm going to sand it off.  There are initials on it and it says 1979.

Yep just $1.99.  I just need to take the hanger off.  

LOVE this pineapple mold!!!  Of course some candles to grunge up.  The mustard color is awesome so I may not change the color on them.

Last but not least I found some pewter.  Woohoo!!!! I even got it at 35% off because this particular Goodwill was having a sale the day I went!

They even found a home already... 

I got some more fabric, but it's in the dryer as we speak.  I only got one piece but I think it's about 3-4 yards.  It is pink, BUT it is very colonial looking.  Remember I'm planning a brown and pink quilt sometime... yeah probably in the next decade. LOL.  I am such a fabricaholic!!! I need to get laundry done and a visit to see my friends at the prim shop is in order since it's 40% off day if you wear flip flops.  Like I need more stuff... lol I'm trying really hard to watch my spending for this bankruptcy thing.  I'm still waiting on my tax refund, but as soon as I get it I can file. :-) 

I hope to be back on Thursday with progress on my new project. 
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Thursday, February 16, 2012


OK let's try this again.  I already had half of my post typed then I somehow stupidly deleted it. grrrr... This better not be any indication of how the rest of my day will go.  So let's try this again.

I told you the other day that I was working on some new projects.  I only completed one of them, but the other two aren't far behind.  This first project are some painted boxes I finished.  I can't tell you how long I've had these paper mache boxes.  I just thought about something.  This counts toward finishing another UFO. Woohoo!!!  Anyway, I just couldn't decide how I wanted to do them.  Well, after looking at Pinterest (I'm so addicted) I got some ideas.  So here's my first projects...  I have an issue with that top box's lid.  It doesn't want to flatten out.  I need to deal with that yet.

My unfinished projects.

My next project that I worked on while the above one was drying was this one.  I took a piece of scrap linen like material and coffee/paint stained it.  Then I used one of my new stencils from Folk Art From the Harbor. This one was actually a three step stencil, but I only used two.  I'm thinking I'm going to put this in a frame, but then I've also considered making a pillow out of it.  I just can't decide.  This right here is why I have so many UFO's.  I get to a point where I don't know how I want to finish it and set it aside.  grrrr...  I'm so addicted to redware and yellow ware can you tell? lol

Third project I stitched yesterday while at work.  This here I have a ton of ideas for.  I'd like to make a drum pinkeep, but I can't find directions on how to cut the circles for each end.  I'm guessing it's the width of the roll plus 1/4" allowance??? I'm still thinking on that one.  Of course then I thought what about a needle roll/kit, or a pillow tuck, or..... see what I mean I can't make a decision to save my life. lol  I'm also deciding if I need a border around it.  sheesh!!!!

This last picture is for Margie of Hungry Hook Primitives.   She posted a  picture of her old/new chandelier she redid.  She asked if I would post a picture of mine because I told her I had done the same thing.  Many of you will remember how ugly and shiny gold this once was.  Then Steve roughed it up and re sprayed painted it.  I just LOVE it!!!  The flowers below are ones Steve bought me for Valentine's Day.

I have a few things I have to do this morning, but I'm hoping to work on the two projects and maybe get them finished up.  I hope you have a great day!!!
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hey Columbus OH Area Friends!!!

Yeah, you :-)  Steve and I along with some other prim friends Carmen read her post about it are coming to the Columbus area to SHOP!!!!  I have heard there are some fabulous stores in your area, so Steve so kindly agreed to take me down on Saturday Feb. 18th.  I will be getting off of a 24 hour shift, but I promise I will try not to be grumpy :-)  If you'd like to meet up with all of us click on Carmen's name above to read the post and to get a hold of her.  She is setting everything up.  Hope to see some of you there!!!!

In other news...

I told you I'd show you my redo's.  So, I thought I'd share today.

My first project was my grater light.  I just LOVE it!!!!  I bought the grater at the thrift store, had Steve cut a block of wood to shove up from the bottom.  Then I had him drill out a circle in the block of wood.  I already had the light so I shoved it up in the hole and there you go.  This light was one of those single bulb and has a clip type thing at the bottom so the light won't fall out. See that I used some of my fake redware on my pegs? The two of them in the middle are actual reproduction ones from Ragon House.

OK Since we are on the above picture want to see what I used for my textile racks???

The top thing is a yarn winder... I believe not really sure.  Bought at the thrift store awhile back and couldn't figure out how to use it.  The thing below I'm not sure what it is, but it's wood and I thought either a handle for a tool or a yoke of some sorts.  Bought that at the flea market.

And the other side... excuse the wrinkles lol  Did you know you can buy fabric that looks like coverlets??? That's what the blue piece is :-)

This my friends came off of an Amish buggy.  It's the piece right behind the horse I think.  I know I've seen them on there some where. lol.  Anyway, another flea market find.

And this... the wood box FREEEEEEE trash find!!!!  I had to wash it out and man oh man did I get the worst splinter from this thing!!! But I LOVE it!!!!!  hehe see my new year round tree on the right?  I'm waiting on some lights to arrive then I'm going to decorate it.  Steve couldn't wait he grabbed a couple ornaments and asked if he could put them on the tree.  He looked a bit disappointed when I told him no.

I'm working on taking more pictures of my Spring decorating, but I have some empty "props" I need to fill first and right now I'm not sure what I want to use yet.  It may have to wait til this weekend in case I find some goodies!!!  I'm working on a couple projects today, so maybe I'll be able to show you Thursday.  Yep, I work tomorrow so no post.  But until then have a wonderful day.
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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sneak Peak Spring 2012

Here's a sneak peak :-)  ENJOY!!!!!!

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Rearranging and a WARNING

In my last post I was talking about rearranging in order to have some furniture for the booth to display.  So, after I got home from work yesterday morning  I jumped in and started rearranging.  I now have two pieces to take to the booth.  I'm unsure if I want to sell them quite yet, but at least I can use them until I do get something to sell. 

I was trying to find a before picture, but I guess I didn't take any for my winter decorating. :/

After:  I want Steve to build me a footstool for my chair still.  See the brown in the bottom left corner.  That's the new couch that I haven't showed you yet.  Steve bought it because he said he was tired of looking at mine and it was starting to sag really bad.  It was bittersweet taking my baby to the Goodwill.  After all I had it for probably close to 10 years or more.

I took my candles out of the window because... see the spot in the middle of the carpet???  Yeah, my candle fell out of the window while we were gone and burnt a spot in the carpet.  So this is a WARNING!!!! Thank goodness it was a low wattage bulb!!!!

I just saw my son's Ipod AND the paddle lol.  No, I don't use this on my kids.  It used to be my son's Dad's paddle when he was younger and I just haven't given it back yet.  I laid it there to remember to give it to my son when he goes to his Dad's.  Oh and of course the newest trend for your prim decor... a goldfish.

I'm thinking the jars won't be staying here.  I have another idea already.  I LOVE my new candle in a jar in the upper right of the picture.  I will show you the inspiration for it.  I already had the candle shelf, but I bought the glass cylinder at the flea market for $.75. 


Inspiration... The Workshop of David T. Smith gorgeous pictures!!!!!  

I just LOVE their candle holder hanging on the peg rack AND of course the whole kitchen!!!

Pieces going to the booth... the black cupboard... again not sure if I'm ready to part with it.  I may be able to if Steve will build me something like it only with a tombstone cut out for the top.

And the green bookshelf...  I need to fix a few things on it though first because I forgot to "prim" up one of the legs on it. lol

Today I have a few more things to redecorate in the living room then I need to start on the dining room since I took the red corner cupboard out.  I also have a bare space on my wall in the living, since I moved that green bookshelf.  It is crying out for something to be put on it.  I'm also contemplating taking down the gameboards and doing something else there too.  Still thinking on that one.  Steve suggested moving my stitcheries to that part of the wall. 

I already have a plan for the dining room I think.  This room is going to take quite a bit of time because I have all my winter greenery piled on the dining table from the living room.  I need Steve to get down my totes off of a shelf in the garage so I can put them away.  I've decided to put up a year round German twig tree in my dining room where my corner cupboard was.  Ok, at least for now I'm going too, lol.  I have a wonderful idea if I can pull it off.  We'll see because it would entail me crafting some ornies and such.  Hopefully after today I will be able to show you my other redo Steve helped me with because I'm putting it in the dining room .  I'll try to post it this weekend.  Have a great day and see you soon :-)

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Some Redo's

In my last post I told you that I was working on a new paint technique.  I LOVE how it turned out, but the process is long.  I'm hoping I will be able to hang it going up my stairs, but I have a bad feeling it hangs too low.  If not, I may have to hang it in my hallway.  Anyway, this is how it turned out.

Before: thrift store find...

After: 3 layers of paint later

close up:

A different view:

I made these grungy jars awhile back and decided I wanted to be able to use them year round.  So added a little pizazz lol


After: plus I added another jar I found.

I have started painting a set of star boxes I had in my stash.  Hopefully I will be able to finish those up this week.  Today, I wanted to get some cleaning done that I have been neglecting because I'd rather craft.  So, I have cleaned my kitchen top to bottom, vacuumed, dusted, and laundry.  I have started to pull out some Spring items, but I need to finish putting away winter things this weekend.  I know I'm rushing it a little, but with these beautiful sunny days I just can't help it. 

Do you ever have one of those nights that you just can't sleep because you have a ton of ideas or things running through your head?  I have been like this for the last two nights.  The reason being is we have sold quite a few of our bigger furniture pieces at the booth and are running out of display space.  So, I have been thinking about what else I have that I might be able to put down there for display.  This may mean A. I need to find something else to sell from my collection, B. put one of my pieces down there with a NFS tag, or C. have Steve throw something together.  I think I've come up with a plan, but it will mean a furniture move in my home, which then means move my collections around a little.  I need to figure it out so that I can take something to the booth on Thursday as the person who bought my TV stand will be coming soon to get it out of layaway.  UGGGHHH what to do, what to do... With Steve working full time he doesn't have a lot of time to build things, so if I ask him to do it I need to have a picture drawn with measurements ready to go.  Grrrrr.... see what I mean I just go back and forth back and forth. lol.

Have a wonderful next few days.  I'll be back soon :-) I have another redo ready to show you then.

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