Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Update and My Quilt

Well, my friends, it has been a tough last few days.  Steve and I didn't do much talking from Saturday until last night.  He needed some time to himself (finally he told me this last night) to decide what he really wanted and whether or not he thought we could make this work.  I, of course, was very impatient.  I always think the worst when I text him and he doesn't respond.  I know that's sooooo high schoolish. lol.  So, finally yesterday I texted him that I didn't think this separation thing was helping our communication problem at all and that I felt like I was bugging him by trying to contact him.  Either that or he was trying to avoid me.  I wasn't really sure, but told him I would TRY to cut back on contacting him.  YEAH we all know that I can't shut up or stick to not texting him.  Call it what you will. I call it insecurity. :-)  I mean what was he thinking, what was going on, who was he with, inquiring minds needed to know.  I trust Steve with all my heart, but you know how a mind can race and the thoughts that swirl.  FINALLY, he said we would "talk" last night.  Yes, this was through text message, but sometimes we can organize our thoughts better this way and say exactly what we feel.  We have decided that he will be coming back home so that we can work on this face to face.  There's no better way than to live and work on it each and every day.  We both have a lot of changes that need to be made which will be uncomfortable because they are outside of our comfort zones, but we think we can help each other.  So, my Stevie is coming home tonight!!!! We were both terribly unhappy being away from each other even for just a little over a week.  So, as my friend Kim says... Well, it's about time you two get back together... so let's crackin on some crafting!!!! LOL.  I LOVE all you guys for your honesty!!!!

So as not to disappoint, I've made some progress on my quilt...  Holey Moley!!!! this is another post in and of itself.  But I will give you the Reader's Digest Condensed version.  My mind not functioning at full capacity could not make any decision on what colors to blend with my blocks.  I wanted it to be "old looking".  So,  my Facebook friends kept getting updates and pictures and choices to help a poor girl out this past weekend. 

Finally, I made a decision with everyone's help and this is where we are now.  I know the turquoise jumps out at you doesn't it? It really is not that bright.

I decided on using solid brown blocks and not green, though a very good opinion was given that I should've used a brown with a tiny pattern on it.  OH WELL, there's always next time.  I only have the top three rows sewn because I can't read a ruler!!!! LOL.  Somehow someway I cut some of the brown 6 1/8" not 6 1/4"!!!! GRRRRRRR so I had to go back and tear out seams and restitch because my seams weren't lining up.  After I got that far I gave up for the evening and spent time with my son watch "Big Bang Theory".  I just LOVE that show, but I digress. Interesting note if you watch that show my daughter, who has Asperger's, has some of the same traits as Sheldon.  lol.  I hope to work on my quilt a little more today before Steve get's here.  I already did one of the things he asked me to do was to empty out another dresser drawer for him.  I was to go through and get rid of stuff I didn't wear or didn't fit.  I really did need to do that btw he just gave me the push to do it.  Maybe when he said he'd buy me some new clothes it made it more enticing. ;-)

Just a few more pics of the quilt.  Can you tell I LOVE pinwheels?  They go together so easy!!!!  I'm getting pretty good at them if I do say so myself. lol.

Have a great day!!! I hope to be back Thursday :-) with a good report.
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marly said...

Sounds like the most important thing - honest communication - is helping you both. Best wishes! Nice quilt!

Sheila said...

Well Mary my friend, I think that a key element here is that you both admitted that each of you have changes to work on. That in it self is a huge step. Glad he's moving back in and I'll say a prayer for you both.
Sitting on the outside of some friends going through a tough time at the moment, I can tell you it's all one sided and "she" won't admit she needs to change and it's not going anywhere! I want to shaker her!

I'm loving your quilt and all the colors you are incorporating in it.
Happy crafting to ya.

casey said...

You're a brave girl to bare your soul like that, Mary! But I know how important fb friends can be, even if you haven't ever met them face to face and we all care about each other. Kudos to you for sharing the "blame" in the communication department, but we all know it's a two lane street. Who knew relationships are/can be such a difficult, but worthwhile, journey?! As for cleaning out another drawer for Steve....is there not room for another dresser so you could each have your very own? Separate but equal....and room for more new clothes!! Don't know how you could be in the frame of mind to work on the quilt, but it was probably good therapy. Nice job....is this one a keeper or for sale?

lilraggedyangie said...

Way to own it and step up to the plate gf! Im so happy to hear he is coming "home" and empty two dressers drawers and you might even feel like you over achieved ! hugs lil raggedy angie

jennifer768 said...

Mary ,I am happy that Steve is coming home.I will continue to pray for the both of you.Love how the quilt is turning out my friend!Hugs,Jen

K'sKronicles said...

Hi Mary....Bless your heart for sharing your Journey. Your both in my thoughts and prayers. Love the quilt..!! Hugs


frontporchprims said...

I am so happy for you. It's best to be able to work things out together and not apart. Your quilt is amazing. I love the turquoise and the solid browns.

janet said...

Glad to hear you two are going to give it a go..Everyone deserves to be happy..

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Mary~ I am so happy for the both of you~ wishing you the best of luck to work it all through~ Relationships are a huge roller coaster, but so worth it~

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Mary the colors are beautiful!

Allison said...

I love your quilt, it looks great! Glad he's coming home and you guys will be working together on your relationship.