Saturday, April 7, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

Did you think I dropped of the face of the earth? You wouldn't be that lucky. LOL.  I have been cleaning out my hoard.  Yes, you heard me right.  I started in my kitchen/bathroom and have worked my way through 4 closets and my bedroom so far.  The kitchen cabinets got rearranged and I got rid of stuff I haven't used or don't plan to use.  I'm telling you it feels awesome! I'm actually able to let go of my stuff.  I actually have an empty closet now.  I have a decent size closet in my master bath for storage and it is empty!  OK I have the old light fixture from my bedroom in there because the landlord says I have to keep them.  Yes, my friends, I also changed out the light in my bedroom.  I feel so empowered now!!!! I use to rely on husbands or boyfriends to do that for me, but by golly I did it!!!!  My son and I had to go to Lowe's and get some simple tools since Steve took his when he left.  So, look out! I now have my own tools. I have one more light to change out this weekend.  I should've taken more pictures, but how boring to look at closets right?  But, my bedroom is now girlified and rearranged a bit.  I haven't shown you it for a long time, so I thought I'd share.

 LOL I forgot to take my pink phone out of the picture.

I need to hide my cord better.

I still have one side of my room I'm working on.  The top of my dresser (since the TV is gone) and a small wall beside it.  Once I get those figured out I'll add those pictures.  Below is the light I hung in my bedroom.  It looks awesome!!!! And look it even works!!!! LOL.

While I was cleaning and hanging my light my son made dinner for me last night.  It was a frozen pizza, but nonetheless he did it.  He cut it up and put it on plates and brought it to me.  He is such an awesome kid!  He and I have been hanging out and playing Scrabble in the evenings these past few days.  My daughter is here, but prefers to be in her bedroom, so I let her do that.  I'm done trying to make her be with the family.  This is just part of her Asperger's wanting to be alone in her room.  I have been making great strides since Steve left.  Something clicked and I'm finally OK with him not being here.  We haven't texted much, OK I texted him more than he did me.  He did reply a few times, but most times he doesn't.  Oh well, I guess it must not be too hard to get over me even after 3 years.

Wait! I forgot I took these pics of my first closet in the bathroom in my downstairs. 


All this was in there!!!!


Much better don't you think.  I want to redecorate this bathroom soon.

I also have a few things I will be selling on my selling blog.  I just need to get the pictures together and prices.  I'm guessing it'll be next week Tuesday or Wednesday.  I will let you know for sure. :-)  I also have a lot more to go through.  I'm not finished yet!

Take care my friends and Happy Easter!
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Angela said...

Mary, I so love your bedroom. That bed is awesome. Sounds like you are doing good. Wish I had some of your energy. So sweet of your son to make supper for you. You take care and Happy Easter.

Beckyjean said...

Happy Easter Mary. Your bedroom is beautiful.


marly said...

Where did you find that light in your bedroom? I need a few online sources for that style. Doesn't it feel good to simplify and remove the excess?

annie said...

I love your room, take care and enjoy your children. I always check your blog, even though I'm not on much anymore. I hope you have a very Blessed Easter.

Never So Simple said...

They say the best way to get over things is to stay busy. I am proud of you for moving forward. I know as each day passes you will be ok.


Lee Hill Primitives said...

Love your bedroom. Looks so beautiful!!!

Merry Wind Farm said...

Mary, I'm so happy you are doing better. I think working and doing projects is the best therapy!

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Dear Mary:
You sound great! The bedroom is so pretty and dreamy looking.
You did a fab job on your spring cleaning.

Dirty Martini Queen said...

Mary, your bedroom looks great and you sound like you are taking control to make things happen. You go girl!

Anonymous said...

Your bedroom looks lovely and I am glad to hear you are doing better..
Happy Easter..

renee said...

You go girl! I like your light, and it looks great!
I did my pantry last weekend too, it was a task! I am happy I did it though.
None of mine are empty though!
I know all about trying to force family time, it doesn't happen that way with these kids! Take care and Happy Easter!

simple~needs said...

everything looks great!!!!! mary, you can do this. you have become empowered! a guy doesnt make your life. i have learned that after too many bad relationships. :) i love the blessings sign. oh, and by the way, lowes has a plastic cord hider that attaches to your wall. it has sticky stuff on the back to hold it in place. you just slide the cord inside. and the best part is, you can paint it to match the wall color. if you look at some of my behind the couch pics. thats what i use to hide those darn ugly cords.

Elisha said...

I was never able to tell from your pictures that you even lived in a rented place! You decorate very nicely... sounds like you are doing ok...bc you are busy busy! I always curled up and wanted to lay in bed for weeks after a break up from someone of that LONG! Go girl :)

TheCrankyCrow said...

Looking good Mary - real good! And betting it feels tons better. Ummmm - if you run out of "therapy," I have several closets that are wickedly in need of cleaning and organizing! ;o) Love your bedroom!!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Valerie said...

Everything looks beautiful, you make me want to get busy in my home! :)