Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Checking In

Just a quick post to let you know I'm still alive. LOL.  I worked most of the weekend then spent yesterday with Steve.  It was the first day in quite awhile that was just us.  So I took full advantage of it.  OK I snuck away and charted my American Eagle cross stitch chart while he napped.  Then we had a small picnic with my parents last evening and celebrated my Mom's birthday.  Since I haven't talked to you in awhile I started a new design.  I'm not sure where this one will go, but so far I really like it.  I have also made the decision after some friendly nudging to sell it when it's done.  Yes, you heard me I'm going to start selling some of my stitcheries.  I will also be making this chart available when it's finished also.  I had a request today from a Facebook friend to please make it available even though it's not done yet.  I had already started to chart it so that if I ever decide to stitch it again I would have it.  So, easy peasy to make it into a pattern.

So far this is what it looks like...

I finally got my free motion quilting foot for my sewing machine too.  I've been playing with that and am having an awful time with my tension. grrrr.... So, I may just do straight lines on my Americana quilt until I get this figured out.  My quilt has been sitting on my sewing table and it's driving me crazy.  As if I wasn't already there. lol.  I need to finish it up.

My daughter was done with school last Friday and my son is done this Thursday.  It's still mind blowing that my daughter will be a senior.  Where did time go? I'm now thinking about senior pictures, graduation announcements, prom, and graduation party.... uuuggghhh.  My son will be in 8th grade and turning thirteen so at least I'll have a little reprieve before he graduates.  However, I'm realizing he's not my little boy anymore.  :' (  He's becoming a "man."  Boy do I hate puberty!!!!! lol. 

I will check in later this week as I work again tomorrow then off for 4 days.  Then maybe I'll have some fun stuff to share other than my $.99 Longaberger basket I found at Goodwill!  You heard me right! It was the deal of the week. :-)
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Thrift Store Finds

I gave into my addiction last week of going to the thrift store AGAIN.  I just couldn't help it as I hadn't been to the actual Goodwill for awhile.  Maybe 2 weeks. lol.  I really need to stop!  My kid's are almost done with school and will be home for the summer.  When they are home I rarely go.  So, hopefully I will be able to stay away and redo the stuff I have.  I doubt it though.

I swear I didn't buy this for the stitchery in it. lol.  I'm so happy to have a frame for my cross stitch now.

 I see making a mini make do chair in my near future.  I will be selling this!

 This is hard to tell, but this is a make do cubby with plastic containers for storage.  Right now there are odds and ends of hardware like hinges, nails, and that type of stuff.  I'm thinking this would be perfect for my craft room.  They even put those 2 large bolts in to hold the containers in place.

 It's hard to tell from the pic, but the basket on the left has a beautiful patina on it.  It is a rich brown color.

Yes another basket :-)  I will be redoing this baby.  You know me white isn't my thing.
Last but not least I need to make some candle nubbies for my candle holders. These should do nicely.

Now, I really need to stay away from the thrift store.  I don't need anymore stuff.  Gee, didn't I say this last week after I went. lol.  I mean it this time!  LOLOLOL  I sound like a broken record.

Have a great day friends :-)

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A New Design

Good morning!!! :-) I hope everyone has been doing well.  I just got home from a grueling 24 hour shift that I have ever had in my entire career at this company. All I can say is ugh....  Heck,  I couldn't even get my new embroidery floss on the shuttles I was so busy.  So, I apologize to those who sent me emails yesterday I will get to them today.  Luckily I had the prior 4 days off to rest up for this shift.  That being said... I couldn't wait to finish up my newest cross stitch design.  So I plugged away all weekend and it is finished.  AND... believe it or not it will be going to a well deserving home.  Yes that's right I'm not keeping it.  It will be going to a wonderful Mom of a soldier who is fighting for our freedom.  She has allowed me to make a pattern first before I ship it to her so that when I have time haha I can stitch up another. Not sure if I will sell this pattern unless there is interest.  The best part is she has so graciously allowed me to do a trade for one of her wonderful handmade items in exchange.  You absolutely need to check her out.  This is her blog My Glory Stars.  I can't wait!!!!  Then we found out we only live a county away from each other.  I'm trying to con her into teaching me how needle punch next. lol

So, here is my newest design...

I also finished off my other stitchery.  Like my coffee stain clothes pin marks?  Don't worry I fixed those right up.  I decided not to put this one in a frame.  I have yet to decide where it will go.  This is a Words of Praise design.

Well then I had coffee stain left over and decided to bathe one of my older quilts I made in it.  This quilt is going to a good home in Georgia.  Yes, I sold it too on Facebook.  I am in a selling mood!!!! lol

But sorry to say I didn't go through anything more to sell on here... yet.  That was my plan for today and tomorrow, but my uncle passed away and tonight is viewing hours and tomorrow is the funeral.  So, I won't be getting much done. That and I'm totally exhausted.  I'm doing the bare minimum of laundry at the moment today.

I have to admit I did go to another thrift store.  :-/  I thought that addiction had passed, but NO.  I got some really great stuff that I'll show you tomorrow.  Have a great day!!!!
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Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Newest Adventure

As you all know I'm trying to sell off and get rid of my stuff I'm not decorating with anymore.  Well, you knew it wouldn't be too long until I began buying again. lol.  I just can't help it when things are fabulous prices and you just can't pass them up.  I guess it just means I better get to cleaning out some more stuff. :-)  Anyway, since this is my last week of no kids, on my 4 day stretches off, I decided to hit up the flea market and thrift store.  I will tell you this ahead of time that I spent about $40.00 total on everything.  So, now that your mind is racing shall we begin? lol...

First stop the flea market.  Not only to pick up our sale money from the booth, but for me to look around.  I purposely did not take my purse in so as to deter myself from buying.  Ummmm yeah that didn't work!  Of course today I would find this great stuff.

The box up in the upper left corner is a grey color and it is just like the cheese box (upper right) only bigger.

LOVE the red box!  I think I'll just leave it closed and stack stuff on top of it.

After that I decided to go to my favorite thrift store to see if they had any great fabric I couldn't live without.  I only found 2 fat quarters :-/  Poor me.... what ever will I do? lol  Since I was there I thought I'd just take a quick glance around not that I was interested in anything else.  Well lo and behold I found the PERFECT candle stand/plant stand I've been wanting for $3.50!!!!!  It is a beautiful walnut color.  It does have a chunk taken out of the back of the spindle part, but you don't see it if I turn it this way.  I snagged it and was carrying it around when the nicest older gentleman came out carrying my new prim drying rack or quilt top holder....  I had another one I bought that was wood and plastic that would keep being blown over in the wind when it finally broke.  It was so cheap where this one is solid wood.

As if you're not jealous yet... for my stitchers out there I found a piece of linen 25 count and all this beautiful glorious floss.  The floss is no cheaper at the thrift store but all the money goes to a church mission.  So I'd rather buy it there. :-)

Last but not least.... some early 80's Early American Life to drool page by page over.... of course this is done in my spare time. LOL.  I have so much to do on my list I may never get to look at them. :-)

I finally have some more boxes and will be shipping soon.  I've been waiting and asking Steve to make some boxes and I'm tired of waiting.  He's been super busy at work.   So if you have paid for your goodies I will let you know when they ship I apologize for not shipping sooner. 

I better get busy around here packing boxes and unpacking boxes in the basement and garage.  Who knows I may get some more things ready to sell.  I will let you know :-)
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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Project Progress

I hope all of you had a wonderful Mother's Day on Sunday.  We didn't do anything since I worked a 12 hour shift.  I was also still exhausted from my shift on Friday night then my cousin, who I haven't seen in 16 years, came to visit Saturday night and stayed late.  I think I'm still recouping from lack of sleep. lol.  My cousin was in town because of my uncle.  He's still hanging on, but today they will more than likely put him in Palliative care at the hospital.  His liver is not working and his kidney's are barely working so he is filling up with fluid.  He gained around 30 lbs in a few days.

I haven't done much of anything fun except work on my projects I started last week.  I took Anita's (Betsy's Basket Blog) advice and went neutral.  Anyone want to quilt it for me? lol  I still can't figure out how to free motion quilt on my sewing machine. grrrrr.... I've tried and tried and tried.  I'm tired of doing straight lines an want to do something different.  I think I need a darning foot, but I'm not sure because I have a foot to use when I'm darning fabric.  I've tried it dropped my feed dogs and still it doesn't work.  I've watched a ton of instructional videos, and they make it look so easy.  lol.... 

I also made a little progress on my stitching since I worked this weekend.  I'm using one of my free patterns I printed off last week. Like I say I know how I want it to look and I have ideas I just have to figure out how I want to incorporate them.  The other day on Facebook I asked for opinions as to whether people liked "In God We Trust" or "One Nation Under God."  One of those saying will be incorporated somehow in this stitchery.

I had a little scare yesterday as my eye was starting to hurt again.  However, I woke this morning to a sty.  yyiippee!!!  I'm excited over having a sty and not that uveitis stuff I had a few months back. I know I'm strange. lol.  Today I have a ton of errands to do and then tonight my daughter has an awards banquet at school for her Interactive Media class at the career center.  She says she only has 2 weeks left of school.  WOW! Where did time go?  Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful day :-)
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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Update Tonight AND A New Project

The update on my selling blog is ready to go for tonight.  Remember the post will not be able to be seen until tonight at 8:00 PM Eastern. (Hopefully Blogger will cooperate this time) This is the last selling post for a week or two while I go through more things.  There is a lot more, but I just want to work on other projects for a week or so.  My attention span is very short when it comes to cleaning out. LOL.  Anyway, make sure you visit me tonight for some more prim needfuls.  FYI I will NOT be able to ship any orders until Monday of next week.  The only day I have off is Saturday to which I will be packing orders to mail on Monday.  Thanks for understanding :-)

The Gettysburg Mercantile

click on the name above to be taken there :-)

I have started 2 new projects since yesterday.  Yes two. LOL.  One I can work on at home and one to take to work.  The first is the quilt I showed you the block for yesterday.  I got all the blocks done now I'm just deciding how I want to finish it. 

OK here's the block I am using again...

My rendition of what fabrics I already had... Like I said I'm trying to decide how I want to finish it... I want the old prim colonial look.

I like the stripes and I'm considering putting blue star fabric at the corners in between the blocks and rows.

So, for now this is where I am on this... it'll sit for a few days so I can ponder what I want to do.

My second project will be another Gettysburg Homestead original cross stitch design.  This I can take to work to work on since it's easily stopped and started.  I started this yesterday afternoon after looking through my new stitchery book and coming up with an idea :-).  I have an idea how I want it to look, but we'll see if it turns out that way lol.  I'm always changing my mind.

Well, I must get going the kids will be getting home from school and my nephew will be getting off the bus here too.  My uncle is in the hospital not doing very well so my sister went with my parent's to the hospital.  It is just a matter of time before he passes.  He has not been doing very well recently after he fell and broke his ankle a couple weeks ago.  Now his kidney's are shutting down and he is filled with fluid.  So, hopefully it will be soon so that he does not have to suffer.  

I'll talk with you soon and thanks for visiting.

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Happy Tuesday!

Thank you everyone who has been keeping up with my selling blog and helping me clear out the clutter.  I'm happy to report I have more to post tomorrow night.  YES, my home is a bottomless pit full of prim goodness.  After tomorrow evening the sale may slow as I uncover and go through more things.  Anyway, this was my dining room, but is now shipping central. :-)  I'm so glad my things are going to loving homes.

It seems as though all I've been doing is listing, invoicing, and packing. I'm not complaining, but I haven't had much time for anything else EXCEPT trash picking (yes you heard me right) and a little more organizing.  I know I said I was simplifying and I am, but this pile of rubbish er uh my next shelf was crying to me in the trash down the street.  I just need Steve's touch to put this baby back together.  We may have to substitute another board for the one long piece that's broken BUT isn't this prim goodness?!?!?  I just love the chicken wire!!! I know call me crazy. LOL.  I'm sure many of you would have hubbies that would say just throw that away. :-)  I think Steve was thinking it, but he didn't say a word. teehee  I think I know the spot I'm going to put it in too.  I can see little quilts stacked in the cubbies :-) or a couple stitcheries leaned in them... or ....

My next organization feat, I've been wanting to do for awhile, but just never got around to it.  Sunday, I was bored, and Steve was watching TV and napping so I sat down at this very computer I talk to you from and started printing.  Printing what you may ask?  I printed out almost all the free cross stitch charts I've been collecting and saving on my computer.  Yes, I need for printer ink now. LOL.  I put them all in sleeves and now at a quick glance I can decide what I want to stitch next.  As you can see there are still empty sleeves on the right.  I know there are more free charts out there I haven't uncovered yet. :-)  I still have some already printed out in my basement that I need to organize still too.  This will be my stitching go to book.  It still needs some fine tuning, but I can do that as I go.

Last but not least, I think I found the quilt block for my next Americana quilt.  It is a free block pattern found at Connecting Threads.  Cute right?  I will have to do some substituting, but you all know I will have something in my stash that'll work. :-)

Well, my friends, the buzz of the dryer means I must get to my house work.  Thanks for stopping by :-)  Remember to check out my selling blog tomorrow night Wednesday for another update !
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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Items Added

I added more items to my sale Saturday night.  Please stop over and take a peek.  I'm hoping to add some more on Wednesday :-)

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Picturetrail Update and Sale Update

Good morning everyone!  In between taking pictures for my sale I've managed to take more pictures of my home.  So please hop on over to my Picturetrail and enjoy!!!!

SALE UPDATE:  I will be updating with another group of items Saturday evening at 8pm Eastern.  Trust me you'll want to check it out and not miss it :-)

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Thursday, May 3, 2012


Remember today at 12pm Eastern time I will open up my first sale of gently used items at great prices used in my home.  Please email me to purchase.  First come first serve.  So please click on the picture below at 12pm to see what I have for you!!!!  It will not open until 12pm :-)

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Still Motivated


Yesterday after talking with all of you I decided to keep up the motivation and redecorate the dining room.  At first, I'll be honest, I had a small anxiety attack before digging in.  I walked into the room looked around and thought that this was way too much stuff in here and it would take all week to do.  And so the panic attack began ...What should I keep? What should I get rid of? What if I can't get rid of stuff? Why do I have to have so much stuff? Why do I keep buying more? UUUUGGGGHHH Why am I doing this? Can I simplify enough or will I still have too much? You get the picture.  So, I turned on Pandora and started listening to relaxation music and dug in.  I'll be honest I had no idea where to start so I started on the peg rack right as I walked in the doorway and went from there.  Little by little I tore down made separate piles of keep, store (seasonal stuff I change out for the seasons), and sell.  Slowly but surely I made head way.  I'm not totally done, but I'll show you some progress... This will be fun I'm going to show a few before and after pictures :-)

CAUTION: Heavy with pictures today :-)






After: This is the top 2 shelves.


After:  Don't mind the flowers in the left lower corner.  I need to put those away today :-) I just laid them there to get them off the floor.








After: This has already changed just a wee bit.


 As you can see, I've been trying hard to simplify.  I still have "stuff" but just not as much.  I have begun to take pictures of my tea towels, napkins, table runners, and other odds and ends that I've decorated with only that I will offer for sale.  Not to worry I still have a ton more things to take pics of !!! Since you all are my faithful followers you will get the first chance to buy.  I will have my sale on my selling blog when I'm ready.  This is going to take me a few days to get ready.  I have a lot of them and I am teaching on Saturday and must prepare for that too.  Don't worry I will give you notice before I list them.  Then as time allows I will move on to my other items I'm getting rid of.  I will have many updates as time goes on. 

I am so honored that one of my pictures was selected to be on the front cover of Creative Times Magazine (just click on the magazine name to be taken there) online magazine.  This is a FREE downloadable online magazine full of patterns, ideas, interviews with crafters, and so much more.  If you haven't checked it out you should!!! 

Today I have a few more tweaks to make on my decorating.  Hopefully soon I will be able to take pics of the entire living room and dining room for your viewing pleasure. :-)  Have a great day!!!

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