Sunday, July 29, 2012

In the Workshop

Hello Friends :-)  What a way to end my staycation but to spend it in the garage. :-) We have been creating up a storm.  Why you may ask?  Well, as of the end of August I will be closing my booth at the flea market.  There are many reasons why, but I can't and won't compete with someone who buys Made in China stuff and can sell it very cheap as compared to my and my friends beautiful hand made items.  I will not ask them to lower their prices just to compete.  This person is moving into the flea market.  That being said we will see how it goes in the month of August.  If our sales don't decline I may reconsider.  We will see.  Anyway, back to creating.  I'm trying to bust out a bunch of new items to get things selling in the booth.  I need to whittle down my redo pile in case I do close for good. 

So want to see what we've been working on today :-)

First, my beautiful make do light on my stoop to the left.  Not sure how long the light will last as it's not rated for outdoors. lol.  May have to find something else.

Next I keep seeing these fabulous candle holders in people's homes and after finding our pile of wood we made 4 of these.  Of course I won't use them all.

Then, I tore apart something else to make this little make do candle holder. I think it needs a little taller candle as it looks empty at the top.

I prim'd up this fireboard finally.  It is for sale everyone!!!!

Then Steve finished off my new GIANT shoo fly screen.  I can't decorate with it yet it's still wet.  I bought this as a close out from Target last year.  It was a bright red with a white knob.  We painted it with spray paint that has a "hammered" appearance.

I have more items in process in the garage.  I won't be able to finish them until the coming week on my days off.

A little make do chair.  I will be covering the back and seat with fabric.  I will NOT be leaving the heart. lol

This little soap and cup holder...

And of course my make do apothecary is going to finally be finished.  I'm waiting for the paint to dry tonight to work a little more on it.  I think I'm going to leave the drawers as is and only paint the outside.

I also painted up another shelf to go to the booth this week.  Shew... I'm tired!!!!  lol.  I, of course, will show you progress as it is made.  Thanks for visiting see you again this week.
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Friday, July 27, 2012

Fall Update

 Good Evening everyone!  As you all know, I've been working like a busy beaver this week to be able to bring you some one of a kind items.  I will not be taking orders on any of the fall items.  This is it!  You better grab them while you can.  Remember, the first one to email me ( not post on this post gets it.  I will then mark sold on the items that are sold.  I prefer Paypal but will accept money orders from repeat customers. Thanks for visiting tonight.  If you have any questions please let me know.

 SOLD Jack O'Lantern felt pillow hand stitched 8" by 16" $16.00 + shipping

Pumpkin pillow hand stitched felt pillow.  8 1/2" by 8 1/2"  $12.00 + shipping

Coffee Stained felt squirrel pillow hand stitched and backed with tweed. 8 1/2" by 11 1/2" $12.00 + shipping.

Wool gray squirrel on felt hand stitched pillow 9" by 9"  $12.00 + shipping

 Black crow on muslin pillow 8 1/2" by 8 1/2" $10.00 + shipping.

Burlap coffee stained pillow cover with pumpkin sleeve (pillow form not included) 16" by 16" $11.00 + shipping

Hand quilted coffee stained mustard quilt square 17 1/2" by 17 1/2" $20.00 plus shipping

My own pattern grubbied flannel owl 5 1/2" by  9 1/4" $ 10.00 + shipping  All 3 are different in some some way.

 SOLD My own pattern grubbied flannel owl 5 1/2" by  9 1/4" $ 10.00 + shipping.  All 3 are different in some some way.


SOLD My own pattern grubbied flannel owl  5 1/2" by  9 1/4" $10.00 + shipping.  All 3 are different in some some way.


If you like my owls you'll love this pillow.  Flannel on grubbied osnaburg hand stitched 7 1/2" by 10 1/2" $12.00 + shipping. (It is darker than in the picture)

Fall leaves on osnaburg runner  11 1/4" X 32" $14.00 + shipping.

Fall leaves on osnaburg table cover 16" by 18 1/2"  $8.00 + shipping. 

Fall leaves on muslin table cover 15 1/2" by 18"  $11.00 + shipping.


My own pattern apron and bonnet sets.  They are $15 for the set + shipping.  I have 1 brown set as seen and 2 blue sets exactly the same as seen in this picture.  I am not accepting orders for these at this time.  These were made for a customer who decided she wanted different fabrics.

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Fall Update

My fall update will be tonight at 8:00pm Eastern.  I think I have a wide variety of fall goodies, made my me, available for purchase tonight.  I have been working hard these past few days to create one of a kid items for all of you.  Remember I prefer Paypal, but for established customers I will accept money orders.  I kindly ask payment be made within 48 hours unless paying by money order then payment must be sent Monday at the latest.  See you tonight!!!!
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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Staycation

As the title states I'm on staycation this week.  Same thing as vacation though I'm not going anywhere.  Steve hasn't been working at his job long enough to get vacation so of course I'm not going without him.  It's OK though.  I prefer to stay at home.  Like I told my co-workers... I LOVE my home. I LOVE the way I decorate. As much as I work and am away from my home makes me thankful to be home.  This week is also my youngest child's birthday.  In fact, it is today.  My baby is thirteen.  This means I'm not officially a Mother to two teenagers.  uggghhhh... I guess the upside is in 5 years they both will be adults. lol.  I tell you the years have gone by so fast. :sigh: 

Anyway, I've been busy in the workshop aka basement creating.  Over the weekend I received orders for my apron and bonnet sets. So Monday was spent sewing.  I have to admit that it took me longer than it should have because it's been so long that I've made them I forgot how. LOL.  I had to go and read my own pattern again. Sheesh  However, I did get 4 sets made.  These are just two that may be available if the customer doesn't like them. 

I've also been making a few goodies I will have for sale this weekend on my blog to start off fall. I have 3 of these.  Each one of them is different.  I made one a few years ago and last year I got so many comments on him I decided to make a few to sell.

I've also made a few different leaf table squares and runners. I hand stitched the leaves on.

As I said before today was my son's birthday and he wanted to go to Berlin (Amish Country) for lunch today.  So my kid's and my son's friend went and ate at The Farmstead Restaurant since they have a buffet.  Thank goodness for the buffet especially with teenagers. LOL.  While we were there they even let me stop at 2 different fabric stores. I know what you are thinking LOLOLOL.. I was buying fabric for additional aprons and bonnets... AND I couldn't leave without some other fabric too.

The blues to the left were for a customer. She didn't like the blue in the first picture I showed you.  I liked it so I made the set anyway. lol.  The last fabric was awesome!!!!! Seriously it called to me!!!!  It's too fabulous to cut so I'm thinking it will be a quilt backing.

The 2 fabrics to the right are for a customer because she didn't like the bonnet/apron set in the first picture either.  So, I bought these hoping she likes them.  The middle is more mustard, but maybe it'll work.  The fabric on the left was for me.  This picture doesn't do it justice.  It is an olive/gray green with black.  I can see a really awesome quilt with this.

This last photo the red fabric is for a possible apron/bonnet set.  My customer likes red and brown.  I thought this fabric was awesome! We will see if she feels the same :-)  The fabric on the right is actually small Uncle Sam's. I still have tons of patriotic fabric, but didn't have any smaller print to blend so I picked this up for a song.  Can't you see it coffee stained? Gorgeous!!!!

The next four days are till up in the air as to what we will do.  Hopefully I can do some more creating.  I have a few little things I think I'd like to make yet for you.  We will see.  If I don't see you before then check my blog Friday night for my new items I will have for sale.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Redecorating the Kitchen

Can you believe it? I've redecorated yet another room!!! I know I think I just saw a pig fly!!! lol. I came home from a 24 hour shift today and was sitting on the couch with my son watching Let's Make a Deal and just kept thinking I can't sit here any more.  I need to be doing something or I'll feel like I wasted the entire day.  I had been telling Steve I needed to do something to the kitchen though I didn't know what.  I knew I was getting sick and tired of my current trash can.  YES, this whole transformation was over a trash can.  You see I had a "prim" trash can if you will.  Basically it was a wood box that tilted out with the trash can in it.  Anyway, around my house the trash can goes unemptied.  It is an Olympic sport seeing who can place the last piece of trash on it before it starts falling out.  In this case behind the tilt out part so that it ends up underneath the trash can never to be seen again.  I will not tell you about the unspeakable disgust under said trash can when I removed it from the kitchen. IIICCCKKK!!!! Needless to say it's outta here!!!! lol.  Now I need to buy a regular trash can with a lid and hopefully this can be kept much cleaner.  Yeah right in my dreams the kids would do their job of taking out the trash before Mom screams at the top of her lungs so the entire neighborhood can hear it.

That being said a kitchen transformation began...  I haven't showed you my kitchen in a very long time because..well... I hated it.  I did, I just didn't like how I had it.  Now, I LOVE parts of it and other parts not so much.  Keep in mind I rent and can't change the main things. So are you ready????

Here we go!!!!!

I used to leave the cabinet doors open, but I really need the storage space.  I think closing the doors really opened the space up.

The doors on the computer cabinet need fixed.  We built the cabinet prior to the new printer and it is too big for the space so we need to adjust the cabinet.


So there you have it.  I still have no counter space and my kitchen is small, but for now I like it much better than the way I had it.  

Thanks for visiting.  I'm glad you came :-)

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Redecorating the Homestead

I know it's been awhile, but I think you'll be glad you waited for this post.  I decided I wanted to move things around a little and Steve had the time to help me. I have bought nothing new for this rearranging.  This is all stuff I've had.  P.S. I've added new items for sale on my Facebook page for those who are friends with me.... I think all of you should be able to view this on the words view this... if not I will list them on my selling blog.  I finally have a "fireplace." 

OK so here you go... photo heavy :-)

 Dining Room

 I'm working on a few fall items as well.  Hopefully I can get them stitched and coffee stained this week. 

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