Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Redecorating the Kitchen

Can you believe it? I've redecorated yet another room!!! I know I think I just saw a pig fly!!! lol. I came home from a 24 hour shift today and was sitting on the couch with my son watching Let's Make a Deal and just kept thinking I can't sit here any more.  I need to be doing something or I'll feel like I wasted the entire day.  I had been telling Steve I needed to do something to the kitchen though I didn't know what.  I knew I was getting sick and tired of my current trash can.  YES, this whole transformation was over a trash can.  You see I had a "prim" trash can if you will.  Basically it was a wood box that tilted out with the trash can in it.  Anyway, around my house the trash can goes unemptied.  It is an Olympic sport seeing who can place the last piece of trash on it before it starts falling out.  In this case behind the tilt out part so that it ends up underneath the trash can never to be seen again.  I will not tell you about the unspeakable disgust under said trash can when I removed it from the kitchen. IIICCCKKK!!!! Needless to say it's outta here!!!! lol.  Now I need to buy a regular trash can with a lid and hopefully this can be kept much cleaner.  Yeah right in my dreams the kids would do their job of taking out the trash before Mom screams at the top of her lungs so the entire neighborhood can hear it.

That being said a kitchen transformation began...  I haven't showed you my kitchen in a very long time because..well... I hated it.  I did, I just didn't like how I had it.  Now, I LOVE parts of it and other parts not so much.  Keep in mind I rent and can't change the main things. So are you ready????

Here we go!!!!!

I used to leave the cabinet doors open, but I really need the storage space.  I think closing the doors really opened the space up.

The doors on the computer cabinet need fixed.  We built the cabinet prior to the new printer and it is too big for the space so we need to adjust the cabinet.


So there you have it.  I still have no counter space and my kitchen is small, but for now I like it much better than the way I had it.  

Thanks for visiting.  I'm glad you came :-)

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Pendleton Primitives said...

I have a few family members that have gold medals in that sport! Your kitchen looks so welcoming but that's the thing about kitchens, it's where everyone gathers. It must why most of us want large ones.

Gwen, The Vintage Seamstress said...

Your stuff always looks very cool, such a fun kitchen!

Penny said...

Your kitchen looks fabulous!!! Very warm and inviting! You did a great job.... I think the whole kitchen is great and I can see why you are so happy with it!

Anonymous said...

Your kitchen looks great..
You did a wonderful job on the redesign..

~Sara said...

It is always refreshing to change things up a bit. Everything looks so nice -and organized. Happy summer.~Sara

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

You sure do have a knack for putting prim touches anywhere! Your kitchen looks great! I enjoyed the tour! Thanks, Mary!

Oh, and the jars arrived back at the beginning of the week! Thanks so much!