Thursday, August 9, 2012


Hi friends :-) I hope everyone is doing well.  I have had a rough couple weeks here.  My brain has been over drive ever since the possibility of the booth closing.  As of today, as this could change, it looks as if the booth will remain open for the time being.  The other booth is now open and I of course had to go check it out.  Her items are mass produced, Made in China, overpriced junk.  I may have been a little harsh sounding, but it's true.  My girls do a wonderful job on their items and things are selling like hot cakes.  Hers on the other hand, according to the flea market owner, aren't selling in fact he has been receiving comments that she's overpriced. So good news for us.  On the other hand, I have had some things happen in recent months with items I have shipped through USPS that have been dropped kicked ummm I mean dropped and items have been broken.  So, as of yesterday I have decided I will no longer ship anything period.  UPS and Fed Ex are just not convenient for me to use instead.  It came down to having WOOD yes WOOD items broken during shipment that was my final straw.  I'm sorry everyone, but I just can't and won't use USPS.  I still have a few orders that were placed prior to yesterday that are not breakable that I'm finishing up and will send.  That is why I've not been around.  Orders came flooding in when I was on vacation and I'm still trying to catch up.  You all don't want to see apron and bonnet set after set on every post. lol. I know I'm getting tired of seeing them. 

That being said I had to do something else this week before I went crazy.  I had to work on something for me.  If you'll look back a few posts I had a post called In The Workshop.  Well, I finally finished up one of my unfinished pieces.  I now have a mini me make do. lol I made a child size make do chair. I may still coffee stain it a bit I'm not sure.  I used a brown ticking I already had in my stash.  It wasn't bad except for a few times I pounded my thumbs with the hammer. lol.  I don't really decorate with dolls so I need to figure something else out.

Then I don't think I ever showed you my finished sampler that I finished either.  If I did I apologize.  My mind has been absent for awhile now.  I need to fix the one seam and I'm still looking for just the right frame.  I did this one with the thought that a little girl, Ida Mae Schultz, stitched this to show her life.  The first scene on the right is where her parents met.  The second is when she was born and grew up.  And the third is when her parents died. Their initials are under the tree where they were buried and now they are stars that look down on Ida Mae.  I know kind of crazy, but I like to make up stories about my stitcheries. :-)

Well, I must make a few more last order items before I can start on something for me and finish up my other unfinished projects.  I'm hoping that letting go of shipping and selling on line will also reduce my stress level.  I feel as if my kids and Steve have been neglected as I have been crafting a lot!!! So, I'm slowing down and may end up buying more items from other great crafters to fill my booth instead of thinking I have to make a bunch of things.  I'm on my 4 day off stretch and my son has been bugging me to make camouflage curtains for his room.  So I think a trip to Jo Ann Fabrics may be in order. :-)  Have a great day!!!

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annie said...

So sorry to hear of shipping problems, I have been unable to even get receipts back on certified letters. The system apparently ate them, and they did not exist. Hope you get to do some "me" things. I love Ida's story put together like that.

*Kountry*Porch*Primitives* said...

Hey girl!! Been a long the sampler, great job as always. Life has gotten me soooo sidetracked but I'm back on track and ready to go. Lost ALL my patterns on my old computer and have to start from scratch. May need some help on those pdf files again. I'll be seeing you, hope we can touch base soon!! ~Kriss~

~Sara said...

Oh I hear you with the shipping issues! I have had trouble since last November. I don't know what happened but it went crazy. Some one told me never mark something fragile because the worker will damage it anyway, just because they are upset with the way things are going now with the postal service. Your stitcheries look great, what a nice idea.Good luck with your booth. If yo are looking for some extra things for your booth, come check me out on facebook. I have lots of new things. Blessings~Sara

lilraggedyangie said...

Im with ya on the USPS Ive had a lot of problems lately ...dont get me started lol Love your lil doll chair ...I have lots of dolls but I currently have a lantern sitting in my biggest chair :0) Dont forget to breathe and keep on stitching we love whenyou do ! Have a great evening ! hugs lil raggedy angie

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

A dear blogging friend sold me some of her wonderful gameboards that she crafted and gave me right off her walls and they never did arrive....they're floating around somewhere!

I've had good luck with Fed-Ex though.

Yes, family should be first, so slow down and enjoy them and make life easier for yourself!


marly said...

Sounds like some decisions were made for the better! Best wishes!

renee said...

Well, I am sorry that all happened, I know they can be hard on things for sure!
I am sorry you have been so stressed, and I hope that you can take a few times to just relax some. Life flies by my friend, you need to enjoy some too. The Lord wants you to also.
Your family needs you, and you deserve a break. We can all wait, take care of you.
God bless,

Angi at drakestone primitives country cabin said...

It is a shame the people who work for these shipping companies don't take care with the parcels.. Love the make-do and instead of a doll maybe an antique pair of high top baby boots would look good.. Angi X

Pendleton Primitives said...

USPS has not been reliable. I shipped to two places in Texas from California and they were literally, 4 miles apart. One arrived in just a few days and the other took a month! Twice this has happened. I will say when my husband was deployed, we never really had any issues so I'm thankful for that. Sorry to hear things were broken....and Tammy's game boards missing is no good at all.

Primsue said...

I love your sampler - beautiful. Great job on the make do chair. Sorry to hear about your shipping problems.

Pamela@ Our Pioneer Homestead said...

Lovely free sampler pattern! Beautiful samplers in the photo, your blog is very appealing :)

Anonymous said...

This sampler trio is DIVINE!!!

Isobel -Argante- said...

This is the first time I visit your blog: it's wonderful, so prim :-)
Love it.
I'm sorry for the happened, I have had some shipping troubles too :-(

Have a great sunday anyway

The Primitive Hare

Isobel -Argante- said...

This is the first time I visit your blog: it's wonderful, so prim :-)
Love it.
I'm sorry for the happened, I have had some shipping troubles too :-(

Have a great sunday anyway

The Primitive Hare