Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Finishes

I'm glad many of you enjoyed my fishtail swag tutorial.  It really is not that hard and if you are like me you need to watch your pennies.  It was quite a shock when I opened up my last paycheck only to find my bring home was $20 less than it was!  Grrrr... darn government. lol It's not like I'm already working 2 jobs and crafting to make ends meet for us and now my paychecks are going to be less.  Oh well, what are you going to do? Well, me I make MORE crafts!!!! lol

I've been busy last week in my craft room since I actually cleaned it up over the holidays.  Many of you know I don't do hearts in my home.  I can't tell you why other than they remind me of my more country decorating days instead of prim like I am now. Anyway, there are people who still use them and I'm missing out on an entire market of people by limiting myself to not making them to sell.  I also had a suggestion from a friend on Facebook to include crows too.  Again I don't use crows soooooo I didn't make them.  Sheesh what a terrible business girl I've been.  So, being short on cash even though I have NOT been to a thrift store since January 1st. (GO ME!!!!!) I got busy.

This is what came out of the craft room... Most of it sold shortly after I posted it on Facebook but I do have a few things left :-)

I have 2 green birds left $3.00 each plus shipping.

Six grubby hearts on a checkered hanger $4.00 plus shipping.

I have three dark brown hearts, 1 tan and the checkered heart's left above $4.00 each plus shipping.

My own pattern of course for the girls above. :-)  The lady in blue is still available for $9.00 plus shipping

I made two make do's like the heart and crow above, which I must have deleted the photo of. grrr.... 

I have to deliver an order today and then get busy on some special orders for customers.  This week is going to be quite busy for me between working and crafting.  Oh well I LOVE it!!!
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jennifer768 said...

Goodness you have been a busy girl!Love all the new finishes.Sad about what the government is doing to folks.Have a great week.Hugs,Jen

Anonymous said...

I hear ya on the paycheck..I love the items you have for sale...You sure have been busy..Have a great day..

Geesha said...

Mary, I love your crafts, but you always do such a great job! Glad to hear you added crows...keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!! Still wondering if you actually ever sleep ;)



hand of bela peck

Becki said...

What wondeful creations! The birds are wonderful. I have a friend at work and she brought me some feathers from some ducks her husband hunted. I am going to try my hand at a bird or two and see howt he feathers look.

Have a safe week!

Blessings ~ Becki

Elisha said...

The birds are so cute, the real nest really makes the display. They are worth a pin;)