Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New Finds and Decorating

I thought today would be a good day to break away from talking about my kids to show you some new to me things I've acquired and how I'm using them to decorate.

First off, since putting up my new faux blinds (which I can't remember if I showed you) these are plastic ones I found at Menard's.  I really really wanted wood, but wowee!!! are they expensive. Steve talked me into these and I have to say they were much cheaper and I LOVE them! But if you'll notice from previous pictures I took down my quilt hanger above the window.  For the longest time I couldn't decide what I wanted until last week.  I decided on a ladder.  I've seen them in other people's pictures hung over kitchen islands or in front of windows with baskets hung from them.  I don't want to hang it from the ceiling since I rent.  The ladder is a bit wide for my shelves so I went to the basement and found some spindles I had in the garage that were just the right width and just laid the ladder across.  The little black table is an old tool box turned up on end.  As you can see I didn't have much space and it fit perfectly.  So think outside the box when you see things at yard sales, flea markets, or antique shops.

A little closer look... I found the wrought iron basket tree at the flea market $7.50, the yellow basket up top GW $.50,  the next one down,red/pink looking basket GW $.50, the blue one I painted but a GW $.50, the gourds I bought from a friend, the dried green beans I bought awhile back, dried sweet annie and dried flowers, there is also another basket in the back you can't see GW $.50.  You CAN decorate with very little money. 

My next find at the flea market was this thread keeper.  I LOVE anything old and wood!!!! I love the carved detail in the drawers.  It was marked way down in the booth I found it in.  You better believe I snatched that baby up!!!!

I also got the round wood boxes on the top shelf from some friends on Facebook.  They wanted rid of them and I was happy to have them!  Let's call them pantry boxes :-) lol

Moving on I now have a fetish for egg baskets.  I just can't have enough when I keep finding them really cheap!!!!  By the way the Americana pinkeep is available for sale $10 plus shipping (made by me) and the star box is 1 of 3 boxes that is also for sale (painted by me) $20 plus shipping.

I also found this great quilt rack at the flea market for really cheap! I just don't have a home for it yet. But for the price I couldn't pass it up.

I think that's all I've acquired recently except a few more gourds.  I've really been trying to stay out of the stores and not buy a thing.  But occasionally a girl has to do what a girl has to do.

I'm on vacation this week as my daughter's grad party and 18th birthday party is this weekend.  Hopefully I will be back this week to show you some more things I've been working on.  Have a great day!!!
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Jennifer said...

Love everything...very creative idea with the ladder!!!

Primitive Stars said...

Wow!!!! Love all your buys..that thread holder is fantastic...as is the boxes..prim perfect, Francine.

pam said...

Love looking at your house! I get so many ideas for my own!

Pamela@ Our Pioneer Homestead said...

Love Your latest decor pics! oh me oh my, so be-autiful!!!!

Tina said...

Blessings on a great grad/birthday celebration! You are so right, you can decorate with very little money and it's more unique and interesting to do so. Take care, T

Jill said...

Beautiful decor pics! I have some similar blinds and you can't hardly tell the difference :)