Thursday, December 26, 2013

Craft Room Organization

I know it's not the beginning of the year, but I have been thinking about organizing my craft room.  Actually I have already started.  I think I need to redo so I'm not going to show you quite yet.

I know, who has time for that at Christmas time?  Well, yesterday was a work day for me and today is actually Christmas here at the homestead.  I got home from work and lo and behold everyone was up and ready to open gifts.  We opened them and then everyone scattered to do their own thing.  I got spoiled by Steve with watches, earrings, and necklaces.  Can you believe it he still hasn't got the nerve kicked in the butt to give me a ring yet. lol.  Oh well, I truly am OK with it I just like to tease him.  It is an ongoing joke between us. One day he wanted me to listen to an old country song titled "I'll be a Bachelor til I Die."  Well, my old ears heard "I'll be a bastard til I die."  It gave whole new meaning to that song let me tell you. 

Anyway, my very smart daughter gave me the best present of all.  She gave me a two sided fabric cutting mat.  My old one has been used and abused in the past few years.  It was so bad it was dulling and chinking my rotary cutter. :-(  Well, this afternoon I had to take that baby for a test drive.  I have been pinning like a mad woman on Pinterest recently for craft room organization.  I keep seeing these fabulous fabric baskets/ fabric buckets people are using.  What a fabulous idea I thought!!!!!  ummmm....well.... you all know from the past I share my failures as well as my successes.  So today this is a failure BUT not a complete failure.

This is my FIRST attempt at a fabric basket.  I read looked at the pictures on several blogs on how to make one.  Would you believe almost every one of them I posted had all measurements in cm!!!! No disrespect to those who use cm BUT I am trained to use inches. grrrrrr... So, I put on my thinking cap and tried to draw a pattern. Ughhh I knew geometry would come in handy again since taking it my sophomore year! I walked my little self upstairs and told my trusty sidekick (Steve) to help me.  He is super smart when it comes to measurements and patterns!!! However, he looked at me as if I was an alien trying to explain to him what I was trying to achieve.  Something must have clicked and he found a huge mistake I had made. HA! problem solved.  I wanted an 11" wide, 11"length, 13" height basket.  Sounds easy right? WRONG!!!!! Let me just show you how it came out.

I know it is very flimsy, but I didn't want to go all out in case it didn't work.  Uhhhh glad I didn't. lol.  As you can see it is not the measurements I had hoped for. :-(  BUT all is not lost.  It fits my Longaberger market basket protector. SCORE!!!! My original thought was to put all my red fabric scraps in this"basket".  Red with red get it???? lol.  Can you tell I've been gone for far too long! As you can see all is not lost because unknowingly I made it fit the protector and can still use it.

I think Steve and I have figured out where I went wrong.  I'm going to correct my pattern and try again.  If it works I will post a tutorial for those who would like to get organized too.  I'm off tomorrow so maybe I will either make it tonight or tomorrow.  Have a great day and thanks for stopping!
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Sheila said...

You are great inspiration Mary.....I too have been thinking (to long) on how I NEED to reorganize my craft room (s) the sewing/computer/office upstairs needs revamped in a big way! and the two rooms downstairs looks like an episode of hoarders! Working with floral supplies and all that goes with it is not easy to keep in order but I've started sorting through things I'll never use and making a huge pile for the local thrift store.
I might have to visit Pinterest for ideas too.