Sunday, January 26, 2014

Basic Punch Needle Tools (Part 1)

First, let me start of by saying I am NOT a punch needle expert. In fact, I am learning along side each one of you who have never tried it or only done a few.  So, I will make mistakes in my directions or what I am using to make mine.  If you have any suggestions that would make this easier or work better please feel free to email me or write a comment.  I would even be glad to feature you as a guest author here on my blog :-)

That being said the tools I am using are what my friend Rhonda Thomas of My Glory Stars suggested.  If you have never seen her work it is awesome!  She rug hooks, punch needles, cross stitches, and makes quilts.  I'm lucky that she lives rather close to me and I bartered with her so that I could own a few of her rug hook items.  Anyway, here are the tools I will be using...

My new needle... Ultra-Punch Punch Needle Embroidery Needle Set has 3 different size needles, the punch needle which includes the medium tip in it (I didn't realize that and got very upset thinking I only got 2 needles in the package.  I was ready to call the company. lol), 2 springs (for the medium and large tips), 2 threaders (very important to have!)  I found this one at but if you are a thrifty shopper Joann Fabrics has them online.  If you get their coupons you could use one on this and get it for a song!  I did not use this needle the first time.  I already like this one much better though I haven't actually used it yet.

The hoop is a plastic no slip hoop.  Your fabric needs to stay tight while punching.  I do not think a regular wood hoop would work since it is so smooth.  I am not recommending and particular one over another but I know Dritz makes one which I found here. (scroll down a little and you will see it.)  Please do comparison shopping for the best price.  I just wanted you to see what I was talking about.

The fabric is called Weaver's cloth (correction thank you Misi for pointing out I said the wrong fabric.  It is weavers not monk.)  It closely resembles muslin but is a bit thicker.  I found this at a local fabric shop The Fabric Peddler, which by the way carries my cross stitch designs as well. I had to plug my cross stitch pattern design business LOL) I know you can buy it online, but I'm not sure if Walmart carries it.

Thread... I personally am going to use DMC embroidery floss.  First of all it is cheap! You can find it at Joanne's or Walmart (if your Walmart carries it.) You can also use Valdani thread.  It is beautiful but quite expensive.  Maybe if I improve I will buy some to try, but until then cheap floss it is! lol

This concludes part 1 of needle punching.  It may take me several days to put together the tutorial so bare with me.  I have quit a bit of things going on this week between working and class.  I thought I would post this first if you want to get your supplies to have on hand when we start the actual tutorial.

I finished a new cross stitch design and it is drying from it's coffee stain bath as we speak.  This was a design for one of my regular customers.  It is a quick and easy one :-)  I will share it when it is completely done.  Have a great rest of the weekend and I'll see you later this week.
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1890* said...

I started Punch needle a few months ago and i am loving it! It gets easier the more you punch and get into "your grove" or as they say "flow of punch" ;0) I use Weavers cloth for my punch needle projects and Monks cloth for rug hooking. Wishing you lots of Punching Fun Mary!

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

Ohhh, I am with you. I did ONE a year ago and was no that happy with it. Although I do display it. I will be following you with this tutorial and thanks so much for sharing, LOVE IT!

Peace and Blessings to all,

Mary said...

Oh I just found your tutorial and I am so in love with it. I have been wanting to try my hand at punch needle for a very long time now, but just never did. I look forward to following along as I have finally gave in and ordered my punch needle. So excited here........