Thursday, January 30, 2014

Needle Punch Tutorial (Part 2)

Today we will be talking about transferring a pattern onto your weaver cloth.

There are multiple ways of transferring your pattern.  Since I am using my pattern
I will explain how I did mine.  It is NOT the only way.  No worries... we will revisit pattern transferring
when I use another designer's pattern.  I have a very kind friend who is sending
me her punch needle patterns she is not using in exchange for a few of my
cross stitch patterns.  Have I told you I LOVE to barter?!?!? 

If you are using my pattern please retrace the lines after printing. It will be easier to see to trace.
 For some reason my lines scanned in as red lines not pencil lines. Not sure why it just did. LOL.  
I also am including on the pattern the DMC colors I used to make the first one.  DMC floss is 
relatively cheap so make sure you buy 2 of each color 3857,844,680,3051 and 4 of 3032.  You won't need all of it, hopefully.  I burned through some of it at the beginning while I was trying
to get the hang of it so I bought extra.

Please right click on the picture and save the image to your computer.  Remember
where you saved it so you can find it and print it.  In case this doesn't work I have also posted it on my
Picturetrail also.  Click here to find it.

When you punch needle or needle punch, whichever you prefer, you are 
actually punching on the backside of the fabric.  The loops will be your front side.
If you use my design this is not a big deal as it will look the same from the
front to the back.  If you are using a different design this will make a difference.  
For instance, say you have a bird and when you look at it it faces to the right.  
Well, when you transfer the design you will work it with the bird facing left so
when you turn it over to the looped side the bird will then face right.
Again, I will do another tutorial using someone else's design.
I figured mine would be great to begin with since it doesn't matter.

Do you have your pattern printed out?  Have you traced over lines with pen or a thin black marker?

Step one:  Find a window that the sun is coming through.  In my case it's
in my kitchen.
Step two:  Take some Scotch tape and tape you pattern to the window.  I just did the two upper corners.
Step three:  Place a piece of weaver's cloth that is a little larger than the printer paper over top and tape it too.

Step four:  Use either a pencil or marker to trace over the lines onto the cloth.

Viola` your pattern:  Do as I say not as I do... this was the original one I did on what I thought was my weaver's cloth. Ummmm it was actually muslin. Do NOT do this.  As you can see if you look close up, as I tried to punch I ripped the fabric.  I was furious until I realized my mistake. stupid stupid stupid... I wondered why it wasn't working. LOL

As you can see I redid it and it is now in my hoop.  This will fit perfectly in a 7" Dritz no slip hoop.  This is why you need extra fabric around the edges so the hoop has something to grip to keep it tight.

OK... I need to get more floss to start my new one.  I will get it Saturday, because I work tomorrow, and start on the meat and potatoes of needle punching this weekend.  Have a great evening!!!!

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Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

OK ... I am ready! I need all the help I can get and am really looking forward to following this tutorial.

Thanks so much for sharing this,

Prims By The Water said...

Thank you for sharing. Cannot wait to see the finished project! Janice

Melissa said...

Good Morning!! Thank you so much for posting the tutorial on how to needle punch!! I have always wanted to learn how and can't wait to follow along :-) Have a wonderful day!! Hugs~Melissa

Gayle said...

Thanks for the pattern - it's a fun one - easy but impressive.

BTW - I read a comment you left on the blog Handcrafted by Michelle - can you tell me which issue of Country Sampler her home is featured in? Thanks!