Thursday, January 9, 2014

Stitching Organization

Update on the frozen pipe saga.  Tuesday afternoon while I was cutting my sons hair he happened to hear the sound of water.  We wondered what it was so we looked around.  Here the pipe had unfroze and the toilet tank was being filled with water.  YAY!!!!!  Steve heard us and came up to check out the situation and told my son to turn the water on to the toilet and see what happens. WAIT!!! WHAT?!?!?!?! It then hit us why is water coming back into the tank if the water is shut off???? Steve shrugged it off and said hey it's working.  Skip to yesterday morning after my shower before work.  I noticed a small river/stream of water running from the back of the toilet across the floor to the other side of the bathroom and under the portable heater.  hmmmmm.... I wiped it up and finished getting ready left for work and texted Steve what I found.  No reply all day.  Ok no big deal.  I came home from work today and Steve texted me to tell me the upstairs toilet is out of commission and is turned off again.  While he was showering the water decided to overflow out of the toilet onto the floor.  UGGGHHH!!!! Needless to say he was a good boy and wiped up all the water and even put a load of towels in the washer before he left for work this morning.  In case you are wondering I'm still washing towels. LOL. 

Alright, as you might remember I take my stitching to work and try to work on projects in my down time.  Well, I normally take a bag just shoved full of stuff.  It's organzied chaos.  It really is. lol.  This is what I had stashed in my bag.  It's a wonder I can find anything....

That pattern "Tiny Stars" is my first punchneedle project that I am not going to finish.  >: (  grrrrrr This was not the project to start with.  But that is another story.

On to the good part.  Just before Christmas I was invited to my first ever Thirty One party.  Never heard of it?  Check them out!!!! Thirty One Gifts .  They have fantastic organizational stuff.  Sure it's not prim, but hey I can live with that.  As I was leafing through the brochure I came up on a jewelry organizer...

Hey! It has multiple little pouches in it.  Wouldn't that be a fantastic idea for a carry along stitching organizer?  Of course it would because I don't have near enough jewelry to fill this baby up!  Hence, the new stitching organizer...

I don't have it exactly how I want it yet.  I will just plop my thread shuttles in there for the current project I'm working on so I don't have to carry my big blue box o' thread around.  Handy dandy and nothing falls out.  OK, I'm sure someone else thought of this first, but hey I thought of it second. LOL.  Stay tuned because I bought some of their clearance organizer bins really cheap to help in my craft room.  They haven't come yet and I can't wait until they do.

My daughter just left with her care provider for a few hours so I need to get busy around here.  Stay tuned for the continuing saga of the bathroom.  Oh and by the way thank goodness this happened now because Steve and I were just getting ready to paint and spruce it up.  Shew!!!  This is one room I haven't touched in the 5 years I've lived here.  I hate decorating bathrooms!  This one will be very hard because since I rent I can't change the major stuff.  I have white tile with gold flecks 3/4 of the way up the wall and country oak vanity and above the mirror light to match.  Trust me I just can't get in the prim mode to decorate with that. Lol. 

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Martha Doe said...

Hi Mary!
Hope the leaks will end soon...won't your landlord take care of it for you?

A Primitive Homestead said...

Really hope your bathroom has been fixed. I have forever been looking at cross stitching. I have even bought patterns. After Christmas I just decided to dive in. I purchased a small plastic container to carry with me. Moved up to a larger one like yours. Trying one of those reusable shopping bags purchased at Wal-Mart then to a large canvas hand bag. Oh but now I have discovered what will work. I have seen the 31 products. I will revisit looking for this jewelry organizer for my stitching. I am sure you have saved me more time in trying out other means. Thanks

jennifer768 said...

Love your stitching bag! Hope that the bathroom is fixed soon.Hugs,Jen