Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Two Finishes

Good afternoon!  I hope all of you who live up north are staying warm.  On my way home from work this morning it was -13 degrees.  For a few minutes I wondered if I was living in the North Pole.  The kids in our town have not been to school since last Thursday because of the cold weather.  My son is getting spoiled staying home.  I told him today he better go back soon because I have things to do and he needs to be in school. LOL.  I don't really I just like picking on him.

Since it's been so cold I designed and stitched a customer request sampler over the weekend.  I need some spending cash since I found out at work I will not be getting a raise, not because I'm not a good employee, but because I supposedly make too much money.  Yeah right!!!! I can barely scrape by as it is and in a few months my health insurance premiums will be going up and no extra money in the check to cover it.  My boss told me that I make more per hour in 5 years than other paramedics who have been there the same amount of time.  I have been in EMS for 18 years... I don't feel I should make the same amount as a medic who has only been doing it for 5 years!  just my opinion.  I'm being penalized for being a seasoned medic. OK enough complaining at least I have a job (for how much longer who knows).  I think this is a round about way to get me to quit so they can hire someone else in at a lower rate.  I think they were testing me on my last paycheck as they overpaid me.  Of course being the honest person I am I advised my boss right away.  In order to fix it the amount will be taken out of my next check. :-(  When I first started with this new company about 4 months ago the buyout occurred we had to take an online test so they could see how "honest" we were.  Well, if this doesn't tell them I don't know what will!!!  ACCKKK!!!! I need to stop complaining. LOL.

I digress.... lol  here is the special request stitchery I did.  The picture on the left is before coffee stain and the right is after.  I wanted you to see the colors a little better and that's why I included the before.  This sweet little stitchery will fit in a 5x7 frame and takes no time at all to stitch.  Perfect for a beginner because as you can tell it's not perfect and it's meant to be that way. lol

I also wanted to try another punch needle project before I did my tutorial for you.  That way I could tell you about some issues I was having and how I finally fixed them.  So, I drew up this pattern quick and just finished it today.  I know it isn't even but, hey, it's primitive and primitive isn't perfect THANK GOODNESS! lol  Not too shabby for try #2.  I still have white spaces, but I'm sure that will get better each time.

Now, here is a question... when I make my tutorial would you rather have it as a "live" you tube video or camera pictures with instructions?  Also, would any of you like to stitch this as your first one?  If so, I will post it as a FREE pattern.  It is a little big BUT I found that by the time I was 2/3 of the way done I was really starting to get the hang of it.  There are no corners per se which I found much easier to do.  Let me know so that I can scan it into the computer for you to use.  I would be willing to make another one of these so you can stitch along with me. :-)

Thank for all of the excitement of you who are ready to punch needle.  This is going to be fun!!!!  I can't wait to get started.

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jan said...

You can more easily see the "white spaces" if you hold it up to a light. Then you can simply add some more punch stitches, and no more white spot. ... jan

jennifer768 said...

Hi Mary ,sorry that you are being treated unfairly at work.It seems to be the way of things anymore,such a shame. Love the sampler you finished.The punched piece is wonderful as well.For your second try I think it is great.I tend to hold my piece up to a light as I am punching to make sure that it is punched tight enough.Sweet pattern,it would look great on a prim box. Have fun crafting.Hugs,Jen

Gayle said...

Your punched hex sign is wonderful - I'd love to make that one myself so I hope you'll share the pattern...