Saturday, March 15, 2014

Not Happy and Happy

It is once again Saturday.  The Saturday that falls smack dab in between two shifts at work.  I worked a 24 hour shift yesterday and work another 12 tomorrow.  Yuck!  I came home this morning with a spring in my step and ready to work on a new project! What would it be today? A cross stitch project or I know a punchneedle project.  Yeah let's pick one of the new ones my kind friend sent to me in the mail.  Though gee I'd really like to design one.  No, I better stick to a pattern I already have.  Down to my stash I go.  OH yeah this one will be great...

Easter Montage by Twisted Threads... this is how it was suppose to look.  click HERE

You all know that I am not into bright cheery colors.  No, my life if dull and dreary colors.  Well, I bet you are wondering how do you make Easter colors boring?  Oh yeah this girl can do it. LOL.  Needless to say I didn't follow the colors or the loop size the pattern called for.  Oh no this girl is a rebel!  Being a rebel sometimes does not pay off I'm here to tell you.  This is how mine turned out...

I decided words are too hard to punch for me.  I tried three different times to punch the word Easter.  I am so angry right now I could spit.  I then tried to go back and just fill it in with the background color and yes you guessed it I ran out of that color. grrrrrrrr  If anyone has any advice on punching words please tell me.  I tried it with 2 strands of thread as directed at the end since the pattern said to do it that way. Nuh uh not going to work!  So here I sit frustrated. A whole morning wasted.  In other words NOT HAPPY!!!! lolol

I don't believe I showed you my new sign I painted.  I have wanted one like this forever.  So, I talked with Becca from Folk Art from the Harbor and she designed it for me.  She is also selling the stencil on her website. :-)  This makes me so HAPPY!!!!  I already had a old board in the garage so I got to it.  It has been a very long time since I stenciled a sign.  I just don't use many signs in my decor anymore.  hmmmm wonder why that is?  Anyway I like this one.

Can you see the mess on my table reflecting in the microwave?  Yeah that is my punch needle stuff.  I just left it where it was until I came to talk to you.  I am blowing of steam until I can figure out what to do with it.  I believe the trash is calling my name. :-(  Well, maybe if I eat my lunch something will come to me on how to fix it.  I sure hope so.  I'd hate to waste it...

I will share my newest news with all of you about my business on Monday.  See you then!

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Primlish ♥ said...

Funny, you mentioned about how to make Easter drab...I went over to my mom's and she has all these colorful eggs and bunnies and I came home and looked at my drab bunnies and grungy lamb. ;)
I know we can be critical of our own work, but I like your punch project!