Saturday, March 1, 2014

One Project Leads to Another

Isn't it funny how one project leads to 2-3 more?  My son was given a project at school to make a timeline from the Great Depression out of items from around the house.  You were not allowed to buy anything.  My son, who is 14, asked for my help since I'm "crafty."  Oh my! I was so excited.   Thoughts began to race through my head what I (we) could do.  Of course I wanted to take over the project :-(  Ughhhh!!!! This is his project not mine.  I needed to step back and let him decide what he wanted.  I, of course, offered my opinion as to printing on coffee stained fabric to make it look "old."  I don't think he was to keen on it until I showed him what I meant.  We did the first page and he was hooked.  We are now making a "book" for his project.  I am helping by doing the sewing.  Though I should make him learn how to sew... the light bulb just went on!!!! LOL

This is where we are today...

I have been asked to do a tutorial on how I print on fabric, so your wish is my command. :-)  I need to help my son get this finished up before Monday in between working and him being at his Dad's.  So, I'm guessing early in the week I will have one ready.

This project then led me to have to clean off my craft table AGAIN!!!  When I clean upstairs I grab stuff and take it down and lay it on my craft table instead of actually putting stuff away.  Why do I do it? Well, I'm a procrastinator that's why. LOL.  So, in order to sew his book I need to have my table back.  I went down this morning after getting home from my 24 hour shift and started to clear it off.  This led me to finally starting to frame 2 stitcheries I have done and are just laying on my table.

The one below is an adaption of a pattern I already had, but the linen was not long enough to complete the entire pattern.  This was done using variegated floss.

This one is my own design and will be made into a pattern very soon.  It was actually stitched before Christmas by one of my great stitcher friends Reeta. I then coffee stained it.

This of course led to cleaning up my patterns that I had laying everywhere.  Awhile back I told you about a barter I did with a wonderful Facebook friend who wanted to send these awesome patterns to me for free.  Well, I couldn't allow that so in return I sent her some cross stitch patterns I was finished with for her to stitch.  This isn't all of them!!!!  I will be busy for a very long time. :-)

I need to get going before this snow storm moves in today.  My daughter needs a few things at the store and so do I like a car snow scraper/brush.  My son broke mine trying to scrape my car a few weeks back after a particularly bad ice storm.  I can't say anything because it is probably 6-7 years old.  So, have a great weekend!  See you next week.

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Sheila said...

Great projects Mary!
Hope the storm moving in is a mild one.......our rain from overnight has now turned to snow with 2' predicted in the mountains!
I think we are all beyond ready for spring.
Have a great weekend.

Martha Doe said...

Hi Mary!

You must get worn out with a 24 hr. shif...don't know how you do all you do. I love all your stitcheries and look forward to your tutorial on printing on fabric. Hope you don't have too bad a storm.


jennifer768 said...

Love the project that you are working on with your son,such a neat idea to make a book. Your stitching projects are beautiful as usual.Be safe during the storm,we are expecting ice then snow.Be blessed,Jen

Prims By The Water said...

What an awesome idea for your son's school project! Janice