Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I've Got Worms!!!!

Ewwww I've got worms!!!! LOL Did I get your attention?  No, not a tape worm.  My weight would tell you that I weigh what I eat.  I don't have a worm living in my intestines taking the nutrients away.  I've seen that on different TV shows.  That is gross! OK let's stop talking about that.  Who brought that up anyway? No, I'm not going fishing.  Are you kidding? I can't stand seeing worms on the sidewalk in the Spring after it rains let alone touch one to bait a hook.  ICK!  I will walk 2 feet out of my way just to not step on one. Alright enough with the gross worm visions.  I'll probably have night mares about them now. 

I have these kind of worms... LOL

I have been busy cutting my wool into "worms" 1/4" wide so that I can hook.  Yes, I'm telling you I want to be a hooker. LOLOLOL Really??? Not that kind of hooker!  I know bad joke. Though you do see red on top.  I tell you it is an all day job cutting with a ruler and rotary cutter.  I am not investing in a wool cutter because, well, I am cheap.  Anyway, I spent most of the day (after I went to the Goodwill shhhhhh) cutting up some wool skirts and blazers I found.  Then I pulled out all of my other wool and have begun to "full" or "felt" the wool so I can use it. 

This was cleared off believe it or not!  This is the remaining wool I need to wash.  I have 2 loads in my washer and dryer now.  Then after it's all washed and dried there are a few pieces I'm going to check to be sure they are 100% wool.  The one of them said it but it doesn't feel like the correct thickness I need.  Anyway, this is what I've been doing.  Next, I need to figure out where the heck I'm going to store all of these worms.  Why must I have such an addiction to fabric?  ugghhh... I guess I could have worse addictions. LOL.

Oh gosh!  I forgot to show you my finished pieces I did yesterday with Steve's help.  I'm still working on patterns but I just LOVE how these turned out.  See? My LOVE of Redware/folk art coming out.  I hope to get the patterns ready to sell tomorrow. :-)

Well, people around this house seem to think they need to eat dinner.  So, I better get to it and feed the hungry mouths.  Talk to you soon <3 p="">
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Penny said...

Love the cross stitched pieces!

1890* said...

Love all your latest creations *simply gorgeous works!

Mugwump Woolies said...

Love your finishes! Welcome to the world of hooking! Beware...wool is so very addictive! Can't wait to see your first hooked sure to share.
Happy hooking!

simple~needs said...

check the army navy stores too.. i got wool blankets for 2.99. :)

donna said...

Love your things, and enjoy the wool, I was in your neck of the woods all week helping a friend pick up furniture she ordered, Holmes county is our favorite getaway/shopping girls trip!!! If I didn't live in WV, I could live there, it is so peaceful :)