Monday, October 13, 2014

Monday Treasures

Have you ever had an exhausting week.  Last week was one of those weeks for me.  I was busy getting patterns ready for a local cross stitch shop hop where I was featured at one of the shops.  I was at Staples making copies and Walmart getting photos.  Have I ever told you how much I dislike Walmart some days?UGGGHH!!!! They had just gotten some new photo machines and it took me over 2 hours just to print the photos I needed.  Everyone was having issues with the stupid computers!!! Then I ran out of pattern bags... story of my life.  Nothing can go easy and smooth. LOL.  Of course then there was work, running kids here and there, and keeping up with house work.  AACCKKK!!!!  Then yesterday we found out my daughter's Dad had a heart attack.  So, today I will be running her to the hospital so that she can see him.  Looks like my week will be busy again.

In the midst of all of my pattern drama my sister called and asked if I wanted to go shopping and some nearby antique stores.  Of course I WANT to go, but I really need to get my patterns together and delivered and well money is a bit tight.  BUT my desire to shop won out.  Plus my sister and I live in the same city, but we are both very busy and rarely do things together.  So, off we went.

I found some great treasures, but in particular this beauty...

The hardest part is not being able to use right now.  Country Sampler is now coming Oct 28th for pictures and I am not allowed to move anything.  So for now it is sitting in my basement taunting me every time I come in the door. I'm not sure why there is metal around the edges, but it may be coming off.  I just love cubbies though sometimes can be difficult to decorate.  I will be able to use it just in time for Christmas!!!

Then, after our discussion on decorating I found more gourds to decorate with.  I LOVE the warty ones.  I may be replacing the gourds you see at the top of the picture with these babies.  The small ones were $.50 a piece and the bigger ones $3.50.  Not too bad.

We also talked about dried berries and flowers.  Well, I saw these and had to have them.  I don't normally buy stuff like this but I loved the dark color of them.  I think I need to work on this peg rack a little.  Hopefully Country Sampler won't mind.
And yes I can't believe I bought dried flower heads, but I don't have any...
I haven't had a lot of time to design, but I did pick up my pencil and paper the other evening doing some sketches.  Hopefully I can now find some time to create.  I sure do miss it, but I am also glad that my patterns are getting out and about to brick and mortar stores.  Stay tuned.  Hopefully I will have something to show you soon.  

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Kathleen Woodbury said...

I have an old carpenters tool chest that a tin top and corners were added to, don't know if the originals were too worn to salvage so they did that or if it was a way of protecting them to keep them nice. I'd love to remove them but am afraid that it would be the first case scenario and then there's no going back! The tin does have a nice patina so for now it stays!