Tuesday, January 27, 2015

They Really Do Multiply...

Since some of my friends up along the East coast are in the middle of "the worst blizzard of 2015" I thought I would share some optimistic photos.  Try to take their minds off of the 28" of snow bearing down on their roofs.  Ugh!  I really can't imagine that.  First of all, I would not be on the roof shoveling anything off.  I know, I know, it has to be done.  But this girl would try and bribe anyone she could do to it for her.  I guess the good thing is is I rent so really it would be up to my landlord to figure it out.  :-)  Hey! a perk to renting! LOL. 

Anyway,  some of you remember I hand painted paper mache Belsnickle Santa's for Christmas.  They were a hit and I found that I LOVE to paint them.  Well, I decided why not try something for Spring.  I know many of you decorate for it so as soon as they are done they will be for sale.

Well, here is the end result of what I decided on...

I don't remember ordering all these so I am quite sure the bunnies...uh... mated enroute to the homstead while in transit ;-)  Just kidding... I just couldn't decide on a couple.  LOL.  I can't wait to get started.

Do you see the little rabbit riding the chick?  Too stinkin' cute!!!!

The dancing bunnies may be a bit of a challenge...

I have a few things I need to finish up first before I start, but I figure in a week or so I will start cranking them out.  I just LOVE both of the huge rabbits!!!!  The sheep are pretty amazing too!!!  Can you tell I'm a bit excited like a kid at Christmas?

Well, I should be taking a nap since I just got home this morning from my looooooooong shift at work.  But, I have too many things to do that I am excited about doing.  LOL. 

Stay safe and warm if you are in the path of the mega snow storm.
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Betsy's Basket Blog said...

Where did you order those darling bunnies? I love painting too and really do NEED some bunnies!! NEED, are you kidding me, it's more like I want!

Thank you, Anita

Penny said...

Can't wait to see the finished bunnies!

Primitive Stars said...

Oh my, wonderful rabbit molds, love them all. Blessings Francine.

janie said...

Oh, these are so cute. Might have to get one when you finish. lol

We r in Massachusetts and 2ft at least of snow outside.

We have been lucky as only a little snow this winter up until now.


imsteelefullofscrap said...

Cant wait to see them done I found some at Joann fabrics a couple weeks ago but not paying 5.99 a pice thought that was hi