Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Spring Time

I know I said I would post again about my injury over the weekend, but decided I would wait until Thursday.  That will be 2 weeks post fall.  Then I will try to get back on track.  There was one question one of you asked that floored me in a good way :-)  The question was asked if I hadn't injured this same ankle recently.  I was so floored that you remembered.  The answer is yes.  I sprained this same ankle very bad less than a year ago at work getting out of my work truck.  That is why initially I thought I had only sprained it again.

I looked back and saw that I didn't show you my finished paper mache items I painted for Spring.  I am so sick of this cold weather and snow that I thought I would share some bunnies, sheep, and chicks today.  You can still place an order for yours if you are interested on my website.  My supplier is busily making more for me as I have sold quite a few. Just go to my website Gettysburg Homestead.

I have one more chick I just completed, but need to take a better picture of him.  Hopefully I can get one of my kids to bring him up from the basement where he has been drying for a couple days.  I also painted some eggs for Easter also that will be for sale.

I hope this helps some of you who are snowed in like me.  I did get out to the grocery store yesterday and it felt great.  Little by little I'm doing more things for myself.  I just can't wait to get back to normal.
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Primitive Stars said...

Oh I love all the Springtime treasures, the bunnies are all so beautiful. Thanks for sharing, Francine.

Theresa F said...

I absolutely love all the bunnies and sheep. You do an amazing job on them.

I remembered you hurting your ankle a while back. It is weird the things I remember and the things(like picking up milk) that I forget...lol!
I hope you are on the mend and able to get back to work soon.