Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Animals are strange...

As many of you know I have a black lab. He is around 8 years old has the grey beard and arthritis. But don't we all. No laughing or comments about the red carpet. LOL I cringe at this carpet... I hate this carpet... No, I loathe this carpet. It is the only carpet left in the house. The wood floors are unfinished underneath, so there is no pulling it up anytime soon.

I LOVE this dog now, but haven't always. Let's start from the beginning. Puppies are so cute I'm sure you'll agree. My dog was no exception. The puppy face and the big awkward paws. But oh boy how things change. As my puppy grew older he developed separation anxiety. I would go to the basement and he would stand at the top of the steps and pee. He always laid right behind me when I was doing dishes or in the kitchen, hence the name Shadow. Then he developed intense itching started losing his hair. Take him to the vet he has to be allergy tested and wouldn't you know he is allergic to everything and must get allergy injections just like a human would. No... I couldn't have a normal dog. Then of course when my kids were little and they would open the door he would bolt out and run. There was no catching this dog. Or if he wasn't running he was chewing holes in my couch or running across the living room peeing from end to end, chewing the kids socks, or hiding out under my son's bed. I remember the one day I was so fed up I took his collar off and sent him out the door. Told him he no longer belonged to us since he liked to run then go. Do you know that stupid dog who loved to run sat at my back door and never ran just sat there looking in with the big puppy eyes like MOM what are you doing? So of course I let him back in and listed him in the local newspaper for sale. And yes of course no one called. Are you seeing the pattern? We were stuck with him. Well, years later he got out and was hit by a car after that point he never left the yard again and became a very tame dog. Skip ahead til now. He is now growing old is content to lay around and sleep or go out on the front porch and sit and watch the cars go by. He is still very quirky though take the other day for instance.

I made this floor cloth and have it in my upstairs hall.

I've had it there for a couple months now. This hall leads into my bedroom straight ahead and the 2nd bathroom on the right. We have hardwood floors all upstairs. Anyway, the other day I am in the bedroom and the dog is sitting on the rug whining. He will not budge off that rug. He gets up puts one paw on the floor and the piece of flooring moves a little because it is just a little loose. Well, he freaks out and won't move. I'm standing there calling him and telling him to come in so I can pet him. Nope not moving. So, in order to get him to move I had to walk past him and go back downstairs. Now, after that instance he's been fine. I'm telling you my dog is just quirky.

OK... I know you don't want to hear about my dog. But, do you get I'm showing bits and pieces of the house. hehe. Pretty sneaky if you ask me. I've been working so I don't have any thing I've been working except........... I'm not gonna reveal it til tomorrow for Watcha working on Wednesday. I'm a brat huh???

Oh yeah, I was working yesterday and my SIL Tiffany went to another of my favorite shops sale and bought me something I've been wanting for a long time. A trash can. WOOOHOOOO a trash can you say. It's not just any trash can, but a trash can in a wood box surround that tilts out. Nope no pics as I haven't seen it yet. Why you say? Well, I picked it up last night and had it in my car, but never saw it because I worked til midnight and when I got home I went straight to bed. Got up this AM to get ready for work and my hubby took my car to work. So no pics of that either. She got 40% off that for me too. Boy one these days when I off you are gonna get to see a lot of pictures of all the prim stuff I bought. And I also was given a flat bed scanner for my computer, so now I can scan in some pics from a long time ago. I am just hoping it is compatible with Windows Vista.

Well, stay tuned because there will be a little preview tomorrow of what I've been working on. HEHE you hate me don't you.... :-)
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This simple Life said...

Your dog my cats. I am sick of my fluffy puffy white cat. BUT I love him.

Oh and you know why you only see the same spots in my house over and over again. Because nothing else in the house is done yet.

Jo-Anne said...

Oh, I love your dog....we have 2 yellow labs. They can be a little quirky, too, but I can't imagine life without them.
Can't wait to see all your pictures of the all the new purchases!!
(I really like the floor cloth!)

Primgal55 said...

LOve the floor cloth - looking forward to tomorrow.

hugs, Linda

Leslie said...

I have a garbage can like that! It's the best garbage can I ever bought! Okay, Jer bought it for me for Christmas. There wasn't much that I wanted and I told him it would sound strange but I want a garbage can. He was thinking about that but thought that it might seem a little rude to buy your wife a garbage can for Christmas! I don't care! LOL I don't have a lot of room in the kitchen and I was tired of the garbage can being the center of attention. Now it blends in witht he surroundings!

Oh, yeah, just wait! You'll see people looking frantically around your kitchen trying to locate the garbage! LOL


primlin56 said...

i had to laugh when i read your post about how you kicked the dog out and told him to go and he would not leave....they are just like kids...wanting what they cant have until they can have it....hehe...love your floor cloth...and i dont even mind your red carpet...i have turquios in one of my rooms....and would take your red over that anyday of the week...hehe...lin

Shirlee said...

My sis used to have a chocolate lab and from what she has told me, he was quirky too. He passed away last year. His name was Maverick and she now has a "girlie" little dog named Peaches who sports a life jacket while the two of them go kayaking. Talk about going from one extreme to another. I have cats, they HATE dogs and will not allow me to have one.
I posted some pics of the house we went to look at if your interested. I really can't say if anything will come of it or not. But it was fun to go see it. :)

simple~needs said...

i have one dog and eight ctas. i know the feling.lol
well, are you going to tell us how to make a floorcloth?? pretty please??!!