Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy July 4th!!!!

This is only a part of our small town parade enjoy! The last pic is a float from our Mexican restaurant. No July 4th parade is complete without Spanish music! LOL.
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Shirlee said...

In the last small town we lived in, they had a Canada Day parade but not the one we live in now. I kinda miss that. It was a lot like yours, old cars, horses and of course tractors!
Looks like you had nice weather for yours and a good turnout.

You know, I like looking at prim stuff but I just can't make the plunge into grunge! That's why I paint everything solid, no distressing, no antiquing. I painted our new trim work white too! Eeek! (it's just MDF)
Maybe if I keep visiting with all you prim gals, you'll convert me. LOL

Have a great holiday weekend! :)

simple~needs said...

love the parade!! glad you are having a great 4th!
mary come over and join us at
if you get a chance, there is quite a few gals over there that you know.
hugs, kim

Nicole said...

What a fun parade. When went to our local parade, at the end of it they have a water parade where everyone gets drenched. I always try to get out before that. Love the music, someday if you have the chance to hear them in person, it's incrdible. My flute teacher and good friend plays in their orchestra. Anyhow, wow I'm long winded today. My kitchen cabnites are all black. We painted them a couple months ago and I am loving them. I posted about them in June if you want to check it out.

Cricket said...

Ohh--I love small town parades. I hope you enjoyed!

Rue said...

That was great! I looked it up and you live about 2 hours from me ;)

I can't believe you had that happen at a birthday. Kids are awful.