Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday Already???

I am sorry no posting over the weekend, but I made myself sit down and get busy crafting. I made some fall and Christmas stuff, but have a bunch more to go. The weather was up and down this weekend, so I stayed inside.

Friday was the last day of VBS for the kids. My daughter was in the junior high class and they did their Bible studies, but then went and did fun stuff each day too. They went to a golf driving range, which my daughter said she is no go at. Then they went bowling. Then another day they went to Putt and Stuff where they were suppose to miniature golf, but it rained so they played laser tag and video games inside and when it cleared off they went out and drove mini stock cars around the track. On Friday they went swimming in a pond at one of the church members house. HEHE my daughter didn't like that too much as she is used to a pool. Ummm.. I think the words were "Mom it had a dirt bottom and you couldn't see anything." LOL she came home and took a shower right away. My son said he had fun as the theme was about dinosaurs. One of the days he got this block of something (I have no idea what it is clay????). Anyway, there are dinosaur "fossils" hidden in it and the kids have to excavate with a pick and brush to discover them. Well, I didn't take a pic, but I have white stuff everywhere all over my table and chairs. He had fun though. Friday night was their closing ceremony and all the classes sang songs that they learned. I just adore watching the 2s and 3s singing ok running all over the stage. LOL.

Like I say Saturday rained and then the sun came out then it rained so on and so forth. My son wanted to go swimming so he went to my in laws in the afternoon and didn't come home until 8pm Sunday night. My daughter was to spend the night at a friends house after her friend came home from canoeing. Don't get me started on that Mother. GRRRR.... they made out that the other Mother would come pick up my daughter when they got back in town. We finally get a call at 8:30pm that they were back and could I bring my daughter over. So my hubby took her. The thing that burnt me was hubby and I were going to go to dinner just us. I told him before I knew the other Mother wasn't coming that we shouldn't have to wait til she got there to go. He said no we better wait until she comes. I am glad he said that because she wouldn't have been able to go. Bad thing is we never went to dinner then. So because of this other Mother I had to change my plans. Then she couldn't even bring her home the next day I had to go pick her up. Anyway, so hubby didn't eat dinner he said it was too late he had to get up early so he went to bed. What an exciting evening we had. I crafted all day though while hubby was working on the farm because I had no interruptions.

Sunday it rained in the morning but turned out to be a beautiful day in the afternoon. I crafted a little more and finished things up and put away since I won't get back to it until Wednesday because of my other job. I just couldn't get as motivated to get much else done.

I thought I would post some pics of a few things I accomplished over the weekend. Please respect me as an artisan and do NOT copy or use my pictures without prior permission. I work hard on being different and making my own patterns. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Love these pillows.

This primitive pumpkin door hanger is not done as I need to add some sweet annie and other drieds as soon as I get my hands on some. Oh yeah if anyone who reads this either wholesales grubby candles or knows where I can get my hands on them it would be appreciated. I only need a few depending on how many I need to make.

Corn cob dolls. The idea came from Jill at Fruit of Her Hands.

I saw Kindra's corn and thought I needed some so I came up with these, the leaves are inspired by RK Creations, and the acorns (which you can barely see) are my pattern.

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Tomatoe Creek Prims said... are so talented, as you home also shows:) I love those corn cob dolls so cute!


simple~needs said...

you know i love all your goodies!!
gonna have to post us a close up of the acorns.
i will post some pics later today.
yes, you are going to have to go to countryside finds.
i will send ya an email.
have a great day!

This simple Life said...

I love everything.The crow pillow would look great year round. Is it painted on?

I'm making a fall quilt this week , or maybe it will be used for a table cloth. Well have to see. But I think I am going to have to get started on some fall corn.

The hardest thing for me is working a season ahead. My mind is in summer right now but I better start fall and Christmas soon.

Jo-Anne said...

How fun are these fall crafts!?!?!
I may have to make a purchase....:)

Sorry about missing your dinner date with your husband. I know those can be few and ar between. Hopefully you can reschedule soon!

Stephanie said...

they have truned out so good

Anonymous said...

Hi ya~~~
u made some really neat~n~prim crafts this weekend~
I am sorry you didnt get to go to dinner with hubby~
have a good week gurl~~~

Neenee said...

Mary - love your work!

You've been nominated by me for a Brilliant Weblog Award. Please visit my site to claim and download your award.


Elise said...

I love what you made-I am partial to the acorns!! I was going to say that I saw on another blog where someone took old candles(you could use a tart), melted them down, and dipped the taper or whatever size candle you wanted to grubby, then rolled them in cinnamon. I plan on doing this as I don't like the prices of grubbied up candles, not to mention the heat might melt them if they were shipped. I got some pumpkin scented tarts at Michael's. You might try that before you buy.
Hope that helps!!

This Country Girl said...

I love all your work you showed here! I think the pillows are so cute and I really love the corn! Ya'll are getting me in the mood for fall!

~ Tammy ~

Darlene said...

Cute primitive stuff!! Great job!!

Elise said...

Hey Mary,
The lady did use a crock-pot that she only used for melting the candles. I have been searching Goodwill for a small crock-pot. Your double boiler idea would work well, too, I am sure. Hey, do you mind if I add you to my favorites??

The Robin's Nest said...

Hi Mary...
Your art is beautiful!(I'm totally loving the pumpkin.) It's so good that you are getting fall crafts done. I went to Jo-Ann fabrics the other day and all their Thanksgiving things were out on display~! Eeeek I must get busy! Hey thanks for stopping by and posting about me be a granny soon-I'm actually a granny already-The same daughter gave me a grandson 6 years ago. I've been "Grandma" for a while now and must say I love it...My other daughter is due in December too!

You inspire me to get busy and get some crafting done.
Take Care,

Primgal55 - Linda said...

WOW - great prim fall stuff. I love it all!

Thanks so much for the sweet comments - I really appreciate it. I am still in shock - Country Sampler coming to MY HOUSE!

hugs, Linda

Kindra said...

I love all your new prims!! I have been having FALL FEAVER!! Seeing your new stuff has really gotten me in the mood! Have a great evening!

Nicole said...

You are so talented, I love all of your creations. You make me so excited for Fall to come.

Leslie said...

How did I miss this post? This past week just flew by for me!

I love your fall items! Great work! :) I loved the corn that Kindra got, too. It's really cute! Your's looks great, too!

Have a great day!