Thursday, July 10, 2008

My other Goodies

I promised to show you the other goodies I bought while on my weekend shopping trip with my MIL, SIL, Aunt in law the other weekend. Of course that was like two weeks ago. LOL.

Before I do let me share a little story. OK, not a story a real true life story that happened to me this morning. As my alarm goes off at 4:15 am on the mornings I go to work I get up bleary eyed. I walk downstairs to start the coffee and then back up so that I can take my shower. I start the water get undressed step in the shower and low and behold I am being watched. Naked as a jay bird there he is a HUGE daddy long leg spider. Now if you read my A to Z meme I HATE spiders. Now what is a girl to do with no shoe no nothing to kill this spider. I can't scream it would wake up the kids. I most definitely am not going to step on it. Hubby is still sleeping... all I know is he can not stay there. So I panic... he panics... he starts to run I swear I saw him trip over his own legs trying to get away from me. OK I can't let him get away, now what??? I pick up my bottle of shampoo and try to squish him. All that did was tear a leg off now I have maimed him forever. UGGGHHHH now what? You can't have a spider with a leg gone running around that is just mean. So again I take my shampoo bottle and smack him. Yep this time he is good and dead. So I strategically position myself so as not to get spider guts on me and send him down the drain. Ahhhh... I can now relax and finish my shower. LOL.

Now on with the show...

My yummy smelling beeswax ornie 50% off around $1.00 I think.

The bowl was 50% off...

Egg shaped gourds 50% off...

Stencil sign 50% off...

Briar Patch Seed Supply sign... yep 50% off.

Pussy Willows were 50% off too.

Ok, I'm warning you are not going crazy I took this pic sideways so you could see the peg shelf. Why you ask? Well, my hubby promised me he would hang it last weekend and yep you guessed it he didn't. This was 30% off.

Before I go I have to say thank you to all of you nice people out there that read my blog. I am sure none of the people I talked to yesterday while directing traffic at the site of a two semi truck accident read this. But, we were stuck in the middle of a down pour not once but twice. I had absolutely no rain gear, drenched with water running down my face I had many people offer me their umbrellas and said keep it. I had one man even offer to give me his little kid's umbrella as it was all he had. I politely refused saying that I was already wet, but thank you. I even had a truck driver give me a towel out the window and said I think you might need this. So thank you to all of you kind, generous, thoughtful people who would stop and offer a complete stranger something without thinking twice it was much appreciated. I like to think that even though there are many people who are rude (believe me I saw and talked to many yesterday) I believe that for the most part many of us would help someone else if we could. So if you are out and about today I challenge you to do a random act of kindness for someone who is a complete stranger it will come back to you a complete circle. Trust me I know!
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Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Great read today Mary:) Love your finds, such bargains!
I accept your challenge but I think I'll only see Stush today since I want to get some things done around here but I promise to be nice to him:)
Take care,

Leslie said...

Great finds :)

It is amazing that every once in awhile you can still find a nice person in this crazy day and age. So many people are in a rush, don't care about anyone or anything. I cannot stand that. I try to do my good deeds, even if they will never be the little old lady that accidently calls me when she's calling her son every so often. She was once having a panic attack and instead of me just telling her she had a wrong number, I talked to her, found her son's number and even called his house and left a message telling them that his mother was on her way to the hospital. People don't usually see a wrong number on the caller ID and answer but I did and I felt better for it :)

Have a great day!

Kim ~ "HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs" said...

Hello! I found your blog through another blog that I was visiting...when I saw the word Gettysburg in your blog title I knew I had to stop over...I'm from southwestern PA. I love your recent finds, especially the sign...I collect signs. I hope you'll stop over and see me some time...I enjoy the company. Take care and God Bless!


Cricket said...

Love your finds and I love your story. I think there are many good people in this world and I love it when others realize it, too.

This simple Life said...

Mary- I'm relieved to hear that people were kind to you. Some days I fear what our world is coming too.

I have seen your sisters blog before but only just today did I figure out she was your sister. What a creative family you must have.
Funny about that light, I did think of a place I could have put it. But then I realized my dh would have just hit his head on it and it wouldn't work anyways.

pinetrees on the moor said...

Hi Mary, you did make me laugh with your story about the spider,you need my son there even though he is 31 he still rescues spiders, wasps earwigs you name it.Me i don't mind spiders but i hate them above my bed.My friend had one in her bedroom and her niece kept checking to see if it was still there every time she visited,then one day it was gone she was so upset,but the next day it came back she was so pleased, so my friend has to leave it where it is.Your bargains look great , i spotted a nice basket i have a thing about baskets the older the better.Thank you for nice comments i do appreciate it.~Take care~Kate

Kindra said...

Wow, you sure have been getting some weather over there! That was so nice of you to direct traffic! And yes, RAK is just a nice thing to add to your daily life! What goes around, comes around.

By the way, I love all your prim bargains! Have a great day!

Wendy said...

Oh you poor thing finding a peeping spider in your shower!! I too cannot stand spiders especially when I'm in the shower!!I like your new finds!! Can't wait to see more pics of your home!!
And isn't it wonderful to know there are still nice people out there who really do care?!! Take care!~Wendy

Stephanie said...

those are so cool

simple~needs said...

great post mary!!
okay, spill the beans. where did you get the beeswax sheep??. i want some soooo bad!!!
it is so good to know there are great people out there!!

This Country Girl said...

You had some great finds there!

It did my heart good to hear about the nice people that came your way!

So sorry about your little spider incident! They seem to love bathrooms best, don't they?

Have a great evening!

Raggedy Angel said...

Poor Ole' Grandady Spider, he just wanted to shower with you....LOL
Great Stuff! Beth

Shirlee said...

Ooh, a peeping Tom spider! I'm pretty sure we have a spider metropolis down in our cellar but they pretty much stay there. I know they venture upstairs but I think the cats eat them!
What a day you had! We need more kindness in the world.
Great goodies, all of them but I'm lovin' the gourd eggs. Cute cute!