Tuesday, July 8, 2008

This Is My Porch

I know the title is here is my porch, but I thought I'd show you the sidewalk we put in last year and leading up to the porch...

Close up...

I had to stand in the garage to take this one. Yes, we still have shoe clutter, but better out there and not inside. The plant on the right is a Chinese Lantern... I can't wait to dry some of them.

Since my hubby told me my front porch looked cluttered I decided to redo just a little. Now I haven't really spent much time or money on the porch. This is a low priority, but I thought I'd show you anyhow. The first pic is when you come up my steps. What I really want is a planting table with a back on it and some cubbies. I'm trying to convince my hubby to build it, but he can't just come up with something without a pattern. So I'll probably have to design it and give him measurements. The wash tub is from my great aunts house. I have another one, but I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet.

For now this is the corner of the porch. It may not stay this way because we get really strong winds here and everything blows across the porch. The wagon was mine from my childhood and my parents said take it home. I know this needs more, but I don't have anything right now to use outside. Whatever it is will get ruined and I can't bring myself to put my antiques outside. So if you have suggestions they are always welcome. Keeping in mind wind and rain.

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This Country Girl said...

Your husband sounds like mine! He told me I had enough out in my "Bless My Nest" Americana corner!

I think everything looks great! I just love it and I really love that sidewalk!

I don't even think you need anything else...looks nice and prim and welcoming!

I know what you mean about the wind and rain...I have to be careful too!

Great job!
~ Tammy ~

Oh, I LOVE your sidewalk too! Very nice!

Cricket said...

Everything looks great! Very welcoming!

Nicole said...

I love how your decorated your front porch. Ladder back chairs are my favorite, I'll post pictures of mine sometime. Right now my front porch needs some work though. You have done such a cute job decorating, and your sidewalk looks awesome.

Primgal55 said...

I would LOVE a nice porch like that! LOOKS wonderful!!

hugs, Linda

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Everything looks great Mary, how nice to have a wagon
From your childhood:)
Love your sidewalk also!


Shirlee said...

I wish we had a porch. A previous owner closed it in about 10 years ago. You're so lucky to have one and what fun it must be to decorate for the seasons. I love your wagon. Why not just put some pots with blooms in it, something hardy like petunias or geraniums?
I think Tammy (Country Girl at Home)has a potting bench her hubby made her for her porch re-do. It might have been out of an old door(?)
Oh, and I like the sidewalk too.

ps I used Circa 1850 Heavy paint and varnish remover to strip the heat registers. :)

Sandy said...

I just LOVE how you have your porch decorated! How prim looking...
I also love your sidewalk!


Kindra said...

Your porch displays are great! I love the chair with the wreath! I hope none of it got damaged during the storm yesterday! I saw on TV semis turned over on the road in Ohio!

Elise said...

Have you considered planting something in the wagon? Oh, and you can send the washtub to me!! Hee,Hee!!