Thursday, July 3, 2008

What Big Gophers We Must Have

I'm telling you they must be huge! Look at the tunnel they left.

LOL... Never mind that yellow thing sticking up out of the ground. Well, the gas line is in, but of course not without drama. My life would not be fun without drama, AND of course what would I write about and entertain you with if I didn't. So let's start at the beginning. Remember me saying I putt putt (ok miniature golf) course in my yard. Well, like I say they were marking all underground wires we have. Everything is marked with bright orange. Like this... P.S. the light colored house you see the side of will be up for sheriffs auction if any of you want to be my neighbor!

This is what I see when I look out the window. Aren't all the trees wonderful? In the fall they are gorgeous.

Of course I took pictures of the progress and my neighbor, who is also the plumber, thought I was a weirdo. I told him I was doing it to put on my blog not to sue him. He said ok as long as I told all of you his business name. I'm like uhhh no one hear where we live reads this, but if you'd like to travel to other states and countries be my guest. He said he'd be happy to as long as you all would pay the service call. LOL. He's crazy. So I look out the other window to a two foot trench through my flower bed. So I go to inspect. Well, I look down and what do I see? I see our underground downspout drains that we put in last year cut. Yep they accidentally cut the drain tile. So I called hubby and he was like oh crap I forgot about those, but don't worry it's an easy fix. SHHEEWWWW! If not we would have water in our basement again.

Oh the humanity... they dug up my flowers. But in the end they did replant them, but lets hope they survive.

Next thing I know... my doorbell rings. Ummm... do you use the land line telephone wire. No we have digital phone through the cable company why do you ask. Well you see we accidentally cut your phone wire. It wasn't where they marked it at. WHOOPPPSSS!!!! Hubby says it has to fixed, but we shouldn't have to pay for it. So I still have a phone that works no big deal.

But for now it is done and we now wait for the gas company to run the main line down the road. So they too will have to cut up our front yard. So while I was out I took pictures up and down my road. It was just chipped and sealed. Which means they put a layer of tar down and then poured rocks on top of. They do it every year, but it is terrible on your car until the rocks get pushed don into the tar.

Boy I really get long winded... So to end this saga I painted my woodwork and picked up my step back cupboard and can't wait to decorate it all up for you to see.

I'm changing the music up a little in anticipation of the July 4th holiday!
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Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Can't wait to see your stepback, lucky girl!


Jo-Anne said...

I can hardly wait to see your cupboard!!!
I hope you get all back to normal in a big hurry. It's such a pain to have everything all torn up!

Leslie said...

Oh, my! It sounds like LOTS of fun :)It will be worth it, right?!

I answered your question on my post but I wasn't sure if you look back at comments like I do, so I'll answer here, too.

My cabinets are all fake! It's all MDF with like a fake veneer paper over it to simulate wood. YUCK, right? The only real wood in a trailer is like the studding in the walls! LOL Others claimed I couldn't paint the vinyl wallboard or the paneling or the cabinets but believe me, you CAN! And no, I didn't really use anything special or have to sand or anything like that. Paint will STICK to anything, the problem is getting it to stay on well used surfaces. Normally primer and possibly a coat of poly will do the trick for that one!

My cabinets are a coat of primer and like three coats of paint to be sure they were good and covered. Nothing else. You CAN paint over your cabinets, no matter what anyone tells you!

Primgal55 said...

You always keep me laughing Mary. I hope it all gets solved without any more mess and problems though. Hurry up with that stepback cupboard girl! Don't keep us waiting!

Happy 4th, hugs, Linda

simple~needs said...

good grief, those gophers must be big!!
wow, the house is going on sheriffs auction??? i would love to have you as a neighbor. :)
happy 4th!!