Thursday, August 7, 2008

My Painted Table Top

I had an inquiry email about the top of the table I painted in my Webshots picture about what it looked like. They thought that it would make a great floor cloth pattern. So I thought I would dust it off and take a pic to show what it looks like. You know I would have never thought about it, but Tracey I think you're right. I think I know what my next one will be :-) If you are interested I did draw up a pattern for this sort of to show how to recreate it. I am waiting to see if my directions were clear enough from Tracey. Anyway, just give me a holler either by comment or email (look in my right side column in the red writing copyright stuff for my email addy) if you'd like drawn pictures.

I have been tagged by my sweet SIL Tiffany from Tiffany's Primitive Place I am suppose to tell you 7 random/strange things abut me. Then I'm suppose to tag 4 of you to play along. I am just a strange bird that can 7 things really cover me. LOL.

1. I have a sensitivity to Aspartame. You know the stuff in NutraSweet and Diet pops. That is one of my rosacea triggers and a few years back it attacked my joints to the point where I could not bend over or roll over in bed to the point I just cried all night long. I have totally cut it out of my diet and have absolutely no pain at all.

2. I get sick to my stomach with just the smell of sea food.

3. I have never been out West in the U.S.

4. I like to put sugar on my white rice. I also put brown sugar on my grapefruit.

5. I get migraines and stuffed up from eucalyptus and cinnamon candles.

6. I only allow myself one cup of coffee a day or I start shaking to much to start and IV on my patients. LOL.

7. Last but not least... being a paramedic I see and smell lots of gross things but the thing that gets me the most is phlegm when people cough. I gag every time. LOL.

Alright, who am I going to tag.... hmmmmm.... lets see. Are you on the edge of your seat saying please don't pick me!!!! please don't pick me!!!!! Well... since I don't know who's already been tagged and I don't want to repeat consider yourself tagged if you haven't answered this already. LOL haha Gotcha!!!!
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Raggedy Angel said...

Love that pattern, I reminds me I got some old stencils from a sale(never used..brand new)I got to dig them out! Beth

Linda said...

Oh man, I am with you on the seafood smell - and being a nurse first, I agre with you on the phlegm. I have 2 cups of coffee - but I water them down so much it equals one glass. I don't ever drink cola's or caffeine soda's.
Eucalyptus and many other scents od the same to me - not cinnamon though. Walking in some prim shops does it to me!!

Tina said...

Great tabletop! Love it. It's beautiful!
I can't do caffiene at all! unless it's the occassional Mocha Frappe.
Can't resist.
Have a wonderful day


Nice work,....

DebbieCalif said...

Love that table, it is beautiful! Hey I want to extend an invitation to the West Coast. If you ever come I will take you to lunch. It is beautiful here, a little hot, but definitely worthy a visit!!!! Love your blog, I am a regular!!
Blessings, Debbie

simple~needs said...

ya know, i am glad you posted that about aspartane. i mentione dit to someone and they thought i was crazy. i have completely cut it out too!!
the grssest thing to me being a nurse, is yes, phlegm . i can clean up anything else, including doo-doo with out a problem!!
cant wait to see the pattern!!

Holly Tree Primitives said...

I love the table top and agree it would make a wonderful floor cloth. I would love to see the plans for it.

EWWW, Other peoples phlegm! Makes me gag just thinking about it.


Nicole said...

Not sure I could do the parametic thing. Cleaning up my own kids throw-up makes me sick, I had too 3 times yesterday? I love the table top. It looks like a quilt block, do you ever get ideas for you cloths out of quilting magazines?

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Nicole I do have quilting books that hold down my shelf that I look at. Do I quilt no... but I like to think that one day I might try. LOL

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

I have one cup of coffee too each day or two only if it's majorly watered down! If you ever want to come visit Washington let me know-I've got a great place for you to stay for free! (my guest bedroom) :) It's really beautiful over here!

This Country Girl said...


I read your comment about the aspartame...and it's something my mom has been telling me. I'm wondering if I'm having some sort of problem from that...I almost went to the Dr. today..almost to the point of tears...from my joints hurting so much and I drink Diet Dew ALL THE TIME! I had mono back in March and had joint pain really bad for a week or two, but then it got better...and is now coming back...I should pick your brain on this probably! I may be overreacting, but I'm wondering if my mom was right now??


~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Mary...I laughed when I read your last comment~ and I said out loud, "take a train!"
Girl, I don't fly either! But I have taken a train with babies with me all away across the US and I have drove a car from Washington to Florida. But I'm sure you don't have that kind of time to spend on traveling...If you ever do remember the offer is always there! Have a great night!

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

That table top is gorgeous! It just amazes me that you can do that. I'd be painting every table top in the house!

LOL I can't even say the phlem word without getting sick!


Julie said...

I welcome you to come out west anytime. It is beautiful here. Nice to know more about you. I had to visit your blog because I notice your comments on all the ladies I visit everyday. I will be back. You have very fun blog. I LOVE your table top. Now, that is amazing. Have a great day. Julie

primlin56 said...

this would be great as a floor cloth....please post a picture when you gett er done....i am trying to get caught up on my blogging friends today...i have had a busy week...and missed reading a i have lots of reading to do for the weekend...there are so many great blogs out there...and yours is one of them...

Anonymous said...

Wow Mary~ I feel kinda famous now! My name is in a blog on the internet! Thanks it made my day.

Your directions are great and I have gathered my paper to do a layout. Hope to get started this week-end.

Tracey :)

Back in the Day said...

That table top is gorgeous! I am so jealous!

Elise said...

I love your list!! And the P word-ugh!! Makes me want to hurl thinking about it. I think I will consider myself tagged and do this over at my blog.
Loved the story about your Grandmother.