Thursday, December 4, 2008

In The Beginning....

Alright so I thought I'd share pictures of my unfinished Christmas decorating. Like I said I have not gotten out my greens yet or Christmas redware plates. So these are the before pictures.

This shelf is above the dry sink in the above picture.

Yep moved this out of the foyer. It looks OK here I think.

My foyer now. Still not done with it though.

Undecorated tree LOL. My kids get to do this one this year. All the ornaments will be hung on the same branches and from waist level down. LOL. I'll show you when we get it done.

Can't decide what to do on the shelves yet. I have tons of Santas and Snowmen but haven't gotten any of them out this year. Or I'll put my redware plates on the shelves. Not sure though.

Sorry about the quality of this picture.

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Janene said...

Mary~That last picture is my need to apologize for a wonderfully shadowed still life!
Everything looks great!
I'm so glad that you are posting again!

janie said...

Love the decorating, can't wait to see the Christmas decorating. Glad you are posting. Have a great one, janie

millerhomestead said...

Mary, things are looking very pretty. Can't wait to see it all done with your greens. I let me kids do our tree this year also. That was always one of my favorite things about the Christmas season, decorating the tree. Have a blessed day and remember God will never leave your or forsake you. ~Jamie

Tina said...

You are so creative and have a great eye for collecting.

Linda said...

I never tire of your home.Your collections and arrangements are wonderful!!

Wendy said...

Mary it looks beautiful!! you have a beautiful home!! Can't wait to see the Christmas tree done!!:0) Have a great day!~wendy

simple~needs said...

i love it. even before the santas or redware!!
i remember my girls decorating the tree the same way. all below the waist. lol
i am loving your new header!!
keep posting some pics. you give us all inspiration.
many hugs, kim

basketsnprims said...

Mary, you have such a good eye for prim decorating. Can't wait to see the tree.


Leslie said...

Looks great, Mary :)

I laughed at your comment about the kids decorating the tree and everything would be on the same branch on the bottom half of the tree! LOL How true! I think Aften finally got it this year and she spread her stuff out more :)

Have a wonderful day!


carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

It looks great, as it always does. You have such a gift for prim decorating. When it is finished, it will super fantastico! Can't wait to see the rest!
Still praying for all of you........

countrygirl3031 said...

Hi Mary ~ I love your home, it's beautiful. And all your decorations...just love 'em! Can't wait to see it when it's done.

I love the last picture the best!


Julie said...

I wish I could walk through your home in person--it looks so prim and wonderful. You are very talented in putting it all together. Have a great day. Julie

Anonymous said...

Everything looks very nice
Mary. Living in this area
We are very lucky.
A beautiful and very clean
area. Even tho I was born
and grew up in WV. I still
think this is a very pretty area with all the rolling hills.
And it sure is a big craft area. I really like Pat
From Wooster

Elise said...

Lookin' great, Mary!! Your home is just so cozy and inviting.

Farm Girl Dreamer said...

I love your decorating style, especially the Christmas tree in the corner, I so want one of these.

I love it!

Primitive Thymes said...

Hi Mary,
Just surfing around and landed on your blog. So glad I did. I love the pictures of your home. The decorations are looking good....even before the greens. I'll check back to see the progress.
~Warmest Winter Wishes~

Jan said...

Mary, I love your home and your decorating! And the comment about the tree and where the decorations would all be? It made me lonesome for those times! Kids and decorating are such a heartwarming part of the season!

Karen said...

Mary, your home is looking very festive. Very nice home, warm looking! Merry Christmas! Karen

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Mary, everything looks so pretty BEFORE ~ can't imagine what it will look like after. You have quite the decorating gift.

Christmas blessings,