Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Today Steve and I decided just to hang out at home since the kids weren't here. They both went to their Dad's this weekend. We went to IHOP for breakfast, a new flea market we had never been to, and Menard's (basically a Home Depot or Lowe's but HUGE. We bought wood for signs. You know since I bought all those new Christmas stencils I had to try them out.

No I'm not gonna show you Christmas signs on Halloween LOL. Wait til Monday. Anyway, I asked Steve to get me some nice 1X8X8 planks and thought we could cut them down for signs. I was so excited to be able to use my stencils. Yea, well I thought Steve was going to unload them into my garage and come in. I was happily working on my quilt top when I kept hearing him in the garage cutting. Then in and out and water running. So I go outside to see what's up and here he is cutting the boards and painting them the colors he had chosen for each stencil. The boards were numbered to correspond with the stencil. HELLO this was my project. LOL. Then I start smelling burnt wood again out I go he is doing our bumpy paint technique on some of the boards. I figured I could always buy more boards. LOL. Next I tell him he has to stencil and of course he has never done it. We go upstairs he sits down at the table and is ready to learn. I give him a Reader's Digest Condensed version on how to stencil and off he goes. I check in periodically to see how things are going and he say "Fine." I'm quilting away and I here him humming "Oh Come Let Us Adore Him." He humming Christmas carols. LOLOLOL. Finally he comes down to the basement where I'm sewing and we chat. He admits that he LIKES to stencil and not to tell anyone. So yes I had to tell all of you. He is hooked. He made 7 different signs and not only stenciled, but added his own personal touches to them. I will take pics and show you. We have decided to sell some of them because I just don't have room. Stay tuned next week because he is still messing with some of them right now.

Anyway, I'm stuck on my quilt because my fabric is too short to make my borders and I don't know what to do. Do I add extra to the strips to make it long enough? But then there will be seams showing. If so do I do it in the middle or off center? Now I remember why I never attempted a quilt before. :Sigh: So I sit stuck. Any assistance would be appreciated.
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theolde stone house said...

First wht are you short? Because you don't wan to just add fabric and get a wavy outer border. How short are you?? You could use cornerstones and then you wouldn't see a seam except in the corners.
Email me and I'll help you if I can.


taylors*farmhouse*attic said...

WOW!...He's a keeper!!!~~hugs,Jen

Janene said...

OMG! He likes to stencil?
I'm can definitely hear the joy in your voice when you are typing about him!
I can not wait to see what the outcome is.
Enjoy your Sunday!

Linda said...

Where in the world has this guy been hiding all of your life?
He sounds like the perfect match for you. I am happy for you both.
Show pictures soon!

simple~needs said...

hallelujah! you got a man who likes to stencil. :) you go steve!! now we need him to give some pointers to all the other men out here. lol
i have never made a quilt for kinda the same reason. i am skeered!! lol
i havent sent your fabric either.. i am trying to decide what to send. i dont want to send something that will not give you inspiration to test your limits. tee hee :), cause you always do awesome stuff!!! i do have some ideas in my head of what to do with different fabrics though.... my brain has been working, working. :)

Folk Art From The Harbor said...

Hi Mary You won my Flexible Flyer Stencil! C'mon over and claim your prize! Hugs BeCca

lilmamasprimitives said...

How wonderful flea markets and he paints and cuts the wood.>That is so wonderful. I need some lessons on hubby will cut and put together my fences out of barnwood and make ladders..Maybe I should start the signs and see what he can do..Although thats my moms project/ Can't wait to see what they look like :) Prim Blessing!!