Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shopping with Steve...

Yesterday Steve and I had the day off so we just spent the day looking around. OK looking and goofing. I had to drop some papers off at the attorney first, but along the way was a Goodwill so you know I had to stop. I didn't find anything good but got some great pictures. LOL

This is my Steve.... LOL... Yep only $2.99 for these great glasses!!!!!

Next is my turn... The glasses take up half my face LOL.

Then we went to Lowe's to look at the Christmas aisles. There was some cute bead garlands there. Well by then it was only 10:30 and we were killing time until lunch before grocery shopping. So we went into the Dollar Tree and then he wanted to go into Bath and Body Works to smell stuff. He is like a kid spraying everything on his arms. LOL. I told him I wanted some perfume since I don't own any. So we went through and smelled everything and bought nothing. I can't make up my mind what perfume I would like. So I suggested we go to JcPenny to look around and smell perfume. We went and found some great deals on clearance shirts for Steve because he shops in the big and tall section. Then I bought some Christmas presents for my kids. You know we never did get to the perfume section LOL. Lunch at Longhorn grocery shopping at Wal Mart then homeward bound.

This morning I finished my sign with the custom stencil Becca made me. I love it.

Well, I need to go and pack my lunch and dinner for work. I'll check in with you gals soon to see what you've been up to.
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LeeHillPrimitives said...

Love your sign. Great job!

tracie said...

Omg mary you have found a keeper. isnt it funny how things just come together. I am so happy for you.Love the signs.

Janene said...

He looks and sounds like a great guy to hang out with!
Just looking at those pics of the two of you goofing around makes me so happy for you!
Nice sign...and enjoy the great Ohio weather we are having!

Sheila B. said...

Sometimes we just need those kinds of days! Keeps us young at heart.
Glad you had a great day together.

simple~needs said...

love the glasses. lol
your sign turned out great!!!
maybe i need somethig like that for my hall. i am tryig to change it out, but the area is long and narrow. we are still working on the kitchen. good grief, i want it fone!!

marie said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! I love how your sign turned out ~ it looks great!

Folk Art From The Harbor said...

WOW your sign did turn out GREAT!!!! You had the right idea with the horse! Perfect! Hugs BeCca

Jan said...

You two have waaaayyyy too much fun!!! I am so happy for you! and the sign? Absolutely love it! I just purchased a handful of Becca's stencils...and I love them. I am running out of wood, and everyone is starting to close the garage doors when they see me coming.....

Anonymous said...

That is the Goodwill in Wooster. I bought ome of those sunglasses this summer.

Wooster OH