Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

Seems as though I can't post but every few days I have decided to post my New Year's resolutions today. I work the next two days so I won't be back until New Year's Day and then it will be too late.

As I look back at this year and reflect on my life many things have changed. Not only the obvious divorce, my health, my kids growing up, but my view on certain things. Some things for the better but some not so good.

I have become cheap alright politically correct term FRUGAL because of my situation of being a single parent. I shop at the thrift store. I rarely go to the primitive shops I use to because I make the things I want rather than buy them. I save up for the things I want then if they are still there I buy them or if I can barter. However, I have found I am not making things as often for myself or for others like I use to. I miss that, but obviously I don't have the time I use to. When I used to wholesale I loved to hear that my items were selling and they wanted more. That my friends was an awesome feeling.

I also found I am working A LOT. Mostly out of necessity, but I did turn down a 24 hour shift today. I want to be home with my kids more. I want to do the things I want to do or be with the friends and family. So I will tighten the belt and budget better so that I don't have to work extra shifts. Once again that FRUGAL thing comes into play.

This one is the hardest for me. This is a very dark secret and I can't believe I am telling you. I am becoming very jealous of some of you. This I DON'T like. I look at your beautiful houses and think to myself the house I gave up to my ex. No I couldn't afford it by myself, but still I had free reign to paint and decorate as I liked. I am now living in a duplex that I can't paint (though I might anyway) with a smaller area to try to decorate. I don't own it which the hardest for me. I hate the fact that I can't buy another house until mine sells and as long as it doesn't go into foreclosure before then. Not that I could afford a big house, but it would be mine even if it was a shack. LOL. Don't get me wrong I LOVE to look at your homes for ideas it is just makes me angry thinking about what I gave up.

As I ramble on there are many other things I would like to change which you will see in my list. This is my top 10 list. There were many others, but I'll start with 10. LOL.

10. Use up some of my fabric stash.

9. After using the fabric stash clean up my basement. OK this will probably not happen since I have a lot of stuff. LOL

8. Only go to the thrift store once a month. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL will probably be broken in January.

7. Try to make more items to sell or giveaway.

6. Save money if that is possible.

5. Go on a vacation. I haven't been on one in 14 years.

4. Learn how to use power tools and not be a big sissy. LOL

3. Decorate my bedroom.... ongoing saga.

2. Steve and I to spend more time by ourselves. It's hard to believe I've known him for a year come New Year's Eve. We went on a date Saturday night to dinner by ourselves to the place we went to on our first date in January. Let's just say I had just worked 14 hours and was tired by the time he came to pick me up. But we still went and had a good meal.

1. Spend more time with my kids before they grow up.

I am hoping to accomplish all of these, but you know it's OK if I don't. The one I really want to work on is being happy with what I have. Decorate and enjoy all of the things I have collected over the years. I still have plenty of time to get a house and start over. It just takes time. As you can tell I am impatient, which is not a good quality. LOL. That's why I have a hard time doing crafts that take a long time. Hence the quilt I am still quilting. LOL.

So here's to you my friends I hope peace, happiness, and plenty for all of you in 2010.

Oh I am thinking of another swap idea. This would involve no money other than postage. I have lots of decorative items that I don't use anymore and would like to trade. I am sure many of you do too. So how does a swap involving decoration trade sound to you? And if you don't have anything to give up then you can make something to trade. I haven't figured out all the rules and stuff yet just getting a feel. Let me know what you think.
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Pam said...

I would like to wish you lots of luck on accomplishing your list of goals for 2010! You sound a lot like me...I am a very impatient person also & I need to learn to be happy with what I have but it is hard to do at times! I hope you have a safe & happy new year!!!

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

You know Mary, there will always be someone with a bigger house that we admire. I see those colonials with the huge kitchens and fireplaces and I drool. Sure I could have had one if I worked full time as a nurse while my kids were really little or if we moved to a town much further away from family, but those are not acceptable trade offs for me.

I have to tell you that I admire YOU for getting through the horrible divorce, your health scare, serving during the hurricane, and coming through so much hardship with such a good outlook. You work because you have to and I admire you for being such a strong woman and fine example for your kids.

You have some great goals for 201o. I think most of us need to work hard on being happy with what we have. You are not alone there!

Some how I think 2010 is going to be your best year in awhile. And your hard work and ethics are the reason! I wish you all good things in the New Year!! warm hugs, Linda

basketsnprims said...

I so admire you for your strength in all you have had to overcome. Don't be so hard on yourself, kiddo. Just enjoy! You have wonderful goals & I hope you can keep them. I gave up making resolutions though this year I am determined to use up and makedo a little bit more. Have a very Happy New Year.
big hugs ~
ps the swap sounds fun.

Sheila said...

You know Mary things have a way of working out. Perhaps not in the time frame we want them to but they will.
You need to read my post. I wrote it yesterday with the intention of getting it posted at the same time! Didn't happen. Seems like I wrote it with you in mind. It's just what happened to be on my mind. AND being "FRUGAL" is cool!!! Friends are always telling me I'm frugal and I'm proud of it! Not a thing wrong with any of it.
Happy New Year! and yes, I'd be very interested in a "no money" swap! Let's do it! ;)

lakeffect said...


So happy for you -- your head and heart are in the right place, so things will work out for you, I have no doubt. I admire your strength throughout some difficult setbacks. Don't fret about painting walls (I live in a home I own, and still have ivory walls), but be grateful for the love within those walls. When people are without jobs, you work a lot, and for this you have much to be thankful for in these difficult economic times. Your glass is half full, not half empty. Have a wonderful 2010.

Barb said...

Mary, I have been following your blog for sometime, and have truly learned to admire and respect all that you do and accomplish. I love your tips on redoing things...I love shopping at the 'thrift store' you have guided me without even knowing it! I look at things with a different thought in mind, when I see them, I think about what you would do with it!

Good luck with 2010, you have been thru tough times and grown stronger as a result! Sometimes I find that I am taking things for granted and then God gives me a change that makes me realize that I needed a change of attitude ~ this is what I call A GOD THING... and it will work for you too!

Karen said...

Great goals Mary! OK, so, if you use your fabric stash, you can turn it into cash. That takes care of two of them. I agree, family MUST come first. I have a busy month between Nov. and Dec. with baking bread, but then I really try to limit my attention to the things that don't matter as much as the things that do matter. Kids grow up way too quickly. So do grandkids. So do we lol! Contentment. Slowing down to enjoy what I've already got. That's my goal.
As far as homes go, I don't have time to tell you my "home" story. Let's just say it's "recycled", but I love it, and the best thing to me is people say they are very comfortable in my home. We don't all live in castles. My husband builds wonderful dream homes, and we don't live in one. But I love my home. You'll own one again! Karen

Nancy said...

Happy New Year. I hope this coming year brings you health, happiness and everything else you desire.

Julie said...

Happy New Year, Mary. A swap sounds great!! I am impressed with all that happened to you in 2009, and that you are stil so postive and on top of things. I have enjoyed knowing you through blogland. I hope that 2010 is prosperous and happy for you and your family. Julie

Carole said...

Hello Mary. I visited your blog for the first time this morning. I only read this one post so far. Moving from a house, and a duplex is quite an adjustment, but it's possible to make any place you live a cozy one to come home to. I have a girlfriend that lived in an apartment while waiting to move into her house. Oh my, you should have seen what she did with that apartment. When you walked through the door you had the feeling you were in an old house! It was so cozy and wonderful. If you have a knack for decorating, you can do it. If you don't, get some ideas from books and magazines. Good luck. By the way, I really do appreciate your honesty and hope you will stop over for a visit.

Jan said...

I read your post, and I had to laugh.....really laugh, and it made me feel so good! Can I admit to a bit of jealousy? Huh? That I am so jealous of your home? shhhh, I have been hiding that since I found you! Whew..that is out in the open now...I feel better! I admire your for your strength...you packed up your home, and found a place for you and your babies...and did it with GRACE! Yes, GRACE!! I would have broken a few body parts, and then found a doll and stuck pins in it...truly. I admire you so much! And this is going to be a great year for you and yours! I just know it!

A no money swap sounds awesome! Count me in?