Monday, October 18, 2010

My Thrift Store Shopping Spree...

I don't have much to share. I didn't get my jars done as promised. I am still debating how I want to finish them. Anyway, you know me and thrift stores. I just can't seem to stay away no matter how hard I try. On my last visit I made a haul at two shops I haven't been to in awhile.

The first shop I went to is in downtown Wooster. Everyone volunteers their time and all proceeds go to Hospice. I over spent here. My friend, who owned a prim shop, decided to close up shop. Well, she had a yard sale recently that II couldn't attend. Lo and behold I went to this thrift shop and I found some items she had left over and had donated. Woot Woot!!!!

OK promise you won't hunt me down??? Look what I found... a twin size canopy bed. LOVE it!!!! Steve was going to make it into a Queen bed, but neither one us thought about the queen mattress being longer. I think he is going to use it as a pattern to make me a queen bed. I got a GREAT deal on this bed. The person who bought it donated it because it wouldn't fit in her house due to low ceilings. This is a phone pic at the thrift store before we took it down.

The other awesome things I got are...

LOVE this I need to figure out how to make it.

The red things in the bag are wax strawberries, Peppermint tarts, sunflower wax tarts, the rest are self explanatory. LOL.

This is where I used them. The dead flowers were free compliments of a girl at work. She looked at me funny when I asked her if I could have them. LOL.

A pewter creamer thinga ma bob... and some more molds. I'm thinking sugar molds here.

And of course my favorite... fabric... I just love the dark aida cloth... can't wait to stitch a sampler on that!

Alright so the next place I went all proceeds go to a drug and alcohol rehab center. I haven't been to this one in ages...

Some more aida cloth and a complete sampler pattern and supplies!!!!

See the pumpkin on the top? I bought that fabric pumpkin for $.25.

And of course my $.50 bigger pumpkin!!! Love it!!!

I bought a cheese box that I will repaint if I ever find it. I just went looking for it to take a picture of and I can't seem to find it. Hmmmm.... Now where did I put it? I think that was everything. If not I'll take more pictures and show you later.

Tomorrow my BFFs and I will be getting together to craft here at the Homestead. We are going to try our hands at making the silicone lights. I can't wait. Stacie won't be able to make it, but we have a new friend joining us. It is a friend of Rose. The more the merrier!!!! However, I must visit the dentist first at 8am. UUGGGHHH my sister will be cleaning my teeth. I always have flash backs to childhood when she would burn me with the curling iron when we would do each others hair. YIIKKEESSS!!!! Oh how I hate the dentist. LOL. His painless fillings aren't painless to me. He had to numb me the last time even though he swears most other people don't feel a thing. HHEELLLOOO I have fibromyalgia!!!! Every thing painful is amplified 100% to me. Anyway, I'm keeping my fingers crossed I have no cavities. Well, I am at work again. I will be back on Wednesday with pics of our craft gathering.
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Carmen at Primcatshouse said...

OMGosh!!!!!That bed is to DIE for!!!!! Absolutely to die for!!!
Everything else is great too. Lucky You!

Carmen and the Primcats

Grammee Linda said...

As usual, you found some great treasures!! Can't wait to see the bed Steve makes - he is a keeper!!

Tamera @ the Stone Fence Cottage said...

love your goodies!!!
I didn't know you had fibro also. sucky club to be in, isn't it???

Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

Can you give a name and whereabouts to some of these places you went? I live in NE Ohio...might be a fun day to drive to a few of these thrift shops! ;) Great purchases, the bed is by far my favorite!

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

The bed is Beautiful!Can't wait to see pictures after you get it all together!
The bottle is so prim very differnt, like it!
Great stuff,sounds like a great day!
Have a nice day

Civil Folks said...

Wow! You made some great finds. I love the bed, too! Thanks for the rest of us some hope.


basketsnprims said...

you find the best stuff at your TS and at awesome prices! Love everything. I know what you go thru with your fibro, my hubs has it too. I feel for you, my friend. Have a wonderful week.

Janene said...

Dang hit the mother lode at the stores!!
That canopy bed is the BEST....what a great find!
I am feeling the thrifting itch just looking at your finds...better get my fix!
Have a wonderful week :o)

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Wow, Mary! You hit the that twin canopy bed! You sure have some better stuff than our thrift stores! Are the prices always that good too?


Sheila said...

Well Mary you certainly hit the big one this time! Wow, can't believe all the great stuff you found! Love it all~
Have a great day!

A Primitive Homestead said...

Love the bed. One would be amazing in your bedroom. It would fit right in with your prim decorating. Hope to see it built in the near future. I sure wish there were great finds in the local used stores here. I must say I like the dead flowers & would have asked for them to. I have some in the kitchen in a milk bottle I grew last summer. Blessings!

Barb said...

Once again "envy" has set in for me :>)...I love your finds! I think I am TS deprived, I never find neat goodies like you do at any of my local TSs! Actually Mary you do find some great buys, and you know how to work with them, great job girlie! Have a great week, enjoy your goodies! Thanks for sharing your tutorial on "grungy jars" I tossed a jar into the recycling today, but first surveyed whether it could be made "grungy" and thought of you!!

Angie Berry said...

LOVE that bed! I can't believe you always find such great fabric! Our stores always have the loud, wild prints. As always, such great finds Miss Thrift Store Queen!!